Connecting to 11:11, 33:33, 44:44 Awakening Code ~ Episode 104 ~ My Conversation with Georgina Beament

Heart of Connection Podcast
Heart of Connection Podcast
Connecting to 11:11, 33:33, 44:44 Awakening Code ~ Episode 104 ~ My Conversation with Georgina Beament

Connecting to Awakening Codes 11:11

Mark [0:00] I’d like to welcome to Georgina Beament to the World Heart of Connection podcast. I’m your host, Mark Randall. Georgina’s all the way from the UK in a place called Horsham, which I confused with Horsham in Victoria, Australia, but it’s a bit of a big confusion. Welcome to the podcast. She is the founder of Essential M.B.S.

Georgina [0:19] Welcome. Thank you. It’s lovely to connect with you.

Connecting to 11:11 Awakening Code Facebook Community

Mark [0:22] Ditto. Georgina, I do you want to give a bit of an intro to – how did you where’s the connection come from, your association to the 11:11 Awakening Facebook community group you’re in? etc,

Georgina [0:38] Yeah, sure. Well, my journey has been quite a long one with regards to Facebook and social media. And it really started off, MySpace was the one that was back in the days was the major kind of networking for people and to connect with. And especially for me was seeking like spiritual groups and stuff. Back in the days, that was when I first started out. And I really, it was a very dark place Myspace compared to Facebook. And it was my sister who introduced me to Facebook, and she said, Georgina, it’s like – much lighter energy. I do feel that you know, what you do there to help people will benefit the people on Facebook. So, I kind of was introduced to Facebook and I thought well, yeah, the energies lighter, it’s better. And on my face, I started up a group called 11:11 awakening codes. And, it was doing very well, because I also was very inspired by another group called 11:11 wave I think or Wave 11:11. And they were just going obit with all their followings and stuff as people were waking up to this frequency number.

Connecting from MySpace to Facebook

So, I thought, right, okay, I want to start my own up and so I originally started on MySpace, and then I moved it over to the platform of Facebook. And I just loved it. I just as soon as I started to do this, the posting and started to interact with people with my understanding and the awareness of the 11:11 code. And it just went into orbit. I mean, just quickly, the attraction there was a lot lighter. I eventually shut down my MySpace account. And then we just focused on Facebook and started up the group. And the rest is just being kind of like ongoing, and it’s grown incredibly. And even with the restrictions with Facebook, and how they’ve changed along the years, I was only speaking to my partner Matthew about it. Back in the day, Facebook’s restrictions were very low, and groups could grow very fast. Not so much now there’s a lot of like rules and regulations and stops and adverts you must do. But my page just went into orbit very quickly. And I started to realise that people are aware of this. And I’m helping a lot of people and I’ve connected relationships all over the world. And I don’t sometimes probably no more now, as I’m now starting to see the unity come. But how many people are connected all around the world? And how many people how many relationships are formed from that? How many groups have I’ve helped build throughout that too? And, yeah, just from an idea, what I’ve created as a community to help people has been, inspiring for me to witness but for other people to be a part of, I mean, yeah.

The Connection to 11:11

Mark [3:54] What was your connection to 11:11? How ~ can you give a bit of a background as to what your connection to 11:11 is?

Georgina [4:02] Yeah, sure. Oh, gosh, this was my big awakening. And I was in a long-term relationship for nine years. And this is how my deep hooks up from a little girl. I’ve always had experiences, I’ve always been guided, I’ve always been connected to sources and spirit. So, my shift has been like a gradual to this big lump of an awakening of really kind of doing what I am today. And I was in a long-term relationship and that comes to an end. And from now, I met somebody who I was very spiritually connected with. And he took me on a path of numerology without him knowing about it from my heart being cracked, completely open and ripped out.

Connecting to First Number 33

Georgina [4:55] I wanted to understand my connection with him because there was so much. There was such a deep, deep soul connection now. That I just knew that it wasn’t, I was being guided to something deeper through him. And the first number that I was really was very, very present in my life was 33. And it started at number 33 through his mobile number, which was so strange, and I mean, people just don’t relate to what they do now. They didn’t relate to me back then. But he was like a bag of codes for me. His whole human being was like, I looked at him, and I could see messages through his soul. And he couldn’t see it. But I could, it was like, I was trying to explain to everyone what his connection was, to my path, and the bigger picture of what – why he was sent to me and what he was showing me? Yeah, he didn’t understand what he was. But it started with 33.

Connecting to 11:11 Kept Coming Up

And then from there on, 11:11 kept coming up and coming up, and it kept capturing my awareness. And then I started to do some research online. And then from there, I was guided to go-to books. And, the more I was guided the deeper and went into it, and it just becomes part of me, but I understood it, I really could relate to it. And it was almost like I went from not being aware of being aware very quickly and everything kind of made sense. Because I aligned with the universe. And, I could see the path yet other people couldn’t see the path. It was, it was quite a surreal time, but magical at the same time. And now I don’t question my path. I know, it’s absolutely 100% perfect. And back then I felt the odd one out and that times crazy. But it really did that 2004 was my rule massive awakening to 11:11.

Intuitively Connected to My Path

Mark [7:06] Who you intuitively connected to that path?

Georgina [7:11] Yes. And even when I feel that I’m out of it, I’m so in it – it’s crazy. And even now what I’m doing, I know I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing by the feeling of vibration, I’m going kind of in a different way. But I know that I’m being activated to do what I’m doing in the zone.  Even though it might feel uncomfortable for me and other people I know what I’m doing because I’ve been shown my path back then how aligned I was to the current situation. There was no mistake him coming into my life, as it was no mistake that the previous relationship ended the way it – it happens very quickly. And never ever thought that I would even separate from my partner, to be honest, and my ex-partner.

Meditation Connects Me too Me

Mark [8:00] How do you check in with yourself, how do you connect in with yourself? Do you have a process ~ or just naturally intuitively just happens, and it just flows?

Georgina [8:12] Well, I meditate. Meditation has been a great help, it helps me centre my heart, it helps me centre my chakras. And, it helps me kind of connect deeper. However, Mark, I do have times where I don’t meditate, especially more since I’ve been having, I have a little baby, Theodore. And juggling with time sometimes, you know, I don’t necessarily want to meditate. Sometimes just listening to music that I enjoy is my meditation. And so, I feel like I’ve reached a point of my path where, you know, I trust myself enough to know that what I’m shown is-is what I need to be doing. And it’s innate and my intuition is very – I’ve kind of practised state – I know, when I’m out of alignment, I feel it within my core. And so, I’ve built up inner confidence, and inner self-worth to know that what I’m doing is perfectly okay. And that helps me and what I do is, well, I kind of put it out to my audience. And when my audience responds, I know that I’m in alignment with what I’m supposed to be doing. So, and that’s taken a long time to kind of get to that point of self-worth and self-confidence. And it helps me kind of be quite authentic to myself and the other people that are connected to.

Connecting to My Inner Trust

Mark [9:47] Would it be fair to say there’s an inner trust that you’ve developed, you’ve connected to an inner trust within yourself that just knows?

Georgina [9:54] 100%. I’ve had confirmation over, confirmation, over confirmation. It is so much to get to that point and say I believe in I trust myself. I also trust my highest self, and I trust my ancestral kind of connection to the source. And, it’s taken the time, a long time to get there. I say a long time, it’s not really. But when you kind of attract the way you do, and I have I’ve attracted in abundance.  And I’ve been guided in abundance, I’ve been guided in breathtaking ways that you get to a point on your path where you say, this is for real. I’m tuned in, I’m tapped in and this is for real. So, that kind of – you do build this inner confidence that when you need to act upon something. I listen to that now and I do it. And then I watch the flow and I’ve shifted a lot of things just by acting on that innate instinct. That kind of like, do it. Do it now Georgina doesn’t delay, just do it. And that green light goes.

Letting Go of Self-Judgement

Mark [11:07] Is it like getting the intellectual head and the self-judgement out of the way?

Georgina [11:14] 100%. Yeah, you must remove all that. You must remove your judgement, your perception, and sometimes you must make yourself incredibly uncomfortable, and other people uncomfortable as well. It’s like, every time I get comfortable Mark, I’m shown to become, undo that and become uncomfortable. And that’s my growth pattern. I don’t know whether you kind of feel that yourself when you become uncomfortable and accept this. And then your inner self says no. And then you come out into this space, and he says, act don’t become lazy. You’re you’ve got a role for a reason. Move past the fear, move past the judgement, move past all the other perceptions and stuff keep growing in that space. And every time I become very complacent my highest self, my inner self gets a kick. And I must come out of it. I must get out of it. And I every time I don’t feel comfortable. I often actually speak to a lot of my close spiritual friends. And I’m like, Oh, no, here we go again. I’ve got to come out of my comfort zone. I’ve got to grow out of this space. And it’s continuous. It’s ever it’s just continuously never stops. We never kind of stop growing. And so, when I kind of coach people, and I teach people, and they come to me, and they ask me, does this ever stop Georgina, I said, never stops.  You are constantly outgrown and expanding.

Connecting to Our Psyche’s Inner Healer

Mark [12:53] And I’m wondering whether it’s ~ the deep inner healer in us is bringing up the material when we get comfortable and the psyche knows, and spirit knows that we’re ready for the next step? It presents the ~ because we’re ready to open more?

Georgina [13:10] Oh, and a hundred per cent. And, self-love comes into the whole core of this. When you believe in yourself, and when you love who you are, and you’ve accepted who you are. All those other things, you know, are removed. And what I’m feeling and I’m seeing so much now, Mark is that people want to speak out right now in major ways. But they fear themselves to talk out in fear of being judged by other people. And what I’ve learned is that, what about all the people that are ready to listen to what you’ve got to say.  We kind of keep ourselves in our heads a lot. And we kind of, like make assumptions of, the worlds against me, rather than, well, the world is not against you, you’re against yourself. And we kind of block our way, don’t we? We kind of put things on pause. And so, what I’m more about is about, is really being expressive from the heart and really coming into that space. Because we will know when we’ve done something wrong, by the way, how heart fills because the mind, is a wonderful tool, but it’s the heart that really guides us. And when you listen to your heart, it tells you whether you’ve done things wrong or right? And when you really listen to it and be truthful to that.

Connecting More to Our Hearts

Mark [14:43] Do you believe in your experiences that more and more people are connecting to their hearts rather than their heads?

Georgina [14:50] Could you repeat that didn’t hear the first part.

Mark [14:54] Along your journey, do you believe more and more people are connecting or wanting to connect more to their hearts than their actual head ~ the intellect?

Georgina [15:03] I think heart. When your kind of narrow that down, everything is heart-related. And I also do think the mind is it was also a wonderful thing, but we over-process things in our mind, it stops us doing things. So, when I, what I try to do is for coaching people and guiding people is to listen to the heart.  The heart is the – it’s connected to the universe. And you know, when it wants you to do something, when he wants you to break a barrier, or, break a routine or breakthrough, a healing process, the heart will show with you what to do.  And in all ways, and when the heart is open, the throat opens too. So, it’s all connected. And it makes you when you’re really coming from that heart space, heart space, the throat, is able to articulate what it is you need to share, even if it does sometimes come out as an ugly mess. And so, it does, and when you really do listen to your heart, and I tend to go into the heart space more than the head. And it helps me break through the fear and the blocks and the procrastination because, when we’re in our head, we can procrastinate in that space.

Our Hearts Deepens Connections to Others

Mark [16:32] The more you find you’re going into your heart ~ are you then finding that others connect to you deeper as well? Oh my god, yeah,

Georgina [16:42] Oh my God yeah. The heart is love.

Georgina [16:43] Love transcends. And it transmutes the stickiest areas, the darkest areas. So, Mark, I’ve helped my own healing process by working through my heart and being honest. And I’ve helped people expand in that space to come out in that space to rip all that out to their families and communities. So, the heart in that will, authentic space is the most powerful thing in the whole world. When you come from that place of love, and it is life-changing, it really is. And you first must face your inner demons, to be able to get to that space of really being and integral to yourself and other people. But once you unravel in that space of love, true love and really caring for yourself, but really caring for others, it transforms areas whereas I said, the darkest spaces within ourselves and your community in the world.

Our Hearts Can Heal Mother Earth

Mark [17:56] And those parts are in our hearts. That’s the fragile part of our heart and our heart has been you know, unfortunately for some people, it’s been wounded over the course of life and that creates the demons. But the healing is important. And the more we heal as we all begin to deepen and connect to this, the heart and just the energy you were sharing just then was powerful. What impact do you think that would have on healing Mother Earth?

Georgina [18:28] Oh, everything. Everything that we’re seeing now, it transforms. There’s a set of snowflakes, you put hate into a snowflake, it turns black. If you send love to a snowflake, it stays clear. Though we’re putting positive, loving, caring thoughts out to the universe we change everything within us. But we also transform our – I call bubbles of the world and we heal it. We hear it I mean, I really, I love gardening Mark. I absolutely love gardening. And I have done since a little girl.

Our Healing Potential

Georgina [19:14] People use to say I’d magic hands. I believe that we’ve all got magic hands. It’s not just me. I just found my magic hands. And I loved things. That’s all I did. What I think people do – is they kind of like – when they go on their path they go for, I need to be this – I need to be that, and I need to do this, and I need to do this, and I need to become that and I need – you don’t need to become anything – to be able to heal. You were already that. And I found that when I was a little girl. And I absolutely loved gardening and I could bring things back to life. But we can all bring things back to life when we love things. And when we get back to the zero points of ourselves and how powerful we are – we can transform everything. So, Mum always says if the basket or a plant got damaged, she use to say to me, Georgina go save the plant. Or if one of my Mom’s big koi fish got sick, we would go out there and do healing on the fish on the koi fish. We had a fish – a massive koi fish that jumped out of Mum and Dad’s pond. And it was snowing the night before, luckily, and it was just about alive. Like it literally was on its last legs. And there was my Mum, Georgina quick, and that we rushed out there to go and resuscitate this fish. My Mum was blowing in its mouth, I was doing like little strokes putting water on it, then put it in the water, bringing it back and forth. That fish was virtually dead, we brought it back to life, we brought it back to life because we knew that we could. I bought back dead plants because I knew that I could. And I know that my love can transform. But my love is no different to your love Mark. It’s no difference to anyone. And when we actually put our energy into knowing that we have the healing powers, we transform everything. So my garden is, you know, I love the seasons. So, every season, I am literally cut everything back. And then I know that there’s going to be a rebirth. And every season I buy new plants and I talk to my plants, I don’t care what other people think I’m crazy. But everything is energy. And I know that they respond to me, and I respond to them. And when I’m giving to a plant they’re giving me back my energy, they talk to me. And animals do nature does trees do plants, everything talks when you listen to it.

Connecting to the Harmony of Love

Mark [21:47] Through the harmony of love?

Georgina [21:49] Totally. We can hear it. Those – do you know what people think – they look at things not everybody but that they see things and they don’t see their powers that they can make a difference. That’s a big thing.  Like, my Mum knew that I could heal. But I said to Mum once, you can do this too Mum, for goodness sake. And she knew that she could. It’s just that she knew that his fist needed me – a team to come together to get it back swimming. But we kind of like we kind of put responsibility in everyone else’s hands, rather than actually looking that we are human beings, but our ability within when we come from that mindset and really channel that energy into that I am presence and I can heal everything in that space. Wow, you know,

Georgina [22:45] It’s life-transforming. It really is. And I’ve seen it. I’ve seen things die, and I’ve seen them come back to life and through just what I do. And I’m no one special Mark. And that’s just it. I think people look to people like me and think, wow, she’s this amazing person. I’m no different from anyone else. And that’s I think that’s why people like to work with me because they can see I’m relatable. And I share with them is a mirror of who they are. u

Our Heart Connection is Authentic

Mark [23:17] And I get a sense you’re deeply authentic?

Georgina [23:21] Yeah, as much as I can be. Yeah, totally. The B/S, I don’t really want to swear in this. But when there is that in the field, you sense, and you fill it.  And then I must work on that other deeper love – that really coming back to that. Seeing it, but it’s okay to see it and really working on that. Just doing the healing work around that as well. Because.

Connecting with Our Shadow

Mark [23:50] Yeah ~ we’ve got the shadow, and we have to integrate the shadow.

Georgina [23:55] Everyone’s got a shadow.

Mark [23:58] Yeah. And it’s really lovely too ~ that there’s so much more openness now about these sorts of things.

Georgina [24:09] Oh, my goodness.

Bringing Love to Our Shame

Mark [24:10] You know, the shame of it all is starting to lighten and bring love to the shame?

Georgina [24:19] Totally. And you know, we there’s nothing wrong in the shadow. There’s nothing wrong and sometimes not doing things how other people are doing them. And, not doing them how the right – what is right and wrong. There is no right and wrong, really, we’re just having an experience here. And, it’s so easy to get caught up in that victim kind of mode, I’m not doing things perfectly. And I’m not doing things a certain way. My whole business has been set up on just intuition and my own imagination, there’s nothing else out there like me – because I am me. And like you, you’ve created what you have for your vision, and there is no one else’s done what you’ve done because you are you. And we’ve all got our individual gifts, and there’s no competition.

Connecting to the ‘All That Is’

Mark [25:14] And if we just tune into ~ it just intuitively drives you. There’s just ~ without, it just comes. And it’s just amazing. I also move the conversation and we’ve probably already talked about it just in a generalist way. The ‘All That Is,’ how, when we connect to the source. You call, I’d imagine, the ‘All That Is,’ is your source ~ connecting to the source? Can you describe, in words, I know it is difficult describing in words? That’s why I’ve been liking to be doing the Zoom video, because when people are having a conversation about the ‘All That Is,’ connecting to their source. Words can’t describe it; the energy describes it.

‘All That Is’ ~ Is Vibration & Frequency

Georgina [26:02] One hundred per cent. It’s all vibration and frequency. Sometimes the frequency is so clear it can come through almost like its talking to you – like you and me. And then it’s like a piece of a puzzle when it comes together. And when you’re tuned in, tapped into the source, it can come through music, it comes through conversations through other people. These are examples I give to people, and how my guides, angels and, and so forth. And whatever you want to call it comes through and numberplates, it comes through emails, that can come through, it’s just almost like, okay, I get that, you know.

Georgina [26:50] And then it can happen over a period of an hour, it can hour a day, or a week, or even a month. And it all finally comes together. And you can say I get that now. And you’re right, sometimes you can’t really express how they communicate with you. But when they do, it’s very clear. And when people say well, what am I missing, you never miss it. If you’re supposed to get a message, your angels, God’s, universe, whatever you may call that – will present that message to you repeatedly and get it. Because if you’re supposed to be seeing something, and you’ve missed it. It will present itself and time and time and time until you actually go, I get it. I understand. Thank you and it doesn’t present itself again. And it’s very silent. It’s not aggressive.

Connecting & Touching My Deepest Alignments

Mark [27:49] What’s it like when everything aligns ~ physically mentally, emotionally spiritually for you?

Georgina [27:55] I want to cry.

Mark [28:00] Just breathe.

Georgina [28:03] I feel…

Mark [28:05] Well done.

Georgina [28:05] There are no words for it and…

Mark [28:09] Did you just touch it then?

Connecting to our Hearts Alignment

Georgina [28:11] Yeah, right in your heart when everything aligns. And it really is and you are supposed to receive that message and you see it and you sometimes just cry. For me I cry, I’ve got that feeling of wow. I am real it’s so breathtaking to be connected in this way – in this time, and it’s getting stronger for everyone now. Because everything that we’re seeing right now is all the roller coaster is all the – it’s all the – everything we are supposed to…

Georgina [28:45] The alignment of everything. Even stuff we don’t want to hear – it’s all part of the whole process. It is rough to face and to do together because going into the darkness and bringing that to the light – is kind of perfect harmony that we’re creating here.

Connecting to Comfort Within Discomfort

Mark [29:01] It’s like you know how you’re talking before about moving out of the comfort into the discomfort ~ we’re collectively being moved out of the comfort into the discomfort collectively.

Georgina [29:12] And this morning Mark, I woke up and my elastic band in my hair, not this one another one. I’m shown symbols in the most magical ways. And again, I suppose you go back to sometimes you can say it, you just know that it’s there. My elastic band and kind of folded into infinity and it was on the bathroom side. And that was just – that symbol just connected me straight back to the heart. And it doesn’t matter how far apart you feel from people. How crazy the world feels out there? That infinity always brings me back into oneness. And symbols always do. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a disagreement with someone or whatever. It always comes back to that space of we’re all connected. We can’t just – of whether you agree with me or disagree with me, whether you see what I see, we always are in that space. I do believe that people do separate, but they always seem to come back together at some point. And I’ve had that in many, many situations with people I love. And we always are drawn back together. The separation is the growth part where we go off in our ways, in different paths, learning different things, but it’s amazing. When you come back together, we’ve learned the same thing. The same lessons are similarly.

Advice for my Younger Georgina

Mark [30:39] What piece of advice would you give a younger Georgina walking through, I was going call you Jolene. Younger Georgina walking through her journey right now, what would that piece of advice be for her?

Georgina [30:53] Don’t beat yourself up. The younger part of me – be in the now with everything. And don’t take it so seriously. And I don’t know whether that’s answered your question. I think we all become so serious with things.  We over analyse things and we can lose our way in that space. Allow things to come to you and be okay with it. And even if you don’t like it, just allow yourself to be okay with it. I mean, seriously, Mark, I’ve been shown stuff, even if I don’t like it. And then I’ve had to stand up with that now. But be okay with the process of life knowing that everything is flowing. And now I know a lot of people say how can you say all as well when bah, bah, bah, bah. But it really is.  When you’ve seen how the flow of synchronicities and the alignment of your path, my path is, there is absolutely perfect harmony and there and just allow things to come. Yeah.

Mark [32:01] And I knew this was coming too, this conversation. It was ~ it was coming just as a matter of when.

Connecting to Flow-State of Synchronicities

Georgina [32:14] Yeah.

Mark [32:15] It’s interesting. When you see stuff that you didn’t like seeing, where did you find the courage to just stand in it and be in it and move through it?

Georgina [32:30] Its been happening to me a lot lately?

Georgina [32:45] To be in it? Where did I find the courage?

Mark [32:38] Where do you find the courage? Is that in your heart, is it?

Connecting to & Expressing Injustice

Georgina [32:43] And it’s justice with me. If I see stuff, that I feel that it is not – isn’t justice. This is where I’m being faced with a lot now. And its stuff that I’m having to clear – but how am I clear it Mark is probably different for other people.  A lot of people in the spiritual world go into a very deep trance, and they release the energy that way. My heart is activated through voice, I release the energy from my heart, and I express it. And I always have done as a little girl, and I realised that’s how I transform things. If I see stuff that I don’t like, I need to talk about it, I want to talk about it. I don’t want to talk kind of like sit in the corner and meditate, I must express it. Because that releases the energy in my body. And I feel like I can move, I can breathe. I can sleep better at night when I talk. If Matt and I are having a row – we very rarely do, we go to bed on a row. We always talk it through, and he always says to me, don’t go to bed on this. Let’s move through this. Let’s talk about it and express it. So, when I hear things uncomfortable things, I talked about it. And if I don’t, it really does become something inside and my body feels rigid. I can’t breathe. And even I can’t even get into a meditative state. So, for me, as I said everyone’s different. There are some people who use sound, some people use, meditation, some people would write things down. Mine is expressing my feelings. And when you do that, you release the block. And for me, and it opens my heart and then people then understand, and you become relatable. You know, people can relate to your mind. Because if you don’t express things, people don’t know what’s going on inside and it creates a divide. When you express things, it’s out there, it’s there. And we can process and work out we can heal from that as well. So, I’ve got that in my relationships, and especially in my current relationship with my partner. We’ll have some debates – we’ll have some real hot… But he comes away and he goes, I’m glad we did that. And I say, well, I feel really hurt. Let me heal from that. But we don’t keep it inside we express it. And that’s how I deal with these moments are coming up right now by talking about it/

Georgina [35:08] So that’s why I do share it on Facebook because it gives people rank in it. I want people to see that I understand it, or process in it and gives people also that space to come out into that energy too.

Connecting with Georgina

Mark [35:23] And Georgina, where can people contact you on Facebook? How did they get in touch with your beautiful self and your beautiful energy?

Georgina [35:35] Obviously, my Facebook page is Georgina Beament you can type in there. Awakening Code Community 11:11 33:33 44:44 will bring you it – Georgina Beament and essential MBs. So, Essential M.B.S and 11:11 and Georgina Beament, it is all interconnected. So, those are the kind of three places that you can find me.

Mark [35:58] And it’s wonderful to have the World Heart of Connection connecting to you. It’s such a beautiful connection to ~ it’s wonderful to have such like-minded souls in the world to all be linking together and just creating this beautiful energy.  It just this love ~ just this love energy to make the world a much better place.

John Lennon – Imagine

Georgina [36:30] Yeah, I think that’s a much better place, you know? If we all come into that space. I mean, John Lennon songs have recently been absolutely ripped to pieces. I don’t know whether you’ve heard about that. And his lyrics, and there have been some nasty trolls that have kind of knocked the lyrics of that. But imagine if we were all to come into that space and not judge. Imagine if we come into that heart space, and just be still in our hearts. Imagine that. Just not – just not make it – everything okay.

Georgina [37:08] Just imagine that. Wow, that would just be life-transforming.

Mark [37:15] It’d be like heaven on earth.

Georgina [37:17] Yeah, it is. But it also – but we all kind of like, look out, as I said, you know, we kind of look outside and think we need to be a certain thing to be this person – we are already.

Connecting to World Heart of Connection Day ~ September 4th

Georgina [37:34] And when you acknowledge that and come into that vast space and I’ve watched your video through the show that Adam did it. And that energy connection and circle work that you did.  Just everybody coming together in that space, and just coming into that space of the heart and just being present in that space, and creates an absolute wave of change, and you don’t need to be qualified.

Mark [38:06] And what we’ll do next year is we’ll synch it up with you.

Georgina [38:10] I’d love that.

Mark [38:14] Although it’s one o’clock in Australia to be a little bit early for you guys in England. But it would be lovely to connect with you guys and just start to begin this connection to really start synchronising that. And putting that energy out into Mother Earth. And as we put it out to Mother Earth, we put it out to ourselves and we connect to ourselves, others and ‘All That Is.’

Connection to Transform our World

Georgina [38:37] And it’s again, it’s not separating yourself. Everything is part of you – is part of others.  I do talk to all; I talk to the room. I see everything because we don’t separate that. And I don’t see that as crazy anymore. Because I see that other people are seeing that too. It doesn’t matter what people think. You asked that question because it doesn’t matter what people think. Whatever you believe is okay. And, it’s really time to come together in that space and know that has the power to heal everything.

Mark [39:15] And thank you for coming together tonight. I really appreciate the opportunity to connect with you and share your conversation with the world.

Georgina [39:26] I really appreciate it it’s a coming together with people like yourself that are wonderful things on the planet is what it’s all about now. We need to unite in a massive way in more ways and know that we can transform our world.

Mark [39:41] We do. Thank you, Georgina, I appreciate the opportunity.



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