Connecting to Our Path of Divine Union ~ Episode 105 ~ My Conversation with Michael Jason Powers

Heart of Connection Podcast
Heart of Connection Podcast
Connecting to Our Path of Divine Union ~ Episode 105 ~ My Conversation with Michael Jason Powers

Connecting to Our Path of Divine Union

Mark [0:00] I’d like to welcome Jason Michael to the World Heart of Connection podcast. Jason, it’s lovely to be able to connect you. I have heard a lot about you. Jason’s from Los Angeles and you’re going through an election on this very day that we’re having this podcast conversation. So I really appreciate you taking the time out to have a conversation about the connection to Self, Other, and ‘All That Is’ ~ welcome Jason.

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Connecting to the Land Down Under

Jason [0:28] Thank you, Mark. Thank you for having this platform and really having this conscious conversation about how to really connect to that – to that part of that ‘All That Is’ within ourselves and see that ‘All That Is’ within each other. And that Namaste so I Namaste to you, brother. Thank you for holding it down – in the land down under.

Mark [0:52] The land down under.  Jason to briefly want to give a bio about you.

Jason [1:00] Yeah, well, I’ve spent a lot of my years – I spent about three decades in Los Angeles now. I came out here, as a young 19 & 20-year-old to pursue the acting business. And I worked in television, radio modelling for many years in Los Angeles. I was the founder of three different improv troupes and trained in voiceover and all kinds of various fun things. Entertainment, I’ve been a DJ, producer, Emcee for three decades out here in Los Angeles. Travelled the world doing parties, getting people to dance and have a good time. I’m known as DJ One Love out here in Los Angeles. But my awakening began in 2001 when the towers went down. And I started, I was part of a traditional Christian understanding for a long time. Left that in 1997, and kind of started having an awakening. Well, what I didn’t know it was an awakening that I had. It was a shift, and I started asking deeper questions started seeking meditation started studying the teachings of the masters of the East. And really, it took me on a journey since 2001.

Connecting to Metaphysics & Shamanic work

That led me to become a licenced practitioner spent for years in the studies of metaphysics and understanding the power of the mind. Stuff that you’d see on the Secret and understand like thoughts or things and took me into quantum science and understanding and then down in deep shamanic work. Spend time in South America. My wife and I met in 2013 – 2012 ish. And we were married in Peru, in South America and North America back in 2016. And, I had a previous wife before that I have a child who’s almost 14, he’s a young Jedi, I call him Jedi jet. And I love being a father to him. Good friends with his mother, we were married for seven years and divorced when he was five.

Connecting to a Path of Divine Union

And, and now I’m on a path of divine union, my beloved and I, we really are passionate about restoring the sacred relationship. I really, truly believe that everything comes down to relationship. Our relationship with our self, our relationship with another, relationship with the God of our understanding. And if we truly awaken more love in our life, we’ll have more peace on earth, you know. What was it Jimi Hendrix said, when the power of love – overcomes the love of power, we’ll have peace on earth. And so that’s part of our Dharma, our mission, we’re loving soul coaches, we help we have a brand, a ministry called the powers of love. And it’s it incorporates us to music and message and just really having the conversation about love. Put God and Allah, Buddha and Krishna and all that stuff that just love are at the core of what we’re trying to do here on planet Earth.

Mark [3:51] In that process how do you work it? What’s your process, connecting to yourself and connecting to your self-love? How do you do? Do you have a ritual? Do you have a process? When you’re disconnected? How do you notice the disconnection? And can you come back to yourself?

Connecting to my Breath first & Foremost

Jason [4:11] It’s a great question. First and foremost, it’s always the breath for me. The breath is my anchor point, every time. I’ve spent years in different kinds of meditations, I love to meditate. I’d love to be in the stillness, chanting mantra, is a big part. But it’s those are all I believe, as time has gone on. Those are techniques and ways of training wheels to come into centre point. To come into stillness to come into that zero points. Just the presence, really being here now. In the breath, I think, if anything, no matter where I’m going, once I just take a nice deep breath and get quiet. I know I’m there. We’re like I can go there now. But I do know that I need to, just like brushing your teeth and taking a shower. There are times where you just you know if I don’t get into a still point and get my feet on the earth. I love to Earth get my foot and my back against the tree and breathe. I do that every day Monday through Friday 15 minutes a day. Earthing is what it’s been called, and just getting grounded.

Mark [5:22] When you take that breath. Whereabouts in your body does that breath go to.

Breathe Through My Whole Being

Jason [5:30] Through my whole system.  Breathing that deep, you find yourselves – a lot of us are shallow breathers right. I know that all our listeners, I’m sure would understand this. But a lot of times we’re shallow breathing, especially when we’re in stress or worry anxiety. But I find myself when I’m in that deep breath, it goes right down to my root – right down, and then if I can really focus it I can, be breathing from my feet. But it’s just that that really big belly breathe. I’ve learned to – I think breathwork is – definitely my wife and I are looking to take a course in breathwork to really bring that into our practice. Because I think the breath is it’s such a gift brings us here now but breathing deeply into the belly. I think centres me right there.

Mark [6:17] And as your centre, what do you notice happens to your anxieties, your insecurities as you are able to centre in that deep breath within?

Deep Breath Connects & Enters into Present Moment

Jason [6:29] Hmm. Well, for me in that deep breath, it just enters me into this present moment. And from this present moment, there is nothing I need. And so I let go. I remember hearing a talk by Eckhart Tolle was one of my first teachers. He was talking about when you were, let’s say you’re at a table of mediation for divorce, and your mind may be projecting all these things that this is bad, this is bad. But if you really take a breath, and you’re here, and there’s nothing wrong, you’re in a chair, sitting at a table, and there’s nothing wrong. It’s just your thoughts about it. And so when I take a breath, and I get really still and quiet. Like I can be here and go, gosh, what am I going to say to Mark? What am I going to do with it? What are people going to think of what I’m saying? And I just come into the still breath, and I go, all is good. I let go of my thinking. So much about what needs to be done in the future and what happened at the moment before now.

Connecting to Heart ~ I am nothing but love

Mark [7:32] And when you let go of the thinking, and you breathe into the breath, you coming deeper into your heart to be able to let go of the thought and just connect to the love that’s in your heart?

Jason [7:44] Mm-hmm. Absolutely. I mean, there’s – I come to understand, I am nothing but love. And so, when I really come into that present moment, an awareness that’s all there is. Love is all there is. As the Beatle said, Love is all there is. That’s it, – what that love is in your heart? That’s the big question. You know, that’s where the likes of spirit and science are coming together to really show us the power of the heart. And Heartmath Institute, one of my favourite places out here in California. And at the same time, what I’ve found in my spiritual journey, I don’t know about you, Mark, but it’s, in this awakening journey on the spiritual quest – I remember reading a book, I think it was Paul for any “Return to the Garden, but it was this idea of the illumined mind, we have the awakened mind. We start reading esoteric understandings. And maybe we go into, Theosophy, and we go into esoteric science that we have understandings of mechanisms, but the heart still wounded. And that’s where I believe that’s our greatest work. And our greatest dive is to dive deep into our heart and mend our heart. Especially as men, men were, we’re not so programmed to pay attention to our heart. And that’s a part of my passion is to help men come into that heart space where…

Men Being Deeply Sensitive

Mark [9:17] And I wonder for a lot of men, whether we’ve been socially conditioned. We were sensitive beings, early in our lives up until about five years old, then it’s the toxic masculinity or whatever you want to call it. It has just prohibited us from learning to navigate that beautiful space in our heart.  We’ve become more rational. Coming into the heart and healing all those wounds takes sometimes a lifetime of work, to heal the wounds to be able to let them go to connect to that deepest essence of our heart.

Jason [9:56] It’s the greatest work. It’s the most courageous work. It takes – I heard something about I can’t verify it. But you said something that triggered that-that men are generally more sensitive. We definitely are very, sensitive beings – more than sometimes. I mean, when a woman goes through childbirth, I don’t think any man could go through what a woman goes through. We’re sensitive beings, but we put on this tough facade, we’ve been programmed and trained to tough it up and don’t cry, and don’t show a lot of emotion. And just think logically. And, for myself, Mark, I was raised by my mother, you know, it was really raised by a woman, most of my life, I had such a fondness for my grandmother and my mother and, and so somehow I came in the codes with, I didn’t understand the mistreatment of women it didn’t resonate with my heart. And I truly believe that I came into this lifestream, to carry these codes of how do we honour the feminine within us. So that we may honour the feminine in Mother Earth, the women and the children in the outer and stand up as men as guardians of the sacred. And that’s really what I’m very passionate about.

Connecting to the Head & Heart Model

Mark [11:15] I use a model that I use in work. It’s called the head heart model. And at the bottom of the heart, I have a diamond called the soul mindfulness of being but at the top is the archetype of the spiritual warrior. And the spiritual warrior is all-loving, and a spiritual warrior is well trained. And if you and I walk into a hotel, and I accidentally bump you and spill your beer. I’d then go take you up to the bar, and by two, because we honour and respect our energy, we don’t need to beat each other up, we just have that deep spiritual essence of being that honours.

Jason [11:56] Love that.

Mark [11:58] And I believe we men do have more of that, and we can access that. And perhaps the work you, and I and other men are doing is starting to bring that into the luminous consciousness that you were talking about before?

Connecting to the Sacred Circle of Men

Jason [12:18] Yeah, I have a group of man I call the sacred circle of men that we meet virtually and locally here in Los Angeles. And, it’s really helping men and it’s like, there’s a lot of men’s work out there. And I’m not here, to go pick up a log and go chop a bunch of wood and beat up on some guys. It’s not really the men’s work that really resonates for me. The men’s work that I host and I’m passionate about getting into our shadow. Is creating a sacred container where we can talk. Because our shadows are what’s driving our life and creating such distortions. And if we can come into a safe container with a bunch of men, and go okay, I am you-you are me. We are we, were reflections of each other and how can we. Because those shadows, right are the places where our biggest wounds are. And to create that container where it’s safe to take off your armour, put down your sword, take off your helmet, sit around the table and go wow, what have you seen? Where have you been brother? And where we can really hear each other and have a presence to each other? So that we can take that deep dive from that, the head to the heart.

Mark [13:28] When you’re aligned and you centred. What do you notice happens to connections to others as you’re in your alignment? What do you experience resonates with you to others and from others back to yourself?

Connecting with Others in a Sense of Ease

Jason [13:48] Hmm. I think there’s a sense of just ease. It’s the first thing I pay attention to.

Jason [13:50] An ease of being. I think that there’s when you’re in that whole brain, Mind, Heart, Body, Mindstate – I find that there’s just a sense of ease, there’s a sense of joy, there’s a sense of peace. There’s a sense of creativity. We start accessing something that we start not even trying – we start co-creating something together. That’s what I’ve been very grateful for the years I spent in improv. And improv, is for those listeners, it’s just, you know, you may have seen it ‘Whose Line is it Anyway’ or anything like that, where you’re just making stuff up. But when you’re actually – I lived in this Mark for five years and continue this. In this muscle of being at ease, with nothing on stage, no script, and perfect trust with another being. And when you’re in that place of trusting yourself and trusting another, you’re in this place of co-creation. And find that kind of a muscle that got learned not trying to do it. But when that whole-brain state and heart – magic happens.

Mark [15:08] It sounds like a really beautiful connection.

The Teaching of Improv

Jason [15:12] Mm-hmm. It’s fun and that’s where actors they come in or any artists when you go into that especially with improv I’ll say specifically my experience because it’s kind of vulnerable. You don’t have any wardrobe, you don’t have any props, you don’t have a script – you’re really there with no net. You’re in the void – you’re in the empty space. And so when you can be with another being and you have that trust and then when you’re creating something so authentically real and natural and you create these intimate bonds some of my closest friends are some of the people I created improv with to this day.

Mark [15:48] And moving the conversation to connect to the ‘All That Is ~ when I use that terminology or language the ‘All That Is’ ~ what does that bring up in your heart-mind?

Connecting to the ‘All That Is’

Jason [16:07] The ‘All That Is’ the everything, the omniverse, the fractals, the holographic reality of ‘All That Is’ – I am that – you are that – I am that, I everything I see I Am that – I Am. There’s no spot where ‘All That Is’ – is not, right. There’s that – I know that we’re here in America. We’re here in an election and I said it earlier today.  The piece that I have, and all that’s going on – is I am Biden and I am Trump. I am both of that. And when I can come into unifying that within myself, I’m at peace. I’m no longer contending with a side or something. I am all of that. And so, when I think of the ‘All That Is’ – it’s so big I can’t even explain it. But it’s like the Dow says, to name the Dow is not really the doubt and try to define the ‘All That Is’ I’m limiting it by trying to define it. But it is dark – it is the light.

Mark [17:11] When you’re in that space. I always ask the question what happens to your mental health when you really tracking ~ you’re deeply connected to your ‘All That Is’ whatever that is, do you?

Being in Peace connected to my ‘All That Is’

Jason [17:29] Oh my gosh. I’m in peace. I’m in peace, when I’m connected there, I’m no longer needing to contend with anything. I’m really – I’m in that place of all is well. Yeah, I’ll do my best to dwell in that space. And so, from that I’ve learned to be a radiant magnetic centre – when you’re in your unified with the ‘All That Is, – I remember hearing Abraham hicks talk years ago. And she’s talked about, you could be at the beach, and just enjoying your day. Instead of being on the emails and on the phone trying to make things happen. You could just be in your perfect peace. And watch what happens. And I’ve experienced – when I’m in my joy – when I’m in that place of – I call myself DJ One Love years ago. Because I started doing celebrity events and they needed a DJ name. I was just Jason Michael. But they needed a DJ name. So, I’m like ‘One Love.’ Because the law of one – the law of love is the ‘All That Is.’ And so, when I’m in that place of unity with that – I’m no longer needing to contend or make things happen. I’m in a place of life is beautiful when I’m in that place. And when I’m trying to make things happen, I’m trying to control my environment. I am now in a mental dis – ease.

Mark [18:57] As more and more of us learn to connect to that essence of the ‘All That Is’ within ourselves. What impact do you believe that would have for Mother Earth?

Healing Mother Earth

Jason [19:19] It’s a big question Mark.

Mark [19:22] I’m optimistic (Laughter).

Jason [19:25] Yeah, I hear it this way. And I think you may resonate with this in a surprising way. One of the stories I grew up with was the Lorax. My favourite story ‘The Lorax’ – Dr Seuss, if anybody’s familiar with it. The Lorax is the being who speaks for the trees. And the one slur, the old dirty one slur comes in and wants to chop off the trees. The triple of trees and make something that everybody needs. It’s called a Sneed, it’s a sock. It’s a shirt. It’s a hat. And he talked and he takes away the trees which take away the humming fish and swampy swan. And the barber loop bears and their fruits and in the whole land gets just taken, destroyed. Glove, the glove and sloppy slop and all this stuff and the gunk. But when somebody cares enough like this old young boy to carry the new seed of new life, that’s when things get restored. So, when we come back home to our heart, life is restored. There’s a hum, there’s the Schumann resonance of the earth. We’re connected to her. And when we connect to our heart, we connect to the Earth’s heart. And now we’re in a synergy – we’re in a symbiotic relationship, and will naturally be kind and naturally be thoughtful – will naturally be gracious to the earth and aware that the trees do talk, the stones do talk.  If we get quiet enough and still and go sit by a creek, and listen, watch the dragonflies, watch the hummingbird come by you. And there’s beauty. I think when we really come to the heart space that we’re not seeing when we’re here in the headspace.

Connecting to the Harmony of Love

Mark [21:06] It’s like a ~ the harmony of love.

Jason [21:13] Harmony, my favourite word Mark – harmony. I’ve spent years in choir and magical and harmony is the most sublime state. If you’ve ever sung with a group of people and you start harmonising. It’s sublime you can’t even – like goosebumps all the time. Like you just – when you hear beautiful harmonies like boys to men or a choir that’s just beautiful. There’s something heavenly about it. And harmony is yielding right – we’re yielding to the earth – we’re yielding to one another. We’re not forcing our way we’re not forcing our will upon each other. We’re not the diva. There’s no harmony in the diva. There’s harmony in us going what’s note are you singing. Okay, let us match you, let me complements you. Let me yield with you and co-create with you. I mean, that’s the age of where we’re at. The age of co-creation, no longer competition, no longer converting somebody to our ideology, but coming into a place of co-creation honouring that the differences and celebrating the similarities.

Connection through Co-creation

Mark [22:16] Where do you believe the energy for the co-creation is coming from. Is it more and more people connecting to themselves and healing their hearts that are facilitating a more openness? A more awareness to go beyond the self to the ‘All That Is’ and recognise the need ~ that nature works in the harmony of love, and we are part of nature, and we need to reconnect back to that.

Jason [22:49] I found in my awakening journey when you know the journey to the heart. There’s joy in co-creation, this is joy. Your following joy just becomes joyful. We always want to do is joyful. Sometimes when we’re asleep, or we’re numb to life, we may get more joy out of drinking a six-pack or, doing drugs or doing – we think that that’s what’s going to bring us joy because we’re searching for joy. But I believe when I can when I’ve come to my heart, and I’m in that co-creative place and I feel that harmony with another being. I feel that laughter – I feel that that accomplishment that we did something together not that I did something together. But we did something that had an effect on a group of people or whatever it is. I’ve done many things in group service saver. You go out there and you take care and you plant some trees together with a group of people or you go out and give some gloves and socks and maybe a snack to the homeless and put a smile on their face. There’s something that lights you up. And there’s joy – And so, I think that coming to our heart space is going to allow us to have more joy in our service to – with one another.

The Heart Space of Co-creation

Mark [24:06] The heart space is a really beautiful space. And it is really hard to put an intellectual language to it. How we try and encourage ~ we can’t force. I don’t know ~ its like, the gift of coming into there is such a gift.

Jason [24:30] It takes trust. You know, trust is a big word these days. And a lot of is – we don’t trust our self because we don’t know our self. I’m wearing a shirt that says, remember who you are. You remember when –  you are nothing but love and everything unlike love that you’ve been told about yourself, the parents, the powers, the teachers, the authorities that told us you or something, they’re just mistaken and we lose sight of who we truly are in our magnificence. And to know thyself, the great Greeks I mean, this is really, it’s the great quest is to remember to come back home.  The journey of the prodigal son, the prodigal daughter that goes off and squanders their wealth. And eventually we back home and go click our heels three times too – there’s no place like home. Come home, and we have to allow and grace for our family and our siblings. I mean I believe everybody comes home, I believe nobody gets left behind. Time and spaces illusion, in a blink of an eye, it’s over. And everybody’s going to come home. But I think that forcing people to obey an ideology of path, you know, to shame another individual and they’re not getting it yet, is not going to help our brothers and sisters wake up. And modelling it really being that presence, in the presence of love. My wife and I have a song, in the presence of love, everything changed – in the presence of peace and quiet my soul, in the presence of grace, life rearranges. And if we can be that peace, that grace that loves. We don’t have to force anything. David Hawkins, who wrote the book, ‘Power versus Force’, that joy, that love is so powerful, one person in the heart space affects 750,000 people. All we have to do is Gandhi says, ‘Be the Change’, we just need to be that place inside our own heart. Be that love. And sometimes love isn’t always gooey. Sometimes love is a scalpel. Sometimes love is like, you know what, that’s a boundary. I’m going to draw a boundary, I’m going to say no to that. Because if they say no to that, which is no longer good for me, or good for we – were saying yes to something higher. And only in our hearts. Can we really attest to that and really tune in

Mark [27:05] And I’d just curious. In that love. What happens to your shadow in that space of love?

Healing of our Shadow in Space of Love

Jason [27:15] Yes. Good question. Yesterday I was doing – every Monday through Friday, I do what’s called the Barefoot Break, my wife and I, we gather people on a Zoom call and we get people grounded on earth. And we do a 15 minutes of inspiration to alleviate any inflammation in getting grounded and earthing is really good. And yesterday, my wife and I, we were back to back, we were back to back on the tree and we’re both on our Zooms, and all sudden this dog and this woman comes by and this dog’s name is Shadow. And I’m like hi Shadow, I’m loving on the shadow. I’m like you’re a good shadow. And there was it – there was the message of yesterday. And that’s what our shadow, this is part of our problem, we push our shadow away or we project our shadow upon another. And our shadow is just that misguided little monster inside – the little kid is going, I want what I want. And I want to be heard or I want to be loved. I know that that little boy inside me. I’ve learned to love my shadow. That is where the real work begins in the heart when you can love that, a tender little aspect that child inside. And not let them run the show – love them enough. But just say, look, I hear you. I love you. I know who you are. And that’s where our power comes in. That’s when because otherwise we’re half. We’re just half of ourselves.

Mark [28:44] And it’s just as you were holding that little boy. And my sense was ~ as you’re holding and healing him ~ that healing, does that enable us then to drop deeper and go beyond into our ‘All That Is’? And just be.

Our Nobody within our ‘All That Is’

Jason [29:06] And therein lies the word brother. Therein lies the work. Ram Dass one of my favourite teachers that passed on 12:22 last year. This path of becoming nobody, you know, becoming nobody. Like he talks about in his teachings and his understandings like we spend so much and I know for myself, I spent so much in somebody’s school. I want to be somebody. I want to be a legend – I that want to go out and leave an impact on the world and write about me in the history books or whatever. Therein lies that rock star, that superstar we want to be somebody. We want to have our star in the walk of fame. At least for me – that’s what I was going on in my life. But in the path of freedom for me the liberation is really taking the path to become nobody because when I become nobody, I become everybody. Now I am in the ‘All That Is’ – now I’m in this place. And that’s the work for me personally in my day. I’m just turned 50 this year and I’m just looking forward to becoming more of nobody and in serving the ‘All That Is.’

Connection to our Ego Death – Good Conversation with Ego

Mark [29:56] I’d be just curious how would your ego manage to be a ~ nobody? Do you know what I mean?  The old ego death stuff?

Jason [30:30] No.  My ego and I have good conversations – we are good buds.

Mark [30:37] It’s a powerful space, isn’t it?

Jason [30:42] There’s a – my wife and I do some really deep work. There’s a great book, I mean take what you want leave the rest right. But the Course of Miracles is really one of my staples in my life. And there’s a great friend of mine that wrote a book called “The Holy Relationship” and by Nouk Sanchez and it’s really the relationship that we have with our self and with another. It’s the dance of the ego and that’s really where – when the snake eating its own tail. Like when we become we were still in our own unique sovereign places but when Ram Dass – go back to the teacher, Baba he talks about marriage truly is when two becomes one operating as two.  You’re still in that unified field but you’re not – you’re separate identities. You become something greater than anyone of you. And dying to the ego is one of them – it’s the first death I believe that we can take every day. Where in that death we’ve risen to a new life in a new light in our side ourselves.

Connecting to our New Light through Ego Death

Mark [31:58] What a gift.

Jason [31:59] What gift – Thank you.

Mark [32:00] Beautiful ~ just really feeling it right now just resonating with you just as we…

Jason [32:11] There’s so much grace and I’m – graced to just be in this conversation with you, Mark. Acknowledge and connecting people to the heart.

Mark [32:19] It’s the whole ~ It is a journey. A difficult one, but it’s the greatest gift we can ever give ourselves and others and the ‘All That Is.’ If your to-do the journey again, what piece of advice would you have very young Jason Michael, heading off on his call to adventure

Jason [32:55] It brings in a lot of emotion. I remember years ago; I did a meditation where I saw an old purified version of me early in my awakening. I saw this young, this man coming to me and white, and he was just reminding me at that time, and this is what I would say just – you are beautiful.

We are Beautiful & We Matter

Jason [33:10] You are beautiful, you matter. And you are seen and honoured and loved by the ‘All That Is’ and that – may that rests with you. In the world, the path that you’re going on where some will misunderstand you, some will mislead you. Some will project upon you. It’s not who you are, we know – I know who you are. And I walk with you – Wayne Dyer, one of my first teachers as well. He said if you knew who walked with you fear would be impossible. And I take it a step further if you know who you are – fears impossible. That’s where I would say to those that young one or to those ones on the path, we spend so much time caring about the good or bad opinion of others. In my freedom, personally, my life has been to remember who I am – then I am the ‘All That Is’ that I am love. I am loved.

Mark [34:19] On that note, Namaste.

Jason [34:23] Namaste brother. Thank you.


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