Connecting to Our Ascension ~ Episode 73 ~ My Conversation with Isabella Baring

Heart of Connection Podcast
Heart of Connection Podcast
Connecting to Our Ascension ~ Episode 73 ~ My Conversation with Isabella Baring

Connecting to Our Ascension 

Mark [0:00] I’d like to welcome Isabella Baring to the World Heart of Connection podcast.  Isabella is a soul expression artist and a voice activator.   Isabella is a beautiful singer and has a webpage called Miss Honey Music.  I’m so looking forward to the long-awaited conversation Isabella. Welcome.

Isabella [0:16] Thank you so much.

Mark [0:18] Would you like to give a brief introduction of your dear soul, my dear.

Soul Expression Artist

Isabella [0:24] So where to begin?  I live in this beautiful space and you’ve just been connecting with my gorgeous partner Brock.   I’ve been a singer ever since I was very young and always wanted to be a pop star and have been working towards that my whole life.  And now I finally found myself in a space where I’m like, fully aligned, fully on track, fully on my soul’s mission and just loving every moment of this beautiful blissful life.

Mark [0:57] Well done.  That connection, how do you create that connection within yourself to have that alignment?

Connecting to my Morning Routine

Isabella [1:07] So just in a daily way, every day when I wake up, I do either some yoga, some meditation. I really just go with the flow, but I always have a morning practice.   It used to be very strict.  Like back when I first had a spiritual awakening every morning was like two hours of like yoga meditation and pranayama. Whereas these days, it’s very much more flow-based. Like I just kind of wake up and just see how I feel might be a little bit of this little bit of that. I’ve just got so many incredible practices and tools that I’ve picked up over the years that now I just always know intuitively exactly what I need to bring me into the greatest alignment with myself with my truth and really allow that energy to flow through me.

Connecting to my Body’s Response

Mark [2:02] What’s it like in your body as it’s flowing through you?

Isabella [2:07] It feels like joy and love.  I just feel alive and my senses awakened and heightened. And I just feel like a sense of peace, just being.  Like there’s nothing that I have to do. Nowhere that I have to rush off to, I can just be here and that is all that’s needed.

Mark [2:36] Well done.  In the connection, when it’s not in alignment, you noticed your wake up intuitively, that the alignment isn’t there? Is there a disconnect and is that disconnect needing something from your alignment?

Forgetting my Innate Connection

Isabella [2:59] Well I believe that when you wake up if you’re not feeling good, it’s because you’ve already actually started thinking negative thoughts from the day before that bring you back into that space.  Because when we sleep, we do reconnect with that greatest source.  And when we wake up, we should be like fully back in action. And so we really need to be aware of the thoughts that we actually start thinking subconsciously, just as we are arousing and waking up.  But like, I believe we’re always connected.  It’s just like the level of connection and I gauge that level of connection on the way that I feel.  So if I’m not feeling good, it’s very Abraham Hicks kind of thing.  If you looked into that, if I’m not feeling good, it’s just that I am less connected. Or I’ve forgotten that innate connection that I have momentarily, and then I’m able to choose to remember it.  The way I do that is firstly through becoming present enough to actually realize and recognize the state that I’m in. And then as soon as I recognise that and become aware of it, then I’m able to make choices through the thoughts that I think and the actions that I take to shift that so that I can come back into that most aligned space with these.

Connecting to my Loving-Kindness & Compassion

Mark [4:22] Do you give that space to the loving-kindness and compassion that it needs?

Isabella [4:26] Definitely, I had to learn that the hard way (laughter).  Because for a long time, I was practicing what I have just like shared and it was very easy for me because I’ve never really have gotten a very low vibration.  And so I just started feeling a little like, not so good, and then I just instantly be able to shift myself into a higher vibration.  And then when I went through a really traumatic experience, I was propelled into this low vibration suddenly.   I couldn’t just snap myself out of it so easily.  I really had to relearn how to just like be in that space, just accept it, love it and not need to always change it.  And so that’s obviously so powerful like that’s the first step is just to be able to accept that and love that.  And for me, remembering that source energy that I’m wanting to align with because it feels so amazing to be in that space.  Source Energy has no preference, it loves all states of being equal, and all human emotions are equally valid and a beautiful part of this experience that we call life. And so remembering that has been really powerful, but then as soon as you do remember that the high vibe feelings just come straight back anyway.

Connecting to our process of loving it all – light & dark

Mark [5:55] It is funny how we sometimes disconnect and when that – whether it’s old trauma or negative thinking that comes from our trauma wherever it comes from.  We just want to disconnect from it.  But by disconnecting from it, we’re rejecting it.  And I’m wondering how it reacts when it’s rejected.  Is it saying, ‘hang on a minute, I’ll take you out of alignment until you bring attention, acceptance, awareness and loving-kindness and compassion?  Meet me, love me, heal me and then we come back to that, “Aha” – got it.

Isabella [6:35] Yeah, so true.  It’s just a process of loving all. Like, that’s what I just realised more and more each day, whatever arises, in my experience, I love it.  And once you do that, it just becomes stronger and stronger and easier and easier.  And then your baseline vibration just gets higher and higher, but it can take a lot of energy and effort at the start to actually practice doing that.  Because it can be so heavy – like lifting heavy weights to start, like how can I love you like – but then you practice it and you do it more and more and then it just becomes so easy.  Even, like now that I’m finding myself back in this more whole state.  Again, I find even the darkest things in humanity that might really upset me.  I’m just able to say it so clearly, with love, see the bigger purpose of it all. And yeah, just feel so at peace with everything.

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Connecting to my Whole State an effortlessly flow

Mark [7:36] Beautiful space to be in.  How do you then take that beautiful space in your connection to others?

Isabella [7:49] Effortlessly it flows.  Like I think I can’t – you can’t help but when you’re feeling in that space, you can’t help but want to share it with everyone.  And so for me, it’s like, obviously connecting with the people that are around me, my friends and family.  But also for me, it’s a lot about sharing that energy online with my greater community and followers just so people can receive that and be activated into that and inspired.

Mark [8:22] Yes, they resonate with it.  They connect to that vibration, that energetic vibration because a lot of this energy – I describe it as invisible energy.  We can’t – well sometimes I don’t believe we can think it.  My belief it’s there.  And the more it’s there and the more we’re connected to it – beyond intelligence.  We’re in it and it just emulates just…

Open Hearted – it happens through you

Isabella [8:53] You don’t have to try to do anything at all.  It just happens through you.

Mark [8:57] That’s right, it just happens.  It’s an amazing space.  Does the heart open up when that happens? (Laughter). That was a loaded question, wasn’t it?

Isabella [9:12] Definitely.

Mark [9:15] When people are in a disconnect.  How does your connection?  Does your connection just flow out to them and embrace – lovingly embrace their disconnect?

Connecting to not needing to fix anyone ~ just be

Isabella [9:33] Definitely like I feel when I was on my journey, there have been times when I felt like I had to fix them, though. So if I saw someone out of alignment or in that disconnected space and then because I’ve always naturally had this joy and love, just like emanating from me so powerfully.  I noticed, ‘Oh, I can make that person feel better.’  And so then I unconsciously started making that like my mission and my thing.  And if people weren’t happy around me I would almost take it as like my fault and that I needed to make people happy.  So there are like two sides to it, there’s the shadow and the light as there is for everything.  And so to learn how to just be with someone who’s in that state and just be myself and not needing to like project my energy onto them to make them feel better, and instead, just being.  This then was just allowing them to be in that process and not need to actually change them. That’s probably been the biggest learning for me because I realised very early on I was very good at fixing people and that actually doesn’t help them in the long run.

Mark [10:47] Is it like – as I was tuning in listening to this, as your energy is going out, and they can’t be fixed? Does that loving-kindness that radiating energy does it just bounce off their walls, so to speak?

Being there & listening ~ hearing them

Isabella [11:07] For me, I’ve found it has always helped them, but it’s just that it’s not my responsibility to help them. Because most of the time, they fully absorb it and it really does help them I don’t usually get people that I can’t help.  But I’ve realised that they need to be the ones learning to help themselves. So I’d much rather be having a conversation, listening to them and facilitating them to look within and find the answers for themselves rather than me just like giving them this energy that makes them feel better without them actually learning how to facilitate the process within themselves.

Mark [11:50] Initially when that was first happening, which is sometimes find yourself getting drained by that?

Isabella [11:56] Yes, I did at times. Sometimes not – sometimes yes. And so that’s been this learning of finding my own energetic boundaries because I felt like I was just like everywhere. And just bringing my centre-back and being able to stay in my power and instead just holding my vibration and allowing them to rise up to meet me rather than me like kind of going in and trying to bring them up.

Finding my own Energetic Boundaries

Mark [12:32] As you come in and as you find your boundaries, and you coming back in, what’s it like to come back in and centre-back inside your core and your essence?

Isabella [12:44] And really fully understanding that now because most of my life, I feel like I was just like, floating around.  And yes, quite like out of the body.  I remember the moment that I read Eckhart Tolle “The Power of Now” when I was 21 that really initiated my awakening experience.   Him just being like saying, now just close your eyes and just bring your awareness down into your body.  And I was like, “Oh, what”? What just happened?  Like, I’ve actually felt my awareness come into my body for the first time, probably. And that was like a life-changing lightbulb moment and then I felt like I was embodied. I was doing all this yoga, all these practices like so healthy, so happy.  But then it wasn’t until after I experienced this really traumatic event about just over a year ago, that I fully anchored into my body. I think the amount of pain that I was experiencing, like it brought me like so deep in and now after processing that – learning from that, growing from that, healing from that.  Now the alignment that I feel is like so much more embodied and relaxed and less like a la, la, la, la and what is like yeah like I’m just super happy to be present here and happy to be here.

Connected & Grounded in Nature

Mark [14:19] And the environment that you live in, a walk-in nature, connecting and grounding. How much does that then bring you back into embodiment and in the here now, feet on earth – connected to Mother Earth?

Isabella [14:41] Definitely like being in this space.  It’s – you can’t be grounded and connected. But I also feel like I’ve seen the extent of how much further I could go with it as well.  Like fully living with the land.  Like I feel like I’ve only just really dipped my toes into how deeply I could be connecting and surrendering into this land. And so it’s something that I feel is gonna continue to develop and unfold. But my favourite things to do is to go outside and sing with the trees and the birds and that’s – like it’s just so so special.

Mark [15:27] As you just shared that, I just wanted to ask the question, as you’re singing with the birds and the trees. What’s that connection like?  It might be really hard to put that into words.

Singing together with Nature

Isabella [15:41] It’s like we all are communicating with each other.  And then it’s like the separation between that is tree energy and me as a human singer and that is the bird.  It just starts to dissolve and it feels like just a symphony of nature or a symphony of being.

Mark [16:10] The symphony of nature you talk about. I use to ride the mountain bike out in Anglesea early in the morning.  I’d get out about quarter to five in the morning out in the bush.  It was deadly quiet and then by the time I’d just about to come home and get back home.  The birds would awaken and the sounds – just – it’s so beautiful.  It’s just incredible and it’s like we become one with it.

Isabella [16:40] Yeah, there’s no separation.  It’s like, I remember having this feeling of like not knowing where my body ends and the rest of nature begins.  Because I just felt energetical like – there was no cut-off point. It just melted into the next thing and the next thing.

Mark [17:00] When you’re singing, what happens to your energy in singing? Where do you – is it limitless, endless it just?

My Singing connects me to any dimension

Isabella [17:12] It feels like I can travel through any dimension if that makes sense. So it’s like, partly, I’m just going and it’s happening and then partly I can also direct it through conscious intent.  But it’s very much this thing that flows-flows through and just takes you exactly where you need to be at that moment.

Mark [17:42] Can I ask what is it that flows through? (Laughter) Might be a hard question?  Is it energy, is it a force, is it a felt sense?

Connecting to Energy of Life

Isabella [17:56] I would call it just the energy of life.  So you know that life force energy or that source energy whatever you want to call it. It’s just like a waterfall of expansive loving energy.

Mark [18:17]  What happens to the sense of self in that space?

Isabella [18:25] Do you mean sense of self like identity?

Mark [18:28] Yeah, the ‘you’.  Are you the channel and you – becomes the channel?

Isabella [18:41] Yes, but often the – you become the channel there’s still you.  Like often there is no you. (Laughter) Yeah, there’s obviously different layers of connecting and that because there’s me sitting at my piano, practicing and sometimes I’m figuring things out and all that kind of thing.  And then there’s fully letting go and letting it rip and just feeling like expanding, expanding, expanding to like, feeling like a God being.  And then, which like still has some level of identity like being a goddess. And then yeah, momentarily, like even that kind of can dissolve.

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Connecting to the Flow-State

Mark [19:24] Is that an amazing flow-state?

Isabella [19:27] Yeah.

Mark [19:30] The musicians used to call it the pocket – the jazz musicians call it the pocket.  It’s like a flow state. It’s everything – all realms are in alignment.

Isabella [19:42] Yeah, you just always know the next note and even if a note comes out that might to some people sound like it was the wrong note.  It always ends up being the right note if you know what I mean.

Mark [19:58] Is there an energetic peak experience in that space?

Isabella [20:14] Do you mean like does it come to like a point and then it kind of?

Flow-state is moving in all levels

Mark [20:17] Yeah, do you peak in it and then does it just – or does it keep moving and just keep being recharged. It just keeps calm, it just keeps flowing.

Isabella [20:30] It really depends.  Sometimes you get to this point and then it’s like, boom, that energy’s finished.  That’s done.  It’s not like – it’s like, sometimes that’s just where it was meant to stop.  And then other times, it’s like, you could just keep rolling to the next level and the next level and the next level.

Mark [20:49] Do you try and check-in to see how to get back to that next level – next level when it has stopped. Is there – do you question it?

Isabella [20:57] Just onto the next thing because it’s the flow state.  Like sometimes that songs just end.  Like we were having a jam last night.   I was singing and then boom, I stopped and the boys kept playing and that was kind of like, why she stopped, but I was just like off on this journey, my consciousness journey, and I was just going with that.  And then it’s like that finishes and then boom, it’s time to go in.  Oh, it’s time to get the dessert. You know, it’s like this the flow state of life. So it’s always just leaning on the next thing and the next thing and I’m always exactly where I’m meant to be doing exactly what I’m meant to be doing, whether it’s something creative, something lifestyle, something work. It all just flows.

Flow-state a state of Zen

Mark [21:42] And in the flow, it’s like – are you taking it just as a Zen with you, wherever it flows.  Doesn’t matter what you’re doing.  There’s an old Zen quote, ‘pre-enlightenment chop wood, carry water, post-enlightenment, chop wood, carry water”.  It’s just how we’re doing it.  When connecting to this, how do you connect to the “All That Is”?  What is “All That Is” for you?   Is it your Buddha or inner Buddha-nature, is the ocean? How would you describe that?

Isabella [22:15] “All That Is”?

Isabella [22:17] Well, that’s literally every single particle all combined as one coming from nothing.

‘All That Is’ is a felt sense of peace & silence

Isabella [22:23] It’s something that I’m sure it’s hard to explain through words.  But it’s something that you can only feel and through coming into, like silence and peace and allowing things to dissolve.  I find that in it.  There’s different things that work for people because there’s like that way. And there’s the like, singing and expressing and like going out and exploding outwards to the edges of the universe.  Kind of, yeah, there’s like the still point of nothing.  And then there’s the expression of everything. And feeling both of those as constantly flashing is kind of how I experience it.

Mark [23:25] Which I’ve also experienced that more and more of us are beginning to connect deeper to the “All That Is” and that’s starting to manifest widely and broadly on Mother Earth at the moment?

Connecting to our True Infinite Nature

Isabella [23:39] Definitely.  Like in my reality, everyone that I connect with is on this on this path of remembering our true infinite nature and the unity that is us.  It’s just such a blessing to witness.

Mark [24:01] It is a blessing to witness, isn’t it?  And it’s needed. It’s so needed because if we don’t….Yep.

Accepting of everything in the ‘All That Is’

Isabella [24:12] Yep, except also remembering to say that every single thing that has happened on Earth has been perfect, leading us to this point.  And it’s this natural, up and down like just what we’re talking about at the start of the conversation – about when you’re not in that aligned state.  It’s like the earth hasn’t been in this aligned state.  But we just love and accept it as a perfect part of our process.  Actually, we’ve like chosen this so that we can experience the depths of darkness so that we can rise up and the ascension be all the sweeter.  And then once again, in maybe millions of years, or however long they’ll be another descent.  But it’s this beautiful, upwards and downwards flows and we choose to have the downwards.  We need the contrast of both and source energy or that “All That Is” wants to experience it all, just for the joy of the experience.

Connecting to Our Ascension

Mark [25:06] And collectively as we all deepen into that flow-state of the “All That Is” and the connection to the “All That Is” – we’re all beginning to manifest that ascension?

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Isabella [25:21] Definitely.

Mark [25:24] How healing will that Ascension be, do you believe?

Isabella [25:30] I believe it’s less about healing and more about just remembering who we really are. Because healing can sometimes imply that there have been things that are wrong that we need to fix.  Whereas actually remembering deep down that “All That Is” – is already perfect exactly as it is.  So realising that at this moment that I am already perfect, I am already whole, I am already one with all, I am pure love. Once you remember that then that is nothing to be healed.

Ascension a state of Pure Love

Mark [26:06] Is the ascension pure love?  It’s hard to put words to this stuff and we’re probably…

Isabella [26:13] We’re doing a good job (laughter).

Mark [26:16] And it’s like – putting a sort of cognitive language and intellect – which cannot necessarily transmute through to the essence of that “All That Is” and that Ascension essence.  I’ve always felt when I’m out in nature that nature is love. It works with love, the synchronicity, the balance of ‘just is’.

Isabella [26:45] It all is love. It’s like, even pain is love, but the pain has just forgotten that it is love.

Mark [26:53] I like that one (laughter).  And we then put interpretations and that’s okay too.  So long as we are aware that we’re putting interpretations and illusions on things.  What advice would you offer younger people coming through in the world to help them reach this space and the alignment that you’re reaching within yourself?

Do whatever they Love to do

Isabella [27:31] Just to do whatever they love to do.  Because that’s how I have tapped into this space. By listening to what do I truly want in each moment?  And then allowing that to lead me to the next step and the next step and the next step and that just grows and builds.  And when you’re doing what you love, you’re feeling joy. And if you are able to tap into a feeling of joy and just allow that to expand and expand, then everything in your life really becomes easy and works out for you.

Listening from our Hearts ~ the Seat of Soul

Mark [28:02] And when you listen to that, do you listen to it from your heart?

Isabella [28:09] Yeah, that’s really – I feel the heart is like the seat of Soul or that inner voice – the inner voice of Source that guides me through the way that I feel. So…

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Mark [28:24] The heart of connection.

Isabella [28:26] Yeah.

Mark [28:28] The source

Isabella [28:29] Yeah.

Connecting to our Heart’s Ascension

Mark [28:31] And the more we come back into the Heart – into that Source, the more we align and ascend.  It’s an amazing gift, isn’t it? We are really, really blessed to be in this space, at this time, in this now.

Isabella [28:55] Just blessed to be.

Mark [28:58] Yeah, we are blessed to be.  And I wonder whether there’s something in ourselves that just takes it for granted.  And we sort of forget about it.  It’s like, why to take it for granted.  I’m there, come into our hearts open, connect to that Source. The Source that is – it’s a loving Source.  Is it like Soul?

Isabella [29:31] I see the two as just different words for the same thing.

Mark [29:35] Okay.

Connecting to our Source of Oneness

Isabella [29:37] It’s like someone explained it to me like a bamboo.  You know, those bamboo trees.  How like they all have the same root system, which is like the Source and then the bamboo shoots that come out are like the Souls that are incarnating.

Mark [29:54] The Oneness.

Isabella [29:55] Yeah, but they all that one bamboo tree.

Mark [30:00] Yeah, we human beings are perhaps like bamboo trees.  And we’ve all – as we said, we are one.  It’s beautiful once we get – we’ve got all the individual personalities and different essences.  But deep down under that – in the heart, at the essence, the spirit essence, the source essence of our heart. That’s the deepest, the greatest connection that we could possibly want or need. And we are blessed.

Isabella [30:35] It’s all within us and all around us.

Mark [30:39] I’m just so fortunate to be able to have this sort of conversations with people to yeah – let’s open our hearts connect and reach that space.  And the more we do that – we all emulate it.  Just manifests often as we…Yeah.

Isabella [30:59] It grows and grows – it ripples out.

Mark [31:03] And it will change.

Isabella [31:06] It is changing.

Mark [31:06] And it is changing and what a gift to Mother Earth and the Universe. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Isabella [31:19] Thank you so much for having me.

Mark [31:20] Yeah, it’s been so wonderful to be able to… It’s not easy – sometimes it’s hard to put this stuff into words.  Sometimes I’d really like to video the conversation because you can then observe and see the varying levels and degrees of connection and felt senses.  I’m very fortunate, very blessed to be given this opportunity.  So thank you.

Isabella [31:50] Thank you.

Mark [31:51] Namaste and thank you for sharing your Oneness in this space.  Deeply appreciate it.


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