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How to Change

Change is a constant process and we naturally adapt to change.  Solutions to change are within our hearts; beyond our fears.  Ever explored how your heart and mind made those small changes?  To change, we initially work against the modus operandi of our reptilian brain – FEAR?   The brain uses 30% of our energy per day and to save energy it algorithms our behavior and our identity (personality).  Which developed its neural wiring from birth.  Change may mean a loss of old identity even if it’s improving our self-worth.  Sometimes not changing feels safer.   We’ve tried before and reverted back to the old behavior.  Our subconscious can be more familiar with the negative.  Our hearts inner wisdom wants to change.  Using our science of change is a key.

Process of Change

The heart of change is not easy.  The majority of us don’t have the A personality traits that appear to make change look easy!!   The real process of change can take time.  Our identities and behavioral patterns are well wired neurologically.  The fear of change is based on many previous failed attempts.  It is safer not to.  Our science of change provides a detailed process to change.   Deep in the heart of our inner wisdom, it knows how to change.  It holds our deepest purpose and intention.  Our process needs healing.  Our subconscious wounds feed a negative script blocking our change.

Empowerment of Change

30 days to change a habit, 90 days to change a lifestyle.  Donald Hebb said, ‘neurons fired together fire together.’  Change does require new neural firing.  This may take longer than the prescribed 90 days.  It took us years to develop our identities and behavioral patterns so please don’t be disillusioned.  We’ve all attempted change before with varying success.  The heart of change is empowered change!!  Change is deeper than just willpower.   When we intuitively listen to our Hearts inner wisdom and action its intention we evolved in change.  Empowered change a wholeness process of body, mind, heart, and soul.

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Kind Words of Thank You!

I found Mark by chance as cliche says when you least expect it – the teacher appears and his style of life coaching was just what I needed at the time. Getting use to his ability to read energies and recognize emotional feelings assisted me develop more insight and awareness to my reactions. His “Head & Heart” model simplified why I acted the way I did. Learning to empower myself from deep within my heart is my most beautiful change and I have more joy in life.

Christine C

How I use to change was the hard way. Frustrated at myself for not achieving goals and finding my ‘all or nothing’ approach would end up hitting the wall and fizzle out. LOL, you might be know my type, I want to be the Olympic athlete within a month of getting the training gear back on. Working with Mark changed my tough approach. He introduced foreign concepts like loving kindness, spirit warrior and mindfulness. It took some getting use to it but it’s allowed me to be more gentle in my approach and stopping the noise of my inner critic has been a blessing.

loving kindness, spirit warrior, mindfulness, inner critic
Ben S

The life coaching with Mark was incredible. I have already done a certain amount of coaching and counselling before but at times reverted back to old reactions to my partner. My experience with Mark was powerful as he has an incredible intuit ability. The space he provides is really caring and of course there is no judgments and complete acceptance of where I was at in my journey. As an intuit he just “got” how stuck I was energetically and patiently supported my new growth. Thank you Mark!!

Intuit, caring, warmth, understanding
Katie G

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