Connecting to our Inner Gifts ~ Episode 71 ~ My Conversation with Michelle Rose

Heart of Connection Podcast
Heart of Connection Podcast
Connecting to our Inner Gifts ~ Episode 71 ~ My Conversation with Michelle Rose

Connecting to Our Inner Gifts

Mark [0:00] I’d like to welcome Michelle Rose to the World Heart of Connection podcast. Hello and rather than do an introduction I think it’s more appropriate that Michelle introduces herself to the World Heart of Connection podcast.

Michelle Rose Inner Wisdom

Michelle [0:16] My name is Michelle Rose.  I am from Michelle Rose Inner Wisdom and I am wrapped to be working here with you today and in affiliation with the World Heart of Connection Day.

Mark [0:33] Yes, the World Heart of Connection – it’s really – I think it’s my felt sense of it that it is really important to get something moving like that.  There’s a oneness.

Michelle [0:48] Completely.

Mark [0:49] And you know if we get beyond the egoic nature of ourselves to that oneness.  Mother Earth as one of the guests mentioned, “she’s a living creature.”

Working our Energetic Connections

Michelle [1:00] And the connection that we have and we’ve got the ability to have and grow on is huge.  This is especially when we become one, as a group.  Great work is really strong.  And it really empowers our connection to Mother Earth, to the centre of the sacredness of our hearts.   Like that connection just runs straight through our Kundalini system, all through the meridians of our body.  Each and every one of us have a massive amount of energy.  And if we learn how to direct it, imagine what we can do.

Mark [1:36] I can imagine.  I would imagine that we might stop arguing about climate change and just do something completely different. Like

Michelle [1:45] I’m bowing right now everyone (Laughter).

Mark [1:46] Just give loving-kindness and compassion.  It’s just really…

Are we Connecting through Chaos?

Michelle [1:52] Feeling it is harshest of all.  Feeling, first of all, when we get connected – we have to be connected.  It’s really upsetting to say, but humanity made it to the point where we could only connect through the chaos. Honestly, no matter what we did, no matter how we tried to tell people this is how we’ve got to it – they weren’t gonna listen.  So Mother Earth has stood up and said, ‘enough is enough.  And our connection now has to be through the chaos.  Our world is at a point where – I was just walking down the street just before you went out to me, Michelle.  And I walked past three ladies.  Each different conversation with different people, but about the same thing, the coronavirus.  They’re all in fear.  That takes our view of the important thing and that’s the Earth.  There’s nothing we can do to help anyone or anything unless we disconnect from the fear and connect to what’s really important and that’s a sacred connection, we have as one.  We’ve come on a different journey, but we’re at the same point.

Mark [3:06] How did you come to this point?  How did you learn to connect to yourself to get to this point?

Connecting to Myself

Michelle [3:18] On the way here, I knew you were going to ask me that question because no one has ever asked me. And I was stressing about the time and I when I looked at it was 1:11 pm.  It’s alright, its okay.  We’re on the same page, we’re in the oneness.  And I just came along.  And on the way here, I thought, wow, he’s gonna ask me that question.  Where and how did it happen?  Okay, so when I was a little girl, I can actually remember being really small.  I can remember being in the nappy, and people used to say that’s impossible.

Being a Hyperactive Child

Michelle [3:53] I’m like, what about the space in between life.  And then people just look at me.  Like and I’ll be like, there was a time in between that I remember.  What do you mean?  Like, I was in a waiting room that felt like a waiting room.  I can’t remember anything else.  Anyway, as time went on, and being a child that was completely awoken, I was different.  I was seen as naughty or unable to sit.  So you know, lots of energy, hyperactive, being told that I shouldn’t be this way, and I shouldn’t be that way.  And then, throughout my childhood, separate to my family, every thought of my family, I was always separate.  But yet felt every single one of them.  And then I went on a journey because I didn’t know what to do with it.

Connecting to my Tough Learnings

Michelle [4:50] So I went on a journey that led me to a lot of understandings – hard, tough learnings.  I’m not anyone that’s gonna say I was a good girl because I wasn’t.  I had to deal with a whole lot of negatives to reach my positive.  And being told in a Catholic church that the way that I was was wrong, you know.  And then I had to – I was sent actually to a convent for a week by myself.  And in that time, I had contemplation.  And I remember I was a 15 or 16-year-old girl, and I was in this convent on my own.  There was a convent, next to the convent I was in that was full of nuns.  And I remember thinking, I’m different.  I know I’m different.  I can’t help but what I’ve done is with all of my heart.  Like I remember laying there in bed, and I was 15 or 16 years old going, “oh, I don’t know, I need help – help me.”  And there was no help – what seems to me as no help.  So I did turn to all different types of recreational drugs, alcohol, and I lost myself.  I lost myself completely.  I fell in love with a man that I would never normally fall in love with.  You know and but that is not the wrong path.  It was right because I ended up finding myself through this path.  And it was through breaking but it was in a really tough way. I actually got really sick. I had my children.  I was off all recreational drugs and alcohol.  I was a really good young Mum and thankful for my kids.  But I knew there was something wrong.  Deep down, I knew there was something – that I wasn’t well.  And so, now you’re gonna get me.  So then, for about three or four years, I was in and out of different hospitals.  I kept collapsing, I’m a hairdresser.  I like to work.  I love my job. I love helping people.  And I’ve always tuned into everybody as soon as I touched their heads and guide them.  And then I kept collapsing and they couldn’t find anything wrong with me.

Turning & Connecting to Spirit

Michelle [7:10] And I just turned to spirit.  I apologize to Spirit first and foremost.  Really – not religiously, either.  Like I just didn’t know what I was doing.  I was asking for help.  And I knew that the Spirit was around me, I knew that I was surrounded in guardians and guides, I knew.

Michelle [7:29] It was the day that I finally collapsed for good really.  It was – it was my 28th birthday.  And I was with my ex-husband and my two children and they were in front of me.  And they got excited because they saw something so they ran.  As they were running off, a pain hit me that I’ve never experienced ever in my life.  It was like someone put a knife through me and then pushed it up my spine and I collapsed.  When I came too, I was in an ambulance, and they were really trying to keep me alive.  And then, when I got there, I was rushed through.  And I remember being in and out of consciousness, and then – there must have been time go by because my ex-husband was there with my Dad.  And I remember the surgeon saying, we’re taking her in, but the chances are slim.  And I turned to Spirit again.  I said, “I can’t leave my life, I’ve got two beautiful children, please Spirit, don’t take me I know this is it.”  I was 32 kilos. And I went into that operation pleading Spirit to save me.  And that I knew that I had lots of work to do, and that there was something coming for this world and that they needed as many healers as they could.  That I would accept everything that came at me and I went to sleep, and then I crossed over.  And I’ll never forget it.  I remember every single bit of it – the crossing over was wondrous, I didn’t want to come back.

My Connection to Crossing Over

Mark [9:09] So the connection to crossing over was wondrous?

Michelle [9:14] Yes, bliss.  Like the most beautiful love I could ever experience I was engulfed.  No pain and a voice it was masculine.

Michelle [9:31] And he said Hello and I said Hi.

Michelle [9:35] And I wasn’t there, but I was there.  And he wasn’t there but he was there.  And people can’t understand that, you know.  I came out of that a different, strengthened person.  I had a big conversation with that person and that voice, that masculine divine energy that met me at the door.

More Acceptance of Near-Death Experiences (NDE)

Mark [9:55] One of the beautiful things about us evolving as human beings is now the research on Near-Death Experiences (NDE) is starting to get some traction.  Years ago it was poo-hoo as all b/s. Whereas now people are opening their minds and their hearts to those altered states of consciousness and near-death experience, such as that is – a connection to that?

Michelle [10:22] Yeah.  I saw myself differently when I came out of there.  I could see how much I’d been my own worst enemy.  And the voice – the last thing the voice actually said to me was. “you’re gonna fix your life.” You’re going to fix the life of many.

Mark [10:43] Yes, which opens up a question for me.  When you came back, how did you reconnect to Michelle differently?

Michelle [10:57] Absolutely, love your questions.

I reconnect to myself Differently ~ e.g., Rumi Guest House

Michelle [11:04] I’m still growing and connecting to Michelle.  It’s hard.  It’s hard to explain.  There are so many doorways and rooms for me.  There are so many doorways and rooms to you.  That you know, I was just at the front door.  I was just – the shell, of Michelle.

Mark [11:33] Here those doorways remind me of the poem by Rumi, ‘The Guest House.’  And sometimes we may not like the guests that are invited into the house within ourselves.

Michelle [11:48] Did you know when you see a stranger in your dream – that’s a part of you don’t know yet?  So many people see many people in their dreams, and they don’t realize it – that’s them.  When they start walking, when we start looking internally at ourselves, you know – like I came back from that experience and when, where do I start?  I don’t know, I’ve got to really dig deep here.  Steps of each person’s, you know, understanding of the self begins at your front door.  Like it begins with ‘Who am I’?  What, where did I go?  How did I get here?  So you got to start and contemplation is the key.  It’s not overthinking. Contemplation is where our gifts lie.

Mark [12:42] And if I – Can I clarify contemplation?   How I’m reading, your sense of contemplation is, it’s where the head and the heart line up together.  It’s neither one nor the other?

Connecting to Head & Heart Unity

Michelle [12:54] No. It’s togetherness.  It’s unity.

Michelle [13:00] It’s not doing your own head in with negative thoughts.   It’s actually expanding past negative and positive into the ‘Oneness.’  That of understanding – like so you got to see the negative and you got to see the positive. So you’ve got to bring it together and then have your understanding come in. And people go – people go into these little shells.  Here I am ‘Shell”  – and you’ve got to go into your shell a little bit to contemplate yourself – to then know your next steps.

‘Disconnect to Reconnect’

Mark [13:32] Yes, which is – there’s been an acronym or a cliche in the number of the podcast, we need to ‘disconnect to reconnect.’

Michelle [13:43] That’s it. You got to go backward to come forward.

Mark [13:48] And when you were touching, on the contemplative.  In that contemplating – contemplating space, are we then accessing and connecting to a deeper aspect of ourselves?

Michelle [14:04] Yeah, the shadow.  You’ve got to actually be able to see your own shadow.  Because people working with light.

Mark [14:14] Carl Jung, said the ‘greater the light, the darker the shadow.’

Michelle [14:17] That’s it.

Connecting to our Shadow

Michelle [14:18] That’s it and we can’t be scared of that shadow either.  Because underneath all that shadow is – underneath the shadow is a mystical side.  Because we have the white light which is Divine White light.  That we have the complete and it’s not the opposite.  It’s the balance of divine black ray.  And that’s where our mystical part lies.  That’s where our creation – gift is – within the dark parts of our self.  So people are saying where do we go from here?  Like, you know when they feeling a little bit lost at the moment.  This is since the shifting of Christmas.  The fires here in Australia, the coronavirus.  They start going into a tailspin and it feels like chaos.  But it’s because we need to see past the negatives that we’ve all got within us.  That we’ve all created on a mass level as well.  But the way that we go from here is each and every person going internal and contemplating – on who they are and how they are.

Mark [15:37] Up on the whiteboard there are the black circles which are the negatives.  The – it’s how do we journey through that darkness, that shadow that we all want to disown.

Michelle [15:50] When I’m looking at this board.  There’s a couple of words that stand out at me.  And I’m not even going to say what the words are.  But the way that I would work it is?  How – So when you when, okay, I’m going to refer to a word for myself.

Mark [16:13] Go for it.

Connecting to our Trigger Points

Michelle [16:13] Resentment.  We all have trigger points, right?  Some people have jealousy or there are different negatives.   We have to see each negative, though.  Like I had to see a few before I got to resentment. And if we can work past that one – like, we’ve got to work past how we felt like when I was disappointed about something.  Where did that come from?  Where did my disappointment stem from?  You got to sort of – then this is the contemplation point.  This is the key.  And it’s basically a lot in the gene key. Have you ever heard of the gene keys? Yeah.  So you gotta go past that.  And then you’re going to say, right, what’s that feeling?  It’s the feeling you’ve got to be able to feel it – to be out of nowhere that has come from.

Mark [16:49] And where’s the thread to?  And how much does that thread need healing?

Michelle [17:14] Does it need healing though?  Or is it a part of us right – that actually isn’t something we can heal?  It is actually something that’s a trigger to seeing how we can then contain our negatives, right?  Know them. See them, not react with them, feel them?  And then know your way forth.

Mark [17:40] Know, your way forward, is that similar to letting go?  Or is it different?

Michelle [17:45] Different.  Letting go is letting go of the actual feeling that comes up.

Understanding our Triggers

Michelle [17:51] But understanding how to go from there, right is the understanding that’s come forward, right.  So if something has made me resentful, I’ll go, in a moment, like, something will happen.  And I’ll go – out of nowhere, like all of a sudden it’s my trigger word to.  And because of my little word, right? I’m feeling resentfully right this very second.  Why, why – like and then I sort of without meaning to I go into contemplation like that.  So I don’t react so that I then go into witness mode, right about my own actions.

Mark [18:31] Is that in a way, connecting to the resentment?  Do you know to connect to observe it?

Michelle [18:39] Accepted the dark parts of ourselves.

Mark [18:41] Notices it, Yes, connect to it.  Notice it, check in with it.

Michelle [18:47] So would you do it again?  That thing that made you feel that way? No.

Michelle [18:54] Do you get me?

Accepting our Connection to our Shadow

Mark [18:55] I get you – I’m smiling because in my experiences in recovery groups?

Michelle [19:00] Oh, that’s for sure. People go backwards and do it again.

Mark [19:04] There is that familiar – comfort – it’s really ironic isn’t it – the connection to this.  That negative, familiar self-sabotage comfort?

Michelle [19:18] But in a world that’s been completely asleep – in a world that’s been covered in illusion, the one thing that these people were like reaching for was to be able to connect – to let go of all this fear and stuff.

Michelle [19:41] So what it did was probably made them numb so they could connect. But we’ve got to be able to feel so that we can connect properly with our gifts. The other issue is, you know, a lot of medications make you not feel.

Connecting to my Inner Gifts

Mark [20:01] How do you know in yourself when you are connected to those gifts?

Michelle [20:09] It’s like an epiphany.

Michelle [20:12] It’s like a shooting of energy that goes from your very centre, through your whole system.  And the acceptance of that feeling, then then you start seeing that certain gifts start to form.  If you don’t go, oh my goodness, what is that?  You know, because if we get a fright from it, we can block it. Right?  So if we can allow it to come through, in a relaxed atmosphere, really.

Mark [20:44] When it is flowing through you, what’s the connection like to Self, Others and ‘All That Is.’

Michelle [20:55] Everything and nothing – I can’t.

Mark [21:03] It’s interesting. Everything can be nothing.

Connecting to the Everything That can be Nothing

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Michelle [21:06] It takes my breath away.

Mark [21:06] That’s right.  It’s – in that space, there is no-thing.  I did some journaling late last year and I’ve been wanting to put the quote – “everything is nothing, nothing is nothing and everything is nothing.”

Michelle [21:26] That’s absolute perfection.  But to be in that space to actually realise that.

Mark [21:34] Yeah, it to be in that space. Then to also realise that we are incarnated in human form.

We are a drop of Universe in a Body

Michelle [21:45] We’re a drop of the universe in a body.

We're a drop of the universe in a body Click To Tweet

Mark [21:51] It’s a pretty powerful ego that we human beings – it’s pretty powerful…

Michelle [21:57] Ego though.

Mark [21:59] Connecting and disconnecting to the ego is…

Michelle [22:03] But to feel and say the ego is something else.  Because like, I’ve watched a lot of spiritual gurus I think.

Michelle [22:17] I don’t have terms for people.   I don’t know – everyone’s the same.  They see themselves as better than others.  I think when I’m using my gifts – you asked me about my gifts.  I – any fear that you have about using your gifts is an ego type fear, right?  Because you know what if you have seen as you can’t do it or you know like it holds you back, right?  It’s an ego thing.  I think – I let you ask me about letting go.  I let go of that worry.  And just let myself close my eyes and tune into their energy you know, like and be there for them.  There was no ego about it didn’t matter what they thought of me.  Like I just wanted to help. Like and to shallow that fear – it was actually swallowed.  I didn’t let it go.  I swallowed it.

Connecting to our Flow-State

Mark [23:09] It’s interesting. One of the questions I’ve been asking people in the podcast is when we hit into that – it’s like a flow state.  That gift is like a flow state – there is a flow.  And I asked people, what do you experienced to your mental health and your emotional health when you’re experiencing that flow state? That gift?

Michelle [23:35] It’s like when I crossed over.  It’s a blissful state.   When you allow that gift to come through.  Helping another there’s no – there’s no payment that could give you that feeling.  Like there’s no – there’s no way that you can get that feeling from anything other than being purely there.  And using your gifts or talents for someone else.  But the other thing is the biggest gift of all is to help others connect to their own gifts. Wow, that’s priceless.

Connecting to World Heart of Connection Day

Michelle [24:14] Connecting on in that World Heart Connection Day connecting everyone to that one gift of oneness. That is – that that will change people. They’ll walk away from that because they will feel it no matter what.  No matter who they are.

Mark [24:31] It was a powerful process and at the end of the connection to ‘All That Is’ and to Mother Earth was like I didn’t want to stop the process.

Michelle [24:42] How does that make you feel right now in saying that?

Mark [24:44] Oh there’s a tinge of sadness too?  Yeah, need to draw it to a close because it’s just so beautiful that people are able to just enjoy that space of oneness.

Michelle [25:03] And how quick did the time go?

Flow-State is Timelessness & Selflessness

Mark [25:07] It just flow.

Michelle [25:09] Why do you think is?

Mark [25:12] Oh, in that space – in that connection to that oneness – that no space, no-thing, is everything.  It is timeless. It’s selfless, selflessness and timelessness in it.

Michelle [25:25] You know, the only other time that I’ve ever felt that happen, like and I have to tell you this.  Two years ago, my now-husband took me across the world to Stonehenge.  When I came back from crossing over, I had many past lives come forward that I’d remembered before.  Anyway, Stonehenge was part of my writings.

Married at Stonehenge

Michelle [25:52] And he took me into the middle of Stonehenge to marry me and when I stepped through the first Circle, Like we were walking, it was windy, my eyes were watering because it was minus four.  And it was howling wind like I was trying to hold my jacket on.  And we stepped through the circle.  And then I was like it was still.  There are big gaps in those rocks.  And then we stepped into the middle and all the time stood still.  And we were there for about an hour and a half and it felt like I reckon five minutes.  There was no time and then, when we connected to the earth, the funny thing is I go into a trance when I’m playing my bowls.

Michelle [26:42] And I went into stillness into that stillness, and it was like swirling and I saw it going down into the earth, everyone’s energy golden, and like, roots going down into the earth.  And then it sort of surrounded the core of the Earth.  And then the next thing you know, really – and it was spinning with my balls and then my alarm went off because it was 1:11 pm.  And I didn’t want to stop either.

Connecting to our Stillness in Flow-state

Mark [27:08] I didn’t want to stop I think I said – look, I feel like a grinchy here to folks – you know, Christmas Grinch.   I’m actually looking forward to the next – we’ve got another gig in two weeks I’m really looking forward to that opportunity to just start moving it out there.  And connecting to it’s.  It’s just and it’s a result of this podcast that it’s come about.   It’s just through we’re having conversations and when we’re getting into the connection to the ‘All That Is’ –  it just reminded me of the love and compassion that was in the world on the Boxing Day tsunami.  So I just started asking a question what would happen if we had a World Heart of Connection Day and people’s eyes lit up and they got the energy and okay so.

Michelle [28:03] We’ve got the attention of people around the world I’ve had other people connect with me and saying yeah.

Mark [28:10] Oh, that’s amazing – brilliant.

Growing our World Heart of Connection Day ~ September 4th, 2020

Michelle [28:14] And vocal people too.  Like as in – got a voice big one. So, these next few months is a good growth period for World Heart of Connection Day and big.

Michelle [28:27] The other thing is growing the strength of each person’s connection.  So before we do it – this is a guide that I was given. Have you ever done vocal toning?

Mark [28:43] I think years ago I have done it in workshops in Perth.

Michelle [28:47] I want to get the group to do a vocal tone and align all their chakras, activate the chakras properly with a Sanskrit like toning.  So that’s ancient.

Connecting to a Toning Meditation

Mark [28:59] Good idea.

Michelle [29:00] And really get the energy flowing and aligned and then we go into the meditation.

Mark [29:09] Yeah, do that as a small group of the organizers beforehand.

Michelle [29:14] Oh, I reckon the people.

Mark [29:16] Yeah, good point.

Michelle [29:19] I do have – you can do it very quickly.  You can just run through like, it’s, not do ray so door????? You just get them to pronounce the word – we run through one word each one – starting from the root going up. And it’s about how they use their tongue.  So when you actually pronouncing the word you using your tongue as a tuning point, right.  And so when you actually pronounce ‘Lum’ so and it’s actually LAM, but because we are Aussie – we have to pronounce it LUM and then when you closing your mouth-your mouth is the instrument.  So you’ve already said the L and the U so it’s directing it to the root chakra.  And then when you say the M, you close your mouth, and you put the tongue the tip of your tongue on the back of your teeth, and then you as you say, the M, you pull your tongue backward at the top mouth and it sends the energy directly where it needs to go.

Mark [30:21] Well done.

Michelle [30:22] And it is awesome.

Mark [30:24] Good one.  Just mindful of time, in terms of connection.  What – I know there are probably millions of pieces of advice, but what’s the one piece of advice that you would like to offer listeners about the connection to Self, Others and ‘All That Is’?

Connecting to Cleanse Our Energy

Michelle [30:44] As your just saying that I’m looking at this beautiful statue here – bowing her head.  I believe that cleansing and protecting your energy is vital to connection.  It’s vital.

Michelle [31:01] We take in – we’re born to take in negative energy.  We’re meant to be the ones that work the energy. The trees give oxygen, we’re meant to work the energy.  And if we’re out there, we’re protected.  But we’re still going to be taking in negative energy because that’s what we’re meant to do, because we’re meant to transmute it, and then cleanse it out.  That will create the biggest shift.

Mark [31:23] Well done.  Good connection.

Michelle [31:26] Thanks.  Good connection with you right now.

Mark [31:29] Yeah. And it’s like, that’s the lovely thing about the beautiful gift of doing this podcast is I have that experience of connecting and that energy and I’d love to sometimes video it.  Because we’re all capable of connecting.

Michelle [31:45] I want to give high right now.

Mark [31:47] Exactly and to be able to – for people to witness it, to see it, to experience it. And what a gift.

Michelle [31:55] Do you know, the biggest shift for everyone right now is understanding that they are gifted.  Each and every person is gifted.  That’s all.  There’s no stronger medium or that we can connect and be guided each and every one of us – each and every day.

Mark [32:20] Michelle thank you for this brief (Laughter). I could go on for ages.

Michelle [32:28] Let’s do it again.

Mark [32:29] Yeah, let’s do it again.

Mark [32:31] Look, I really do appreciate you taking the time and I’m looking forward for those who are at the Transitions Street in Geelong festival is on the 8th of March.  Michelle and I will be there doing a World Heart of Connection Day meditation.  So welcome listeners to come along to that event.  Namaste.


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