About Empowered Change

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About Empowered Change

Empowered change facilitates a deeper connection to our inner power and wisdom which brings greater aliveness, peace and flow to our well-being.  It is not without effort and action on your part ~ it the Heart of Change.

To create energy and flow in your life you need to engage and actively participate in the change.  This isn’t like ‘The Secret’ where you think good things and they automatically happen.

You can’t transform your life without taking action. As Einstein is broadly credited as saying;

"Insanitydoing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

 The reason very few people consider themselves genuinely successful and happy is that they default to ingrained patterns (DMN - Default Mode Network ) but change needs a willingness of action to move forward, an empowered motivation.

That doesn’t mean being stuck in therapy.  It’s simpler than that.  When you understand what change and flow are, and how it happens, and what encourages it and what blocks it, you’ll have the power to turn it on and off, almost at will.

Flow state.

The Flow States of Change.

Let me explain...

Every time someone achieves incredible success in anything – career, business or their relationship, it comes because they are in ‘the flow.’  Others have described as being in the zone, being centred, or being present.  It’s a powerful and focused space creating an access to abundant energy.

It’s this state where things seem to happen naturally and almost effortlessly.  Everyone experiences the change of flow from time to time, that feeling of synchronicity and everything clicks.

But for most people it is brief and sporadic and when it gone, we question why.

Most of the time it is blocked by our beliefs, past experiences, negative emotions and entrenched mindsets.

With encouragement and support from Empowered Change you will move through the negatives in your life to create profound change and intuitive access to your flow.  Negatives are a part of everyday life and Empowered Change can show you how to deal with them when they arise so you are not constantly derailed.

WARNING:   If you believe the hype of the self-help industry who promise overnight results then Empowered Change is probably not for you.

Blocks to our changes and flow.Facing Our Blocks To Change

To maintain change and create flow you need to understand how it is created and what blocks it.

This is not something quick fix weekend workshops will explore because understanding the neuroscience of change isn’t sexy. It doesn’t sell. What it does do, however, is work!

 If you are prepared to put in the work to achieve results, then it works.

The choice is yours.

Keep chasing the quick fix pot at the end of the rainbow or finally do something that actually works.

Successes Of Our Change

If you have that gnawing feeling that things are not quite right, if you want to fast-track career and business success, if you want a loving and solid connection with your loved ones, then you need to access flow.   When connected with your empowered change and flow, your true destiny of passion and purpose comes alive.  Your visions of how you want your life to be on all levels physical, mental, emotional and spiritual have more clarity.  This deep core energy gives you more certainty and motivation to make the breakthroughs you wish to have in your life in relationships, career and importantly, with yourself.   What a gift to behold.

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