Connecting to Light Working ~ Episode 89 ~ My Conversation with Rosalie Muir

Heart of Connection Podcast
Heart of Connection Podcast
Connecting to Light Working ~ Episode 89 ~ My Conversation with Rosalie Muir

Connecting to Light Working

Mark [0:00] I’d like to welcome Rosalie Muir to the world how to connection podcast. I’m your host, Mark Randall Rosalie is a healer and a teacher, and I’ve had a connection with Rosalie through her Facebook group. Welcome, Rosalie.

Rosalie [0:15] Thank you, Mark. Thank you for inviting me here.

Connecting to Australian Lightworkers

Mark [0:17] A pleasure. Rosalie, thank you for your, your group online, the community online. Do you want to mention the community to the audience, please?

Rosalie [0:27] Yes, it’s Australian Lightworkers and it’s good because we just have the Australian lightworkers. We all network all the talents and gifts that they have.  It’s good because we can just come along and freely network all the gifts they have, and it’s just for Aussies.

Mark [0:50] Just for Aussies.  Rosalie, what got you into it?  How did you connect to the light working side of yourself?

Connecting to Heal my Illnesses

Rosalie [1:00] Oh, that’s a long one. I have been connected to light working really since I was a child in a way. Really true, I guess my own life as with illnesses.  Being ill and having to try to heal myself, because of those illnesses, and I found that the medical just wasn’t healing me. I needed to look elsewhere. So, it was the light working and the natural healing was helping me more. So, I decided to study it and help others to heal themselves.  I was finding that I was helping myself with natural healing more than the medical.  The medical did wonders with me, but it needed more. Because you can’t just wholistically you can’t just physically heal. You must heal the emotional and the spiritual so that you have holistic healing. So, that’s what started me really on this path of spiritual and holistic healing and teaching it now.  Teaching it and helping other people follow the path in light working.

Mark [2:35] How would you describe the connection to yourself through that process?

Connecting to Listening to my Body

Rosalie [2:40] Well, now I am connected to myself by body listening, body talking.  I listen to my body when my body is out of balance. I do something about it, and I can feel it. I’m so connected to my body. I know when my chakras are out of balance. I know when there’s something wrong within because I’m so connected to it, where once upon a time I wasn’t.  And you must be connected to yourself before you can connect to another person.  And I’m connected to my inner child.  I know when my inner child is not happy, my body needs and my higher self.  You need to be connected to your higher self before you even think about spirit guides. Because your higher self is your gateway, towards your spirit guides.

Connecting to my Highest Self

Mark [3:45] My ask where would you find your highest self in your body?

Rosalie [3:50] Your highest self is really like your subconscious. It’s more ~ it’s above you know in your higher like, say just above your head or just top part of your head really.

Mark [4:04] Around the crown chakra?

Rosalie [4:09] Yes, around your crown.  You need to be connected to that before you go searching for your spirit guides.

Mark [4:21] And as you first started once you started to recognise that western medicine was dealing with the symptomology not necessarily the cause. Were you then able to work through each of the chakras on the journey?

Rosalie [4:38] No, I had to study more before I could learn about the chakras. I had to study more in spirituality before I really learned about the chakras.

Mark [4:54] What was the study ~ Who did you study and what was it?

Connecting to Spiritual Iridology

Rosalie [4:59] Well, where I learned the most was through, spiritual iridology. I know it’s a big one, but that was, of course looking in the eyes. That showed me was true – it was Chinese psychology and I know that’s going very deep. But that was teaching me everything from Chinese psychology and its awareness – okay with full-on awareness.  And they went through everything, from your body physically, psychologically, physiology and everything.  But that included all the chakras, but you can learn about the charkas in a general awareness class.  I mean, that was I’d already done an awareness class where I learned the chakras.  It was more advanced with the spiritual iridology. But I chose that because I’m very much an eye person. So, looking through the windows of the soul you know what they say.

Mark [6:13] Yeah, the “eyes are the window to the Soul”?

Rosalie [6:15] Oh, and it certainly is.  And of course, I chose that because everything in your body has a spiritual purpose as well as a physical purpose, and an emotional purpose. It was a fascinating course and that was through a place called Light Mission. And they no longer exist and that was in 1993. Yes, a long time ago.

Mark [6:45] What was…

Rosalie [6:45] But it was fascinating.

Reconnecting to my Body

Mark [6:47] What was it like to first reconnect to your body?

Rosalie [6:54] It was mind-blowing. It really was mind-blowing. And, you know, I had the biggest healing from connecting to my body. It was huge for healing. It really was. It was mind-blowing because I couldn’t believe and the biggest mind-blowing part was recognising that I had created everything, every illness. Everything in my life I had created it.

Mark [7:30] Like a psychosomatic sort of process?

Rosalie [7:33] Not psychosomatic – but everything in our life we create and its mind-blowing to realise that. And when we realise it, we can uncreate it. We really can, we can start to realise things so much.

Mark [7:56] Start to notice the habits that we’ve got?

Rosalie [8:00] Yes, and we bring things to us and I’ll tell you why we do. We don’t deal with things. We realised we should have dealt with things when they happen.  We hold things in.  If someone has done something to us, we’ve got to deal with it, instead of holding it.

Mark [8:22] Do we need to heal it?

Rosalie [8:24] Yes. We like to deal with it and heal it.

Connecting to Forgiveness

Mark [8:28] Feel it to heal it?

Rosalie [8:29] Forgive.

Rosalie [8:31] We’ve got to forgive, no matter how hard that is, we must forgive. And that’s what I call – by dealing with it.  Because if we don’t, we create it again.  It must be dealt with. Okay. Do you understand what I’m saying?

Mark [8:47] Yeah, I do. Is it a bit like ~ we push it down into the rabbit hole and then it’s going to keep ~ it gets triggered and it keeps coming back until it’s healed?

Rosalie [8:56] Exactly. That’s exactly what I mean, you’ve said beautifully, that’s exactly what I mean. And that’s what I meant by I’ve created it because I didn’t deal with what happened to me. So, that was the most mind-blowing thing. And I mean – I’ll be honest when I went to the spiritual iridology class, and I had my eyes tested and I had a very noted Alzheimer’s marking in my eyes. Both parents died with it. And after six months of studying with them, it’s gone. It was healed, not by anything that was done except knowledge. Power, knowledge is power

Healing my Alzheimer’s marking

Mark [9:51] And inner awareness?

Rosalie [9:53] And awareness.  Knowledge and awareness are the same – yes. Those markings are gone, and I do not have Alzheimer’s and it’s just fabulous.  And you can see eyes change because the eyes are your body. When you look at the eyes, you can actually – it’s your body. So, they do change.

Rosalie [10:21] So, it is amazing as we’re talking about the body, but as I said, I’m bringing the eyes in only because you look at the eyes and there’s your body, the markings.

Mark [10:31] And when we’re energetically travelling, well our eyes light up?

Rosalie [10:36] Oh, yes, absolutely. Their bright, they haven’t got any markings – you know, they just the colour, beautiful.

Connecting to our Selves we have Rejected

Mark [10:46] It’s interesting, isn’t it? How, when we are wounded growing up or whatever the trauma might be how we tend to repress it. We don’t want to feel it, but we push it away and repress it, but we’re ~ are we rejecting a part of our self?

Rosalie [11:00] Yes, I know.  The thing is the wounded feel shame.  And that’s not so, you shouldn’t feel shame. Nothing to be shameful for it’s something – it’s the other person, but we must forgive. That is the biggest thing.

Mark [11:22] Do you believe that we imprint that shame into our bodies?

Rosalie [11:26] Yes, all feelings we do imprint into our bodies. Absolutely. And, once we’ve forgiven, and you know, you don’t have to forgive the person to the face. You forgive them from your heart to the person for your sake only.

Mark [11:51] It’s a powerful place to be and isn’t it?

Rosalie [11:54] Yes.

Connecting to our Letting Go

Mark [11:55] The letting go.

Rosalie [11:58] I have a beautiful sense – of set a person free from it. And it’s called the “Journey” by Brandon Bays. I don’t mind advertising it because it’s the most brilliant session. It is beautiful. And it does set people free.  I know what it’s like, it helped me. But you know, connecting to your body – you can really connect, and you know when your body’s out of touch. And, once you connect to yourself, you can connect to your guides and other things, other people you – so important to connect to yourself.

Mark [12:40] When you’re connected more to yourself, what do you notice happens to your connection to others and to your guides?

Connecting to my Guides

Rosalie [12:48] Oh, it’s just so easy. It really is. So, I’m very connected to my guides. If I want to know something, I don’t go and get a reading I just ask, and I get the answer. I have beautiful guides Lord Ra and Goddess Isis and I just look up and I pray to them for my answers. I have my answers. And I’m beginning every day and I teach my students how to get in touch with the guides and to remove blocks. There are blocks for people to – the first thing is connected to yourself, but there are so many blocks people have in reaching their guides. I get messages from my parents who are past.  I feel them, I don’t get the word – I don’t.  But I get the feeling that they’re around me. I even get them touching my hair and I know it’s my mother.  I get the feeling that my fathers with me and I don’t get a word.  But I know his energy and we get to learn the energy of a person. I know the energy of my guides and which one is with me.

Mark [14:14] Do you know that at an intuitive level?

Rosalie [14:18] Oh, yes. But I also know it at a physical level too, I feel it.

Mark [14:28] It’s interesting ~ are some of the blocks that we have to connect to our guide and to our intuition. Could that be a lot of our intellectual self that’s doing that?

Connecting to Opening Our Hearts

Rosalie [14:40] Yeah, there’s a lot blocked. Sometimes your heart not totally open.  We have a lot of blocks with the heart. And that can be through a lot of reasons.  It can be through, a relationship that has failed.  And people say – okay that’s it – I’m closing my heart up. And they’ve forgotten to open it up again, not wide open, but you know enough.  Then there’s a block to the hearing.  People have a lot of emotional abuse and such and they close up in the hearing. That’s hearing the Divine voice because some people can hear guides.  Then they close their ear chakras up and they sometimes just close up their awareness. There’s a lot of blocks. This is what I removed in classes – a lot of blocks to hearing or intuitiveness with their guides.

Mark [15:52] And it’s like when we close our hearts off ~ we’re also closing our hearts off to ourself?

Connecting to the Blocks of our Closed Heart

Rosalie [15:58] Exactly. It’s amazing the amount blocks.  And then once they do that with their guides, they’re also closing off to other people. So, they do not sort of bringing the people that – best for their highest good to come towards them.

Rosalie [16:01] They’re not – sort of – because people know intuitively whether to come forward.  Even if it’s a twin flame or something, they’re not going to come forward to the right person. They’ll stay away if the person is not or haven’t got their heart open or it’s not in the right space.

Mark [16:46] And what was it like for you when you opened your heart and allowed the twin flame to come to you and connect to you?

Open My Heart & Connected to my Twin Flame

Rosalie [16:54] Wow, well. I do have a twin flame and I’ve also had two other marriages before him. And we lived within a kilometre of each other our whole – well our whole married lifetime.  Our whole life in our 20’s.  I met my twin flame in my 40’s.  And from the 20 to 40 we live that close, but we never met. He didn’t come until I over those two marriages.  When we met, we were both over our love.  My husband had been married once before. And within two weeks, we knew we were right for each other and we married eight months later.

Rosalie [17:55] It was just right.  It was just amazing.

Mark [17:58] Powerful connection?

Rosalie [18:00] Powerful.

Rosalie [18:02] And two weeks after we met – he proposed to me and I was sort of saying yes and I’m thinking, hang on what am saying.  I’ve just come out of two failed marriages. And I said yes, and I’m still didn’t believe I was saying yes. But everything was right, it was just perfect. And I do know we are true, twin flames.

Connecting to our Inner Child

Mark [18:30] You talked about the inner child?

Rosalie [18:33] Yes.

Mark [18:34] How much do we need to keep the continual connection to it in a child?

Rosalie [18:39] Extremely important.

Mark [18:41] It never goes away do it?

Rosalie [18:43] No, extremely important. Because, if we don’t let that inner child out to play really, now and again. Like all work, no play makes ‘jack a dull boy’. That is such a true saying because we must have laughter, we must have fun.  And a really true saying is to lighten up, because of that enlightenment.  That is such a true saying. We can’t be serious all the time. We must lighten up don’t take life too seriously. We must have fun.

Connecting to our Magical Child

Mark [19:24] And the deeper you are connected to yourself and others, does that then lighten and allow the ‘magical child,’ ‘the playful’ child to come forth?

Rosalie [19:33] Yes.

Mark [19:35] What a gift?

Rosalie [19:36] Yes. It’s fun.  No matter how old you get it, you should still feel light inside and have a bit of fun.

Mark [19:49] As you’ve connected to your inner child, you’re connecting to your guides ~ how much does that then facilitate a deeper and stronger connection to the ‘All That Is’ ~ whatever that is to you?

Connecting to my ‘All That Is’

Rosalie [20:03] The ‘All That Is’ is all.  Like, I say with my guides – I’m very connected to animals.  We have two little dogs Shih Tzu and their such a joy. I’m very connected – they know exactly what I say, and I know they do. People think that’s crazy but it’s not.  When there are birds around as soon as I go outside birds whistling – I’m always whistling back.  They’re there. I feel connected to them, nature. I feel connected to trees, I’ll go and hug them. I love them. I feel very connected to nature – I just must have nature around me.  Like, I live in a duplex, but I’ve got trees in there. I’ve got a lot of plants around me.  It might be small, but it’s covered in trees and plants and I must have that around me.

Mark [21:07] When you connect to nature, can you describe what you experience happens within your body?

Rosalie [21:15] Just peace.  So much peace and the inner child it comes out too.  I just feel so peaceful. I’ve got a corner just outside my healing room where I call it my meditation corner.  It’s because it’s so peaceful with ferns and I just – I don’t know – yeah, I do know.

My Energetic Connections Beyond Words

Mark [21:41] It’s beyond words.

Rosalie [21:43] Yes.

Mark [21:44] It’s energetic – there’s an energetic connection to it?

Rosalie [21:48] Yes, I do have an energetic connection to it because I just love touching the plants. Making sure there are no dead leaves. It’s just – I just care for them and love it. I just loved the greenery and the flowers, and I know its memories of past lives…I know I was in Atlantis. That’s the crystal part-time loving me. I am connected to my past lives. That’s another connection I have.

Mark [22:27] As you’ve connected to your past lives, have you also in that connection healed the energy of the past lives?

Rosalie [22:37] Yes, some of it.

Our Connecting to more Healing

Mark [22:44] More healing there to be done?

Rosalie [22:47] Yes, once – there’s some the Atlantean past life. Some of the energy from that life I have. I feel a lot of us who lived in Atlantis have come away with a lot of guilt. Where we had a lot of knowledge of maybe – it didn’t go down, it wouldn’t have gone down.  Hadn’t been destroyed if we could have used the knowledge that we had as priestesses and healers. But we were overthrown by the ones that abused the power in Atlantis.

Mark [23:37] And Rosalie, I’m wondering whether we also need to become more enlightened here on Mother Earth, whether she too will go down if we’re not careful?

Awakening & Enlightening for Mother Earth

Rosalie [23:48] That’s right, that is correct. Because a lot I feel is being abused.  Without mentioning any names, but I think a lot of power in the upper ranks and such is being abused. And it is a shame because we don’t want to lose our Mother Earth.  But that is why a lot of healers have – are here on Earth that we’re in Atlantis.  They have carried some of the illnesses – which is guilt. A lot of guilt from Atlantis.

Mark [24:30] As we collectively let go of that guilt ~ what do you believe, feel and sense may happen for Mother Earth?

Rosalie [24:42] Well we could succeed.  We could succeed and stay and not have it destroyed. Because I think a lot of people were working very hard to keep us – to keep us on Mother Earth.   I think there’s a lot of us doing a lot of healing, collectively is working on that.  Collectively to keep us safe.

Connecting to our Collective Lightworkers Healing

Mark [25:10] And can you describe what’s it like, intuitively when you connect to that collective lightworkers healing?

Rosalie [25:21] Security that’s what I feel when I connect to them. Security and safety that I feel there are a lot more than people realise that they’re doing this.   That feeling of security, safety – when I do connect with them. Knowing that there are a lot, they’re doing this are hard trying to save Mother Earth.

Mark [25:55] Are we becoming ~ in this process ~ in this journey, are we becoming more awakened?

Rosalie [26:03] Yes. Yes, we are.

As we Awaken Our Hearts Open Up

Mark [26:06] And as we awaken, are our hearts opening more?

Rosalie [26:11] Yes. differently. And it’s a lot easier to awaken and open to – with all the energies and the codes – that they are sending us.  Spirit guides are trying to help us – do help us. Not trying, they are helping us and a lot of people going to realise this.  They are sending us a lot of downloads.

Mark [26:45] You’re dropping out there a little bit?

Rosalie [26:48] Oh, sorry.  Is that better? Yes. Sorry. I just moved a little bit.

Mark [26:55] How do you connect to those downloads?

Connecting to the Downloads ~ Open, Surrender

Rosalie [27:02] You just be very open, physically, be open, go with the flow.

Mark [27:07] Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually?

Rosalie [27:09] Yes, the whole lot. Just be very open.  Just open – you don’t even have to go and connect – just be open. When you know they’re there, you know, just be open.

Mark [27:22] And not judge it?

Rosalie [27:24] Not judge it. And don’t expect to attach anything. Just be way open. Surrender, surrender.

Mark [27:35] It’s not always ~ I experience, it’s not always easy for my ego to surrender to that?

Rosalie [27:43] Hmm. Why not?

Mark [27:45] Laughter ~ good question (Laughter)

Mark [27:49] Judgement.

Mark [27:51] Old ~ perhaps old trauma, the old imprint of guilt and shame.

Rosalie [27:58] That’s right but you must let go that.

Mark [28:01] Yes. And when it comes up, it’s about noticing is okay, where’s this coming from? How do I notice it? How do I connect to it? And how do I then love it?

Rosalie [28:16] Let it go. Let God.

Connecting to the ‘No Thing’ Surrendering & Moving Forward

Mark [28:22] (Laughter) Yeah ~ let go, let God that’s right. It’s a powerful space, isn’t it?

Rosalie [28:29] It is.

Mark [28:29] And it’s so liberating to let go.

Rosalie [28:32] It is.

Mark [28:33] Into the ‘no thing.’

Rosalie [28:35] Because that’s all you can do – if you want to move forward. Surrendering.

Mark [28:47] It just clears all the channels?

Connected & Protected my Guides ~ Self dissolves

Rosalie [28:50] Yeah, it does. It really does.  Yeah, I’ve let go, surrendered so long now. But I just find it so peaceful. I’m not afraid. I know I’m protected by my guides. I know I am so I’m safe. I have no fear whatsoever.

Mark [29:18] When you’re deeply connected in there ~ does the sense of self ~ the egoic self, your egoic self does that dissolve?

Rosalie [29:27] Oh yeah. Because we have two egos.  We have one ego that is – the “Doubting Thomas’s” he knows this is a whole lot of bull. And the divine ego knows that everything is perfect. Everything is happening at the right time, for the right reason. It’s perfect.

Mark [29:56] Yeah, I have a sign on the wall in my office. “The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is silence, the mind.’

Rosalie [30:08] And that altered ego – just doesn’t exist for me.

Mark [30:14] What a beautiful gift to give to yourself and to others and to the ‘All That Is’?

Rosalie [30:21] That’s right.

Mark [30:24] Rosalie, what advice ~ if you were to give advice to the young Rosalie that’s coming through her journey now? What advice would you give to her with all your experience ~ lived experience now?

Be Guided to Help Heal Our Selves

Rosalie [30:40] Oh look, just be guided by people who have experience and find a teacher who doesn’t tell you what to do. Who guides you into helping yourself?  To guide you into helping you – help yourself and helps you. Because you need guidance you don’t need telling what to – do you know what I mean?  You need somebody to guide you coming through and you need, you need the foundation.  And young people starting out needs to start at the beginning like an awareness, of the protection, of all the foundation things.  Don’t try to be a master of Reiki straight away please – they fall. You don’t start at the top, please start at the beginning and has the foundation. But it’s a beautiful spirituality ~ is a beautiful path in the light. It really is. I recommend it to anyone.

Mark [32:16] I’m sensing as you’re sharing it ~ I’m connecting with it now, just ~ I’m feeling it within my body as you’ve just shared it with me?

Rosalie [32:26] Sharing is beautiful. I often – I teach but I always say to my students, I’m not going to teach you anything. I am going to help you remember – what you really already know.

Mark [32:40] Do you guide them to?  Are you guiding them to their own inner guide?

Rosalie [32:47] Right I do.  Because I’m helping them remember what they already know. Put themselves back together again to who they really are.

Mark [32:56] What a beautiful thing to be able to do. Yeah. Thank you so much for your guide, your guidance.

Rosalie [33:09] Thank you, Mark. It’s been an absolute pleasure.

Mark [33:12] It’s lovely to connect with you, Rosalie. Thank you kindly.

Rosalie [33:18] Thank you, Namaste.

Mark [33:19] Namaste.


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