Admirable Process of Change

Strength, continuous effort and struggle

The Admirable Process of Change

It is so encouraging to work with people in the life coaching as they find their strength and growth.  It is a glow and do they glow!!  Turning up to each session is a power in itself.  It is really hard to own up to someone like me, that things are an effort and a struggle.   From our periods of effort and struggle, the positive mindset is it’s a growth teaching and a strength of change.  Something we all should be really proud of.  I am blessed, loving work I do.  Witnessing people find and connect to their strength and growth. It is so empowering!!

Finding the Strength and Growth of Change

The quote from Socrates is so true; “I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think”.  The awesome work of my life coaching is the adding more – ‘thinking.’   It is about inviting people to reflect deeper drilling deeper into developing insights to their process of change.  I so believe that our strength and growth of change is deep within ourselves.  It is found through our experiences of effort and struggles in life.

However, this may in a time we just don’t believe it.  Maybe we’ve lost sight of it.  After all we are so bogged down in the digital world.  It is so 24/7 where and when do we learn to switch off?  Our digital pace of life consciously and unconsciously affects our well-being.  Keeping change at just the “thinking level” or “analytical” we are missing so much of our deep potential.

Our Deep Potential of Change

Our continuous effort and struggle in life will energetically drain, the best of people.  The real question is, how many people will honestly admit it?  We are beginning to hear on Podcasts about themes of “vulnerability”.  I sense and describe them as ‘intellectual’ and ‘analytical’ conversations.   It is an important starting point.  We must learn to honour our emotional vulnerability in the effort and struggle of life.  It is so not a weakness.  It is not something we should avoid which we do, some sadly with addictive distractions.  Our emotional vulnerability is our present moment when we are not coping.  In this space, we may experience the surfacing of a back log of unresolved pain and trauma. This just adds to already intense feeling(s) of not coping (“just what we need”).  We may convert them to unhinged reactions which we don’t like of ourselves such described by As Sigmund Freud;

“Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.”

When we are not coping from the effort and struggle we are definitely at a vulnerable emotional point in our lives.  We can lose sight of our old self – the resilient, strong and full of drive.  When there no fuel left in the tank this can be a really difficult and painful place to be in.  However, it is in this space where our deep potential for change is embryonic.  It is the teacher to building the scaffold for a deeper strength and growth.

The Growth of Our Deep Potential

Our deep potential is our authentic strength.  It is our spirit essence, an innate over-arching wisdom that guides our well-being.   Our egos get be caught up in the materialistic desires of success, driving our efforts and struggles in trying to make it happen.   Coming into a relationship with our vulnerability (e.g., not coping) we learn to care for its needs, which is inner growth.  It starts building the deep scaffold of a different Power in our self.  The power of our spirit essence is our strength.  It is mindfully attuned to our being, lovingly holding and guiding us with its deep wisdom.  It is our essence that can lovingly surrender to trust – ‘to let go and let be’.  As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe says; “Courage is the commitment to begin without any guarantee of success.”  Does the growth of your deep potential enable you to let go, when you need to let go?  This growth and strength is our deep trust that holds our dichotomies of life.  Similar to what Arianna Huffington shares; Life is a dance between making it happen and letting it happen.”  Our deepest potential has the trust, faith and strength to let it happen!!

“Be Gentle & Enjoy”

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