Connecting to my Passion & Purpose ~ Episode 76 ~ My conversation with Cassie Bush

Heart of Connection Podcast
Heart of Connection Podcast
Connecting to my Passion & Purpose ~ Episode 76 ~ My conversation with Cassie Bush

Connecting to my Passion & Purpose

Mark [0:00] I’d like to welcome Cassie Bush to the World Heart of Connection Podcast today. Welcome, Cassie. Cassie is a teacher working part-time now.  A mother of three beautiful children and Cassie is in the process of building a new business online – an online business known as The Shine Co, ( which is working around health and wellness for products and for individuals. So welcome, Cassie.

Cassie [0:27] Thank you so much for having me.  I’m excited and a little bit nervous because I’ve never done a podcast before but I love to talk so, I’m here – thank you for having me.

Connection to Self

Mark [0:37] So Cassie talking about connection.  How do you – connection to self.  What’s your – how does Cassie connect to Cassie and what does she do?  Does she have morning rituals?  How do you connect to you?

Cassie [0:54] Yep.  So it’s been a bit of a process.  So, It really sort of started three years ago when I had my son and I knew he’d be my last baby.  So, it was a time that I was like, really thinking about how am I going to connect to myself?  What am I going to do that’s gonna benefit me and also help others because that’s what I’m all about.  I love being with other people.  So now – I connect with myself, it started by reading a lot of books.  So I love to read and I make time for that every single day is to read something usually from a personal development book.  Or a story from someone else who sort of had a breakthrough or had success.  Success is different for everyone as well. So reading is definitely one way that I really connect to myself and that’s how I learned about or how I have learned about myself and why I might do certain things or feel certain ways. So, I’m an advocate for reading.

Connection to Self-Development Books

Mark [2:07] Would it be possible to ask which of the books really stand out to you?  Because if they’ve stood out to you, they may stand out to others.  It would be good to put a list of those books, you know, on the show notes. I’m just curious?

Cassie [2:20] Yeah, absolutely. So the books that have impacted me the most have been ones by Stephen Covey – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  The book by Jack Canfield. Mark Manson’s books – The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**K, I love his writing.  Napoleon Hill, Daniel Priestley and, Melissa Ambrosini – Mastering Your Mean Girl. She’s got a book about how to manage a mean girl – which is all that self-inner talk and working on yourself first before you can then go and help and give to others.  Louise Hay which obviously has been around for years, but I hadn’t really discovered it until a few years ago. So once I started reading her work and was sort of doing some of the things she’d mentioned. And I hadn’t even read her work before. So then it gave me a chance to really get into it further. And then also some personal development and professional development books around.  Like networking and being in business as well.  So Rob Sperry was great as he’s got some great books out there too, which are all business based.  I found in learning skills to build a business actually learning skills about myself or things about myself as well, which was really a nice surprise wasn’t expecting that.

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Integrating the Self-help Literature

Mark [3:32] And as you were reading and getting this information, you’re reading at an intellectual level, what was it like to drop it down into the emotional and spiritual levels of your psyche?

Cassie [3:47] Well, I think reading them as soon as I connected to something that the author had said, is like a bit of a slap in the face.  It initially was scary, like it felt scary thinking or I’ve felt that before or I’ve done that before, I’ve said that to someone before, “oh my God, I was such a bitch.”  But then it’s a bit of a slap in the face, but then once I realised that about myself, I was like, “oh, I can change that”. So I can change those things about my personality or about how I used to be. So that was really like a really light moment and really exciting for me.  Because I was like, “oh, that’s what I was doing”. And now I’m aware of it, I can be better I will be kinder or be more open and less judgmental.

Self-help Literature Normalises Life ~ not alone

Mark [4:38] So one level really resonated with you at a deep level and you’re able to connect with that resonation – the resonating and then the lightbulb moments go those Aha.  Then it was able to go oh yeah right.  It’s fascinating because we all think we’re in our journeys.  It’s such a sometimes lonely journey and we think are but deep down as human beings. We all seem to have lots of similarities and to be able to connect to those similarities helps. I wonder whether it helps normalise for you? In that connection?

Cassie [5:21] Yeah, absolutely. You’re 100% right. I wasn’t maybe aware of how much I was in that space, like, thinking something and then doing something different. Like I wasn’t connected, it was like, my head was sort of separated from the heart and mind.  The head and mind – head and heart.  It’s like they were separated for so long.  So my head would be saying, Cassie should do this or you should do that. And then obviously, I’d be like – I don’t want to feel this – I shouldn’t feel, I shouldn’t do that. So after and for everyone is different.  For me, it was books – like immersing myself in personal development books is what helped me.  It might be something different for someone else or a TED talk for someone or an audio-book.  I’m talking physical books, I like to touch and feel and scribble all over my books.

Cassie [6:19] What were we talking about?

Connecting my Head & Heart

Mark [6:21] How it resonated and when you started to connect to what others had written about?

Cassie [6:27] That’s right.  So that connection – once I realised I sort of had to, for me, it was like closing that gap. Like getting my head and my heart sort of on the right or the same page, to be able to move forward. Does that make sense?

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Mark [6:39] Yes, it makes a lot of sense. As you connected to your heart – what did you notice as you connect to your head and heart together?

Cassie [6:49] The main thing was, how I communicate with people.  So standing up for myself and saying how I feel but not in a – I don’t want to say in a nasty or judgmental way.

Becoming more mindful

Mark [7:03] Not in a reactive way?

Cassie [7:04] Yes, not in a rude or reactive way.  Just, I really want to say how I feel without being pushy, or bossy, or judgy.

Mark [7:17] What was it like to come into your heart for Cassie? Rather than just others just at the moment. What was it like to meet your own heart and come in there and really connect to you at that deep level inside yourself?

Heart Connection is Super Empowering

Cassie [7:30] Super empowering like super empowering. I feel like you could run the world. Yeah, very – I don’t know another word for other than – just empowered in myself. So felt really I like myself for the first time ever. I mean, I’m only young but still – just sort of knowing who you are.

Mark [7:54] As you’re sharing the story there, looks like there was a – did you become more aligned to you – in that empowerment?

Cassie [8:02] Yeah, absolutely. Yep.  More aligned to what I really want in life.  What I really want to do.  Who I want to be around is a big one.  Really put my values into perspective, like what I want to be doing.  How I want to be helping myself and others.

Finding Passion & Purpose in my Heart

Mark [8:24] When you connected to your heart – were you then able to discover your passion and your purpose?

Cassie [8:32] Yeah, hundred percent. Yeah. I don’t like – I’ve been a teacher for 10 years.  That’s always what I was going do when I left school. That’s what I was going be.  I love teaching of course.  It’s an amazing career.  It really helped me to figure out – yeah – what I wanted to be and do. Just sort of found my way a bit quicker.

Mark [8:59] As a teacher, what’s the connection to students like as a teacher? You are connecting broadly, you’re connecting too many souls in a classroom. How would you describe that connection?

Connection to Students

Cassie [9:17] Well, connection and energy is everything in a classroom.  Particularly in the school that I teach at, which is a special needs school. The connection is absolutely everything and our job – our role as teachers is to find those ways to connect better with the students.  So that they can then take on the learning, maybe not straight away, but if they are feeling connected and loved and supported. They will then take on the learning better.

Mark [9:52] And it’s interesting we had a conversation just prior to the podcast about that.  Because people with – at the special schools, their intellectual IQ is under 65 generally.

Cassie [10:04] Our school it’s between – under 70.

Mark [10:11] So intellectually, there is intellectual impairment but emotionally and spiritually what I found in my experience doing group work, was they read me really well.  I had to really let go of all the paperwork and all the cognitive theory and work at that deep connective level.  How did the children respond when you are able to connect to them at that level?

Connection to Student improves their Learning

Cassie [10:45] When I can connect to a student at that level, our outcomes are generally achieved. We’re getting more productive with them.  We can get our work done and we can bring the paperwork back in at a later time.  We get to know each other and know and trust each other.  Then we can work on the things that we have to work on at a school.  But yeah, definitely when the student is feeling loved and connected, it works much better.

Mark [11:18] Would it be fair to say in that connection to those students that you’re connected to them at an energetic level?

Students Intuitively Read Energy

Cassie [11:25] Yes, they can read you like a book.  So if you’ve got a headache and you walk in there or you’ve had a bad sleep and you’re tired, they can read your lock a book and you probably have a bad day. Yes, the energies everything. Whether you’ve got special needs or not, so it’s just more prominent with this. I’ve found working with children with a disability because that’s sort of what they’re going by.  They’re going by is Cassie going to love me today.  She’s going to tell me off for something.  Is she going to read a book like – they’re just craving that energy. So it’s doing all this reading and personal development has also made me a better teacher and made me a better person, which is really exciting as well. So I don’t want to ever give up the teaching, it’s always going be there – just at a part-time capacity.

Connecting to Others

Mark [12:17] Now broadening that connection to others, how do you work with a connection to others? What do you notice? What’s your experience with connecting and disconnecting?  Do you need to disconnect sometimes to give Cassie a reboot? How do you do it?

Cassie [12:33] Absolutely and I think more than ever, now that I’m much more confident in myself and know what I want and I know my values and knowing myself more and knowing who I am.  I’m actually not afraid to choose who I’m going to talk to and when I’m going to talk to them.  I think that’s okay – like that’s okay to have that disconnect sometimes and I’m very aware of that now.  So, sometimes there is this disconnect for Cassie and that’s okay. Like, I’m just aware of it now, which is awesome.

Mark [13:05] It’s really interesting because we’re in the period of COVID19.

Cassie [13:09] Don’t say that word (Laughter).

Do we take social connectedness for granted?

Mark [13:14] As I’ve walked up to the door, the usual way that we introduce and connect – has been taken away because of social isolation.  It’s really interesting, how much that’s come to my awareness that – all those social mores?? are not being able to be used and what impact that has on connection?

Cassie [13:41] Oh, it’s crazy. It’s crazy what we’re going through. And because it didn’t just start while we were still at school, I’ll just tell you a story.  On my door to my classroom, I’ve had – something that I saw another teacher do on the internet.  I have a way of the students could enter the room.  So they could either give me a hug.  We could dance together, they could high five me.  There were four or five options and when all the C-word stuff came out, I had to change that to fit into our regulations.  And when the kids come that last Thursday before we have to send them home.  They said Miss what’s this – I wanted to hug you. I wanted to this and I’m like – I’m so sorry, we can’t.  And so it’s had it – the impacts huge, and it’s not just in personal, business, it’s everywhere.  So it’s scary, but it is what it is, I guess at this point in time.

Mark [14:36] It is scary but it really shows how important and have we taken social connectedness for granted?

Awareness of our Heart Connection

Cassie [14:44] Yes of course we have.  Yep, absolutely. We have definitely taken it for granted. And I think a lot of people who are not aware of their heart connection and all this sort of stuff that we’re talking about.  As of now they will become aware of it because they’re recognising I can’t hug that person or I can’t get too close – I can’t touch this or that. So definitely Yeah.

Mark [15:07] And when you disconnect from people, can you use that to give yourself a recharge?  Having timeout and having some space to recharge, how do you recharge yourself?

Cassie [15:24] Well, usually I would go to the beach and immerse myself in water and just be out in nature. I love the ocean. I love the beach. I love the water, the salty water, I love it. That is usually my way to disconnect and recharge.

Mark [15:44] What do you notice happens in your body?

Connection to the Ocean is my Recharge

Cassie [15:47] Very relaxed, extremely relaxed, don’t have a care in the world. Feel like I’m flying. Even though clearly I’d be swimming but (laughter) – that’s it. Yes, that’s how I feel.  Was that the question? (laughter)

Mark [16:08] What happens to your heart?

Cassie [16:12] Feels good, feels happy and peaceful. Calm.

Mark [16:18] How does that then flow through to your mental health and your well-being?

Cassie [16:22] Well it rejuvenates it.  I guess if my hearts calm and happy then my head begins to feel that way too. I don’t know what should go first. That’s probably a question for you, is it heart or head first?

Peace of Heart ~ Peace of Mind

Mark [16:33] I’m a bit odd.  Everybody says peace of mind, peace of heart.  I go the other way. To me, it’s peace of heart – peace of mind.  The heart to me is the key to connection. It’s the key to self.  We’ve got that intellectual mind but in the East when they point to the mind, they point to their hearts they don’t point to their heads.  It’s a different process.  And it’s really interesting as I ask the question about mental health – it’s really interesting with mental health how many connotations.  As soon as I said that word mental health oh, the connotations that we have around that.

Cassie [17:18] That’s interesting because on my Facebook page I love to do a lot of lives and do videos.  I find it such an easy and fun way to connect with people.  A few weeks back, someone wrote, thank you for bringing awareness to mental health.  I don’t even think I said the words mental health.  Something I said in there.  What was I even talking about?  In the video?  About receiving support from others.  So they said thank you for bringing up mental-health and I thought that was interesting.  I didn’t think I was even – is it just the label? Is it just words – mental-health?

Connecting to People with Live Videos

Mark [18:05] So many negative concepts.  The negative morays around mental health and I wonder what’s under our mental health.  Is our emotional health underneath our mental-health?  How do we learn to connect to our emotional health and our emotions – that’s Heart.

Cassie [18:24] So maybe it should be called connected health (Laughter).

Mark [18:28] I like that. So just moving along to – just mindful of time.  Coming to – when you want to connect to people, and they’re not connecting.  What do you notice happens to you?  How do you sit and work with that?  They’re not connecting?  How do you notice that?  Do you notice it in your body? Do you notice in your heart?  Do you notice it in your mind?  A girlfriend, she’s got stuff going on? How do you connect? And you know, just put it out there to her?

Bringing my Presence to a Disconnected Friend

Cassie [19:08] Well, I think it’s as much as I believe you go to grow the self, first and your self-worth and your self-confidence.  It’s so much more about the other person.  So for me, I’d ask – if it was a friend who is seemingly not connecting with me, it would be – I’d have to ask a question about them, put it back on them. I’d make it about them because people love to talk about themselves.  We’re doing it right now. So asking a question about them.  How are they?  What they’re interested in and just totally flipping it back on them so they know that – I’m still here. I’m still your friend.

Mark [19:49] So you’re bringing a presence to them just being there – as the friend, heart open, and just letting them digest that.  They know the supports there.  It’s like a love that’s there for them?

Cassie [20:05] Yeah, of course. I’m an only child so I need my friends (laughter). I got no brothers or sisters and my cousins live far away from me, so I value my friends.

Mark [20:19] What’s that connection like to friends?

Cassie [20:26] Excuse me just having a coffee.

Connection to Friends ~ my Network

Cassie [20:29] What’s the connection like to my friends?

Mark [20:33] Being an only child, I’d imagine it would be incredible – be like your brothers and sisters?

Cassie [20:40] Well, I assume that’s what it’s like.  I mean, they’re like my network.  They’re my little like support crew. Like I asked them for help. I asked him for ideas. I value their input so much.  When they do give me an idea back – we’ve got a group chat with a few got my university friends, my high school friends.  Group chats for different friends.  And when they actually do give me something back. It’s like yes. Oh my God, that’s fantastic. I love it. It lights me up. I’m like, yes – amazing.  So it feels so good and I value my friends hugely. Love it.

Mark [21:18] So those connections are deeply important?

Cassie [21:20] Oh, yeah. Yep.

Connection to ‘All That Is’

Mark [21:21] Well done. In terms of when we move into the conversation around the ‘All That Is’.  When I’m talking about the ‘All That Is’, – what comes to your mind when I mentioned that, ‘All That Is’?

Cassie [21:37] For me, the first thing that comes to my mind when you say ‘All That Is’, is my family. So a family connection and a bit of a spiritual connection to water. Like that is just – what “All That Is’ it is to me. Like the ocean, the water, I just feel like when I’m surrounded by that, that’s ‘All That Is’ – that’s all that matters.  I don’t know if that just sounds weird or boring, that’s water, the ocean but that’s the first thing, so family and the ocean.

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Mark [22:17] It was interesting before you said you’re in swimming, but you feel like you’re flying?

Cassie [22:21] Yeah, that’s good. I should write that down.

Mark [22:25] So, just being curious, where does the human body go in that process?

Connecting to ‘Letting Go’ in my ‘All That Is’

Cassie [22:37] It’s like it goes away. Like it goes away from everything that’s physical.  Everything that’s worrying or stressful or annoying. It just sought of gives it – for me, it feels like gives my body a chance to just go away for a moment.

Mark [22:55] What happens in your body and your mind when that happens?

Cassie [23:00] When I’m in the water?

Mark [23:01] Yes, when you’re in the water – is your mind flying?

Cassie [23:05] Yeah, but in a good way flying just high and it’s like I can do anything.  Like I’m invincible, I mean I know I’m not – but yeah that’s what it feels like. On top of the world.

Mark [23:21] An amazing recharge?

Cassie [23:22] Yeah. Best recharge for me.

Connecting to my ‘All That Is’ ~ Recharges me

Mark [23:25] Really connected. It’s like the sense of self dissolves for a while.

Cassie [23:29] Yeah.

Mark [23:30] All the stresses of the world just disappear. Are there other places where you experienced that? Can you experience that in nature?

Cassie [23:40] Yeah of course. Even just living right near the water.  We live along the river. And so when I’m out with the kids and we’re walking and we’re near the water again, but we’re walking through the trees or what’s called the Buckley Falls trial.  Like just been in that natural environment definitely.

Mark [24:05] Does it become spiritual?

Cassie [24:08] Yeah.

Cassie [24:10] Yeah, it does. Yep. But spiritual can mean something different to everyone too.

Cassie [24:18] Spiritual to me is feeling that peaceful flying, calm, happy.

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Mark [24:25] Where it’s a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual alignment – everything?

Cassie [24:28] All connected.

Mark [24:29] All connected.

Connecting to my Flow-State

Mark [24:32] Do you notice when that’s happening and are you aligned on all realms of the psyche? Do you notice a flow state? Just everything’s flowing?

Cassie [24:43] I think so, yeah, definitely. Yep.

Mark [24:47] What’s your energy like, then?

Cassie [24:53] My energy would definitely be calmer.

Mark [24:58] Buzzing.

Cassie [25:00] Well I feel like I’m buzzing now.  Like now this is fun. This is exciting. Like I’m learning, I’m talking now I’m buzzing but when I’m out in nature or in the beach, it’s just like a ~ nothingness, but a good nothingness like just being.

Nature ~ Children are more in the Moment

Mark [25:17] And when you’re out there with the children, how do your children respond to that nothingness in that connection? Is there? Do you find the connections to them change?

Cassie [25:26] My connection to them or them as their little beings?

Mark [25:30] And them as their little beings?  Do you notice a difference with them as well?

Cassie [25:34] Ah, yeah they are much more in the moment.  They are noticing everything.  They’ll notice every little leaf or every little rock or they’ll just see the tiniest bit of water trickle down a leaf.  And they’re like, look at that.  Like it’s so in the moment.  That’s what I love as well about being natural or being in the ocean or wherever you’re calm, happy place is.  Like just being in that moment. They are so much calmer. Like they’ll ask more questions or what’s that bug?  Where’s that come from?  So yeah, it’s very amazing.

Mark [26:09] They’ve got a beautiful curiosity.  I saw two children maybe three or four years old. You know how they squat down and they were just looking at something – just exploring something very simple on a track. They were mesmerised by it.   And as we move into adult life, we tend to lose that curiosity about it.  We forget about it. The simplicity of life that they just so majestically get involved in – evolved with, it’s amazing.

Cassie [26:46] Yeah.

Advice to a younger Cassie

Mark [26:50] If you were to give advice to a younger person coming through life, what would that advice be?  If it was a younger Cassie coming through – what would you say to the younger Cassie now?

Cassie [27:06] Find something that does light you up.  Find and purposely go and find it. Like for so long, I was not sought of in a hunter, no hunting mode.  I’ve just sort of go and do university do this, get a job.  But then my advice is to people, or a younger version of me – is just to try and find what would light me up earlier or sooner. Do more of what you love. So like, I love reading and writing and I was like – just through University like I have to do it.  So like it got done and it was good and it got done and amazing.  But then, so finding that passion again for things that I do like or you do enjoy.  No matter what it is, can be something really simple, something amazing, whatever. It doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy it.

Connecting to my Passion & Purpose

Mark [28:01] What happens when you come off that passion – when you stray off that passion – you sort of loose sight of it? How do you know and notice that?  How do you bring yourself back to that passion and purpose?

Cassie [28:15] How would I notice that – I’ve noticed that I’d become more frustrated, more sarcastic, so I used to be really sarcastic and like I’m still maybe a little bit sarcastic.  I’ve learned that that is not going to serve me well. So, there the signs I know when I’m becoming away from my true self, I’ll be a little bit more sarcastic a little bit more.

Mark [28:45] So then, there the little signs.  As you notice those signs, then you’ve noticed that you’ve moved – you’re moving away from the true Self?

Cassie [28:54] Exactly.

Connecting to my True Self

Mark [28:56] And that thing gives you the sign to then reconnect to that true Self?

Cassie [29:01] Gives me a sign and I’ve got to get to the water again and pretty damn quick. Or read a book like in that moment. Start reading a new book or even read over something that I knew has significantly helped me in the past.  It puts me into action and puts – once I notice those triggers or if I’m getting hasty like bang straight back to I know what got me back on track – when I had my son.

Mark [29:29] And would you find that – where would you find that true self in your being?  Where whereabouts in your body would you find that space of your true self?

Finding my True Self in my Heart

Cassie [29:42] Definitely in the heart.  Heart first and then if it feels – if I’m feeling good, I’m feeling peaceful, feeling like I’m in that – I won’t keep saying nothingness.  But like, I know it’s nothing… – like just being in the moment.  I’m not saying the moment that sounds cliché, it doesn’t really matter. You know what I mean?  Like just – being in the heart, in the moment in my version of nothingness then I know I’m good then I can reword what’s happening – up in the head.

Mark [30:19] How powerful is it when you reconnect to that true you – that source of the true you in your heart? What’s the energy like as it starts to reignite and come back?

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Cassie [30:31] Yeah, it’s exciting. It’s exciting energy because when I get in that moment, I feel like I can do anything.  So I start being productive, and I start doing the things that I want to do.

Connecting to my True Self ~ a Gift to Cassie

Mark [30:45] It’s a real beautiful gift to Cassie, isn’t it?

Cassie [30:47] Absolutely. I want others to feel it.

Mark [30:51] That’s right – well done.

Mark [30:54] That’s really – it’s lovely to be able to connect with you. In your conversation to Self, Others and ‘All That Is’ and it’s just beautiful to watch that.  As you were going through the process – going through that conversation, you’re connecting to them.  And to get that – that’s a gift to yourself, what a great gift.

Cassie [31:13] Yeah, it’s pretty awesome now that I’ve sort of figured it out. It’s pretty great. Thank you. Thank you for having me.

Mark [31:20] I really want to take this opportunity to appreciate you taking the time to come in with the social distance. Thank you for sharing and becoming part of the World Heart of Connection community.  We’d love to – I think you’re the first Facebook live in there.  What a wonderful way to introduce yourself to the community and we’re looking forward to having your energy to help others and to help yourself and we’re looking forward to a continued connection.

Cassie [31:53] Great, thank you so much for having me and I’ve enjoyed being here and learning about you and learning more about myself. Even being here and I hope that this inspires some other people to do the same. To find their nothingness.

Mark [32:07] Thank you. No worries, thank you – take care.

Cassie [32:10] You too.


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