How Do We Start Moving Forward

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Life will serve up many of its different curve-balls to test and challenge us. Some of the challenges are familiar and we cope well with our achievements in them. There are other challenges that we can become stuck and we don’t have a start. The less we start the more negatively we can internalize about ourselves.

How do we start creating empowered changes within ourselves? I want to be able to have more of my natural free flowing energy that lifts and cares for my well-being.  Living in the 24/7 digital world is absolutely incredible and we are really fortunate at some level. The downside, that whilst it is powerful time – it takes our conserves of energy both consciously and unconsciously. 

To create energy and flow in your life we have to start. We need to engage and actively participate in the change – we have to show up!  This isn’t like ‘The Secret’ where you think good things and they automatically happen.  You can’t transform your life without taking action.  Part of that action maybe our coaching sessions or workshops.

Albert Einstein is broadly credited with the quote;  “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” How much do you relate to this quote? Is this our sign of being stuck? Why is it – I ask myself that I keep doing the same thing over and over again.

How much of this disappointing insanity is within our conscious &/or unconscious realities? Is the experience like going down the same old rabbit holes? Which ever doesn’t matter, what matters is how deflating it can be!!

Making a start is empowering even if we don’t feel like it. Life coaching can assist you change the default(s) we hit with life’s challenges. We guide you through the learning and healing of these difficult and sometimes painful ‘rabbit hole(s)’.  We teach you how not to feed these old patterns realigning your natural free flowing energy to within yourself and those you love.

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