Connecting to my Heart & Spirit ~ Episode 52 ~ My Conversation with Lisa Hunter

Heart of Connection Podcast
Heart of Connection Podcast
Connecting to my Heart & Spirit ~ Episode 52 ~ My Conversation with Lisa Hunter

Connecting to my Heart & Spirit 

Mark [0:00] Welcome Lisa to the Heart Connection podcast.  Thank you for the opportunity to have a conversation with you, on a very special day, your birthday.  I’m really appreciative of you making the time.  I’ve known Lisa, now for a number of years. Lisa in the teaching field, into art and community theatre, and has a real passion for theatre and bringing it down to a community level for the everyday person to become involved.  This involves them in creativity and theatre.  So welcome to the Heart of Connection podcast, Lisa.

Lisa [0:37] Thank you.  That was the best introduction I’ve ever had. (Laughter)

Mark [0:42] Is there anything further that you’d like to add to your introduction, you can give a little bit of a brief synopsis on life (laughter) events.

Connecting to others is my Blessing of Life

Lisa [0:56] At this point, it’s a long line a long list and I won’t bore you with it.  I think you’ve brought out there really rang true.  That my passion at the end of – I won’t say at the end of the day, I don’t like that expression.  The thing that underpins everything that I’ve sort of undertaken – is that desire to involve more than just myself.  I find I’m happiest when I’m collaborating.  That’s probably why I never really made it as a painter because it required me to be on my own.  Sort of a little bit self-indulging and I found it a little bit so I had to take myself too seriously almost.  So, I do love being amongst people and helping people to find what they have to bring to creating something like a, as a group or a whole.  I think that’s what I absolutely love about theatre.  More than any other art form that I’ve experienced so far is the necessity for people to work together on many levels to bring about one thing.  It then lives and it burns and it sparkles and then it goes again.   You start the process over.  So, it has a life of its own that’s not really containable and you can’t save it.  You can’t sell it – it just happens.  It’s absolutely the most wonderful thing when it works well and everyone has a stake in it.  It’s some something that we share, and then we let it go again.  So I think that’s what theatre, at its best brings.  It’s just a lovely platform to bring many, many people together.

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Community Theatre is my Connection

Mark [2:58] As you’re sharing it- it sounded like there are many layers of connection through theatre?

Lisa [3:07] Yes, there are.  I think there’s the creative connection where people can really feel safe to express their version of creativity in theatre.  Especially in musical theatre, which I gravitate towards.  There’s music, there’s dance, there’s acting, but then there are all the other areas.  There’s creating costumes, there’s being a coordinator, organizing, being a people person.  The director – the job of the director, who is to drive the project.  So, it is just sort of bringing people together on many levels.

Mark [3:53] Great.  Do you come alive in the connection?

Connecting to people thriving and growing

Lisa [3:58] Yes, I think so. When it’s right.  When the connection is – when I feel that those connections are happening, and I see people thriving and growing.   I see others coming alive that’s when I feel I suppose most connected to it.  There are negative aspects to it there.   Theatre being theatre, there’s a degree of sort of ego that comes along.

Lisa [4:36] The best theatre happens when the egos are absent, and good performers know that too.

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Mark [4:48] In terms of connection, the podcast is about the connection to Self, Others and ‘All That Is’ if we bring the connection back to yourself, how does Lisa, connect to Lisa?

Validating and connecting to myself

Lisa [5:01] Oh wow.  I’ve been on interesting growth, I suppose over the last – really ever since meeting you.  That was when I really started to switch on and take notice.  I started to validate a lot of things in my life and about myself, and really start to grow.

Lisa [5:30] The work we did together, gave me empowered me to go on and become a teacher. Then through that I’ve grown exponentially, I think, in my ability to express who I am. That was through the teaching that got me to theatre, so it’s sort of been a chain of events.

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Mark [6:00] Connecting to self?   How do we-we can connect to ourselves? When we’ve connected to ourself we can be in a really beautiful flow.  Sometimes we need to disconnect from others too and reconnect to ourselves to recharge our batteries.  We just need that space from the energy of others.  Do you take walks in nature?  I’m wondering when you’re in your artwork, how connected to yourself do you get when you’re doing a painting, for example?

Lisa [6:00] What was the question again?

Connecting Through my Creativity

Lisa [6:44] I feel most connected to myself in this in the phase of creativity where you’re just sort of exploring ideas and concepts.  That might be visual, visual art.  Or it could be thinking about theatre or thinking about how something’s going to play out on stage or how it’s going to look in that big picture.   The ideas start to flow and they really do just flow through.   It’s usually when I am on my own.  Often when I’m driving actually, which I think I’ve learned is a really good place for the spirit to drop in.  So, I’ve been increasingly aware of when I can expect that flow to happen.   When things will drop in when I’m feeling most connected.  I do lose connection for many weeks at a time sometimes.   Then, I actually now sense when it’s coming back, and it’s a feeling of being powerful.   I just get this feeling back, it just starts to grow again.  I start to feel very powerful and then I start to realize that things just synchronize.   Ideas flow more easily and my ability to then follow them through just falls into place as well.

Connecting to Spirit within my Heart

Mark [8:19] In your body.  Do you notice it in your body – coming back into your body or when spirit drops in – what opens up in your body that enables spirit to drop in?

Lisa [8:32] Definitely my heart.  I actually feel it.  I feel, I just feel an opening.  It’s a real – it’s like the feeling you used to get as a kid when your parents promise to take you to to do something special but it wasn’t going to happen yet.  You have to wait.  It’s gonna happen tomorrow, or it’s going to happen later today.  That excitement that you had to almost contain.  That’s sort of the feeling.  It’s that sort of contained excitement.  I can’t even tell you where the excitement necessarily is or what it’s about but it is there.  It’s just sitting there.  This beautiful energy that it’s – I know that it’s a connection.   It’s my connection.   It’s just, it’s almost like its reminding me, just keep walking forward in doing what – you’re doing, you’re good. You’re all good.

Connecting to Spirit in our Conversation Now

Mark [9:32] As you’re having a conversation with me now, is the connection there, as you’re sharing that with me.

Lisa [9:37] Yeah.

Mark [9:38] I can see it in you.  It’s just a beautiful space.  When your heart closes down, does the connection to Spirit then closed down too?

Lisa [9:50] Sometimes it’s, it’s inexplicable.  Just through becoming more aware, and being more open to spirit and knowing when and how I can connect, I’m also aware of that feeling. I’ve learned just to let it be, and not to try and force it.   Just to say – okay, it’s probably actually good.  I actually haven’t lost my connection, we can’t lose our connection, it’s my perception.  Its stuff moving and it’s probably because of my connection that this is now what has to happen next.  It’s muck that’s blocking – it’s a bit like – a dark cloud blocking the sun or smudge on your lens.  It’s sort of there, and it’s just going to sit there until the work is done or it needs…..

Lisa [10:56] The way is clear.

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Connecting to Spirit is my Magic Flow-State

Mark [10:57] How would you describe the flow state, when you’ve dropped into spirit?

Lisa [11:03] When I’ve dropped into spirit it’s just – it’s magic.  It’s it can be maybe a day, or even several days or even weeks joined together.   It’s just this beautiful feeling of synchronicity is the best word I can use.  I know I’ll hop in the car, put the radio on, and the person is talking about something I’ve just thought about, or something I’ve been thinking about for a long time.  There are the answers – thank you spirit.  I look and they’re all my numbers are lined up.   Every time I look at and letterbox or I look there, I see the numbers that are in my life at the moment.   I went for about a year seeing only 1 and 3 repeatedly.  To the point where I could ask for confirmation and say I need those numbers now and there they were.  So when I started to doubt, there were things that I would ask spirit to manifest.  It was incredible – it is incredible.

Mark [12:11] You’re radiating it as we’re having the conversation.  It’s radiating in your being now and I’m connected to it – by being in your presence.  I was just wondering, when you’re in that flow and dropped into spirit, what do you notice happens to your connection to others?

Connection with my Spirit people mirror a relaxed presence

Lisa [12:31] I would say that it’s generally – I feel that people are relaxed in my presence.  I think it certainly changes how they feel.

Mark [12:56] Are you like a magnet?  The energy, you’re the centre point of the magnet and the energy is just radiating around and drawing people into the creativity. To the ideas and the allowance of other ideas to just come through and flow through.  It’s collectively and collaboratively drawn together?

Spirit creates safety for sharing our vulnerabilities

Lisa [13:23] I have observed that that happening and that feeling.   My feeling is also when I’ve observed it in others.  When you open a space, and you are authentic within it, you put yourself in there.  You allow yourself to be vulnerable, then others automatically – they, of course, they let down their guard.  They have permission also to be vulnerable. Then you make – then you connect. Then that opens a space for connection.  Yeah, I think that does happen, definitely.

Mark [14:05] Are people letting their walls down, as they do that?

Lisa [14:11] Yes they do.  I get that feedback from people who may be not sort of aware of what they’re doing.   They’ll say I always feel really good about – I really enjoy doing these productions.  I really enjoy, there’s always a nice feeling here.  There’s always  – everyone always sort of feels relaxed, and they’ll express it in those terms.  I think what they’re saying is – we don’t come in and feel as though we’re butting up against expectations. We actually feel so we’re coming into a really loving and open environment. We can just be ourselves.

Mark [15:02] There are probably not many places in the world where people can do that?

Lisa [15:06] I think less and less.

Teachers making it learning vulnerability safe

Lisa [15:09] I think good educational institution is one place where you should find and expect to find that.  I think teachers, that’s what we do, too.  Being a teacher is all about allowing your students to feel very safe, first and foremost.  As a student, you’ll automatically feel as though there are a set of criteria that you’re needing to reach in order to be measuring up.  So, as a teacher, you have to really, really break that down and allow students to feel very safe and very validated before you even start. It’s critical.

Mark [15:59] It’s a really powerful connection to create that safety.  It’s really authentic and very powerful to hold it.  When people are reacting to it, or they’re closed off, do you reach out to them with that safety, to embrace them, to check in with them, to assist them dropping a little bit deeper, feel a bit safer?

Lisa [16:27] I do fairly intuitively, I think.

Lisa [16:36] I do feel people’s energy, pretty strongly.   I do feel – I do feel when people are closed off, or they’re having a hard time being.

Lisa [16:50] Letting go of their own expectations.   I just – I can’t tell you what I would do.   In that moment, I would try and find a way to, to let them know that that’s not necessary for this space.

Connecting to my Empowered Love

Mark [17:07] The word is coming to me as you’re holding that space and that safety is an empowered – an empowered love. Yeah.

Lisa [17:16] Yeah.  I think to let people know that there is no space between us.  We are one thing. I know what you feel because I feel it too.   Therefore, you know, when I feel.  We actually we’ve share the same heart.  So, I think reminding people that there’s no, there’s really no gaps between us.  The gaps that we have are out of our own creation.

‘Oh’ our dear Ego Self – What did Freud say?

Mark [17:51] Are the gaps our ego? (Laughter)

Lisa [17:53] Yes, absolutely.  Ego is the necessary evil and in a sense.  We have it to live on Earth.  We have to have it to be embodied animals.  It’s what keeps us going forward.  It’s all of those measures that we put in place to know how we’re going and whether we were making headway or making a difference dare I say it.  All involve our ego.

Mark [18:28] I don’t know whether this reflection sits right for you.  It’s like for me, when I’m in my head in my intellectual brain, I’m in my ego.  When I’m in my heart, I’m not in my ego.

Lisa [18:43] Your heart. Your heart thinks intuitively and acts intuitively.

Mark [18:53] It acts intuitively.  It knows? Yes,

Connecting to Higher Self

Lisa [18:56] Yes.  It’s the higher – the higher self.  So, the thinking self.  Yeah, we can’t help but fall into the ego.  It’s necessary, we have to we have to do it and it’s okay too.

Mark [19:13] When you’re coming from heart and spirit drops.  Is spirit dropping in there or spirit? I’m getting mucked up here.  It’s like- when you talked about spirit dropping through – Is Spirit dropping through to your heart?  Or is your heart just opening and there is a flow to spirit and heart?

Lisa [19:36] I think the second.  I think – what you’re – that’s definitely how it feels.  The information though, the little jewels do feel like – sort of – a drop in but the connections already open.  That transfer is already open.

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Connection beyond Words

Mark [19:57] The transfer is beyond words, would that be right? Yeah.

Lisa [20:00] Yeah.  Yes, it is beyond words.  It’s hard to.  It’s almost something you can’t put into.  You can’t put into words, but everyone knows it.  I think we perhaps just missed – we miss acknowledging what it is.   I think everyone has it, everyone’s connected.  It’s just whether you’re making space for it.  You’re actually recognising what it feels like.

Mark [20:29] Could we be afraid it.  Could people be afraid of the depth of that connection?

Lisa [20:34] Yes because they don’t understand it.  It’s not something you can read it.

Lisa [20:41] Can’t read about it I suppose (laughter).

Connection & Spirit ~ Can it be measured Intellectually?

Lisa [20:43] How do you measure it?  How do you know it’s real?  It’s all that validation as mortals we need.  It’s difficult to validate, you have to come back to trusting your own experience.

Mark [20:56] It’s such a – it is really hard to put a words but it’s such a beautiful, powerful place.

Lisa [21:06] Yes, it is, it’s home.

Mark [21:08] It’s home.  The word soul sits as we sitting here.  It’s like Soul for me.  In the soul, everything dissolves.  The ego dissolves.  I’m not sure whether the ego wants to dissolve that intellectual ego of mine.  Do you know what I mean – it’s that push-pull sometimes that tug of war between the two realms of our being?

Lisa [21:35] Yes, I think that our….

Lisa [21:38] That’s a part of our ascension is to grapple with that very thing.  When we’re in spirit, when we are in our soul self, there isn’t really nothing to do.  You know, except just be and exist.   To feel joy and to feel love and to radiate those things.  Just to be in, in it. There’s nothing to do.  It’s the ego. It’s our ego that has to do.

Our restless Ego

Mark [22:12] The ego gets restless.  Get me out of here!  This is too nice (laughter). Will you get me out of here I want to go back to a bit of suffering or something like that.

Lisa [22:21] Yeah, well, if we if we would just do – just to be, we might not sort of actually get up and walk around and do anything like feed ourselves.  Sort of what – how do you sort of quantify what that would main as mortal beings?  So, that is our struggle, because we are both and but yet we have to, we have to balance those out.   We have to live a mortal life and to connect with who we are in an eternal sense.  Who we have been before and who we will be.   Right now – here and now we’re, we’re doing this.

Mark [23:13] I’m wondering, in that process – in that soul space, that the more we human beings start to connect to it?  What impact that would have on Mother Earth? Well,

World Heart of Connection Day ~ September 4th, 2019 & beyond

Lisa [23:30] Well.  It would transform our planet.  It would transform very quickly.  I think about that a lot, in my thinking brain.

Lisa [23:44] If everyone was too [sorry, we have a little bit of interruption]. We’ll try and work with it. Again, if everyone was to connect, and in that same way, and to just to realise how much doesn’t matter.  I think that it is how much doesn’t matter – about what we do.  The things that we hold up – are the things that really matter in the world and in the lives of humans.  A great deal of them just don’t really.   Once, we really need to turn it all on its head.   We will, eventually, we’re getting there.  We’re going faster than we ever have before, it’s just hard to see it.

Mark [24:32] Can I just check in there?  I share that sense that we are going faster?  We going faster at that soul level as well?

Lisa [24:46] Yes, I think we are, but it’s not expressing itself.  It’s very muddled and dispersed.  It’s like the energy going in millions and billions of directions.  It’s not the sort of gathering.  So I think there are so many people that are sensing – that are really are sensing that there’s more than they can see.  There is this whole existence that they share in. this

Mark [25:34] It’s like that connection you were talking about before?  The soul and the question that was coming to my mind – was the speed.  Are we awakening as sentient beings to the ‘All That Is’?

Connecting to our Awakening

Lisa [25:54] I think we are although sometimes I go through periods of being quiet, despairing.  Then I will hear conversations between people, oh it’s hard to explain but lots and lots of things might happen in a day, overall.   I think, wow this is really happening.  The things that are people are saying.  The things people are tuning into. Things that matter are shifting, and our consciousness is rising quite dramatically, but it’s possibly harder for us to see it or quantify it, because it’s so spread.  Our world is so – it’s so distracted and distracting.  There’s so much going on in terms of communication between people on so many levels.  It’s a little bit harder to get an idea of what’s happening in a mass sense.

Connecting to my Synchronicity

So, all I guess – I think well if I’ve tuned in or been aware of, say, five things today, where I’ve had a real feeling of wow, that’s, that’s beautiful.  I might have heard an interview about someone who’s planting trees.  An interview with them, a farmer who’s found a new way to do something so that it’s saving the environment on their land.   This is becoming something that’s being championed and other people are wanting to know about.  So you might hear something like that.   Then you’ll have your tuning in on another conversation that might be of another kind.  It’s about compassion towards a certain group of people or what’s big.  I think all in all when you mix all that together, and you think, we are really – we’re tuning in to the best part of what we are.   So we are getting our consciousness is rising.  It can just be difficult to appreciate when I think our we still as a race are drawn to the worst of ourselves.  We’re still drawn to the negatives, and the people in the world that hold the power and who are unfortunately wielding that negatively.   That takes up a lot of our communication space as a species.   It takes up a lot of our conversation and takes a lot of thought.  When you go – look past that, and what people are doing, people are doing in their workplaces, in their friendship groups, in their communities, that’s where you see it.

Connecting to our Higher Presence in the Now

Mark [28:49] It’s interesting, what you’ve just shared is very familiar in my experience, have been handing out the flyers for the World Heart of Connection Day ~ September 4, 2019. People just get it.  It’s like there’s – when they look at the brochure, they just get it. There’s a connection to it.   The more we work – we can’t live in that soul space that like you said before – 24/7 – I’d love to be levitating about Tibet 24/7 but that’s not possible. The sense of being in there, when we come out of that being – back into our ego negativity, is that a sign that we just need to heal something?  There’s some disruption here that I need to work with?  Then heal it and drop it back into the soul? In that presence is being – we will still do, but we will ‘do it ~ with a being.’?

Lisa [29:51] Yes. That’s everything you’ve just said it (laughter).  ‘Doing with a being’ is exactly what I think is our ultimate destiny as – in this form.  That’s what we chose to do.  That’s why we’re here.  We’re here to do and experience being a mortal.

Connecting beyond our 3rd realm

Mark [30:19] There is a conversation around that as mortals, we’re in the third dimension or the third realm.  There are many more realms and some of those realms are – people are moving into some of those realms to help. There’s so much in this I could keep going for.  Is there, I’d really love to come back to have another conversation, particularly about that – the dropping into that realm?

Lisa [30:49] It’s something I’m working on at the moment.  I’ve only really been giving it space for about the last three years.   It’s propelling me off – onto a new space, a new sort of place at the moment where I really want to delve deeper into my spiritual connection.  To start to express that and bring more people into that space with me.  So going back to that sense of wanting to share, if you’ve got something good – share it.   Then, what is?  What does it mean?  What will it be?  I don’t know necessary and that’s okay, as well.  Just get up with the intention and let it take you and learning to do that.  Not to always know, to be fine with not knowing. Yeah.

Mark [31:48] Just holding yourself in the being?

Lisa [31:52] Yeah and trusting that that’s enough.  That in itself is – all that really matters and everything else will flow.

Connecting to our Spirit Flow-State Priceless

Mark [32:06] That flow state – it’s priceless.  There are no words to describe it, but the flow when we’re in it – that ‘being’ flow – it’s divine?

Lisa [32:22] It is really. It is like liquid love.   It’s you only really know it’s there when it’s there. When it’s on – when you’re in it and it’s on.  You can’t make it happen.  You can’t – there are no set criteria – when it’s there, it’s just the most beautiful thing and it’s just a matter of recognising it and enjoying it and celebrating and acknowledging all those things.

Mark [33:00] From a Buddhist perspective, even that state, is of impermanence, it will pass. Another state will come but it’s then how do we – what do we open up to enable us to reconnect back to that state of just being. Lisa, thank you so much for this conversation it was really touching to share that space with you.

Lisa [33:31] Thank you, thank you for giving me the permission and it’s something I rarely do.  So it’s a beautiful opportunity. Thank you.

Mark [33:44] Namaste.

Lisa [33:45] Namaste.

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