Connecting to the Meta-Physical ~ Episode 91 ~ My Conversation with Daniella D’Amore

Heart of Connection Podcast
Heart of Connection Podcast
Connecting to the Meta-Physical ~ Episode 91 ~ My Conversation with Daniella D'Amore

Connecting to the Meta-Physical

Mark [0:00] I’d like to welcome Daniella D’Amore to the World Heart of Connection podcast, I’m your host, Mark Randall. Daniella has had over 35 years of working in the metaphysical realm of healing and a holistic overview of the whole process. She has been coaching for the past 10 years has lived and worked in the United States, and back to her native country of Italy. She is now back to her hometown, sweet little Geelong. Welcome, Daniella.

Daniella [0:30] Thank you so much.

Mark [0:31] Yeah. What’s it like to come home to downtown Geelong?

Coming Home to Geelong

Daniella [0:35] It’s great. I grew up here in Geelong and I always came back to visit and it’s wonderful to be back as a great part of the world to live. Especially, with what’s happening now. So, it’s wonderful and it’s great to be able to come back to Geelong and be able to share a lot of the experiences and knowledge and things that I’ve had overseas.  To be able to now to contribute in some way in the community here with all of that.

Mark [1:10] What got you connected to the metaphysical realm of healing?

Connection to Meditation

Daniella [1:15] Well, I think when I was a little girl, I was always interested in it. Even if you didn’t know what it was, it was like I was interested in the mysteries of life.  At the age of 16, I was introduced to meditation and growing up Italian we’re very passionate people, but sometimes we find it a little difficult to control our emotions. Let’s say that and so a friend of mine suggested we were maybe you should come to meditation. I went, okay, fine.

Daniella [1:51] It was for me; it was like a duck to water. I immediately felt comfortable doing meditation and so I started going to meditation a lot.  And from there, I got interested in many things. As you know, once you do one kind of healing or one kind of activity, it’s like you want to know more. It’s been ongoing since then, and now I’m a lot older.  That was 40 years ago and that’s what started the path.  From there, I went on and just did lots of different healing courses and meditation courses and it hasn’t stopped. It doesn’t stop, you always want to know more and more.  Also, because the energy’s changed since then.  Since, the ’70s, the 80’s energies changed a lot because as human beings we have evolved differently. And so obviously, the energy around us, within us, in our communities, in our countries in our world is going to change and how we respond to that or what is our part in that has changed as well?

My Process of Connection

Mark [2:57] How does Daniella connect to Daniella?  How do you to connect yourself?

Daniella [3:03] Well, I’m conscious that I’m always connected to her (Laughter). There are different ways of connecting deeply or from the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level but even beyond that.  There are moments during the day where I feel like I just must be the working Daniela.  I must take care of this and I’m conscious of what I’m doing there. And then there are other moments where I need to retreat from the world and just be with me, myself and I.  But how do I connect I think through just awareness.  Awareness of what I’m doing – that mindfulness.  There’s a word that is always being thrown around these days. But it is about being mindful in what I’m doing right now. Like right now I’m here with you and enjoying this process. And so, I’m very mindful of where we are and our energies here and how they working and how that’s moving through me.

Disconnecting to Reconnect

Mark [4:04] When you disconnect from the world to reconnect to Daniella? What’s that like to reconnect back to her from the disconnection?

Daniella [4:13] Oh, I love it.  The problem with that, is I want to stay there a lot. And as I get older, I find that I kind of must really bring myself back to be in public or to go and do the things that everyday life expects you to do.  But whereas, when I must go and do my meditation class, or do one of my appointments, I love that because I need to be connected to Daniela to do those appointments.  To do that class, I’m connected to that deeper part of that – that’s connected to whatever it is.  The “allness” the divine, and in order to facilitate my classes or my work, I need to connect to that.  And so, I love being there. But when I must go out and I must go shopping or I have to do this I have to connect. That takes a bit of effort these days.

Connecting to my Mindfulness

Mark [5:07] Yeah, there’s the old Zen quote, “chop wood, carry water pre-enlightenment ~ chop wood, carry water post-enlightenment”.

Daniella [5:14] Yes, that’s right.

Mark [5:15] And how do we bring that when we’re going shopping?

Daniella [5:17] The awareness, mindfulness, we’re doing it differently right.  Because even when you’re washing dishes, it’s like, it becomes a beautiful thing – because you’re totally present with the water, with the dishes, with you know how that feels. And yeah,

Mark [5:33] When we’re connecting to our self, we can connect to a light side.  And we also have a dark side, the shadow, the pain.  As you’re connecting over the course of life, as you’ve connected to the pain and the dark side. Can you describe how healing that’s been?

Connecting to my Healing

Daniella [5:54] Yeah, it is a process, isn’t it and takes as long as it needs to take. I remember when I was younger that I really struggled with it. And I struggled with it because I didn’t want to go there because I thought it was a bad thing. And it was best to just leave it alone. But as I learnt more, and as I matured spiritually, as well as physically, I recognised that I had to go there in order to really create that balance within and align myself with all the things that I wanted to do.  To really bring the best of me to everything that I did. And so, it was a case of just having to stop and go there as hard as it was. There was a lot of tears, a few tantrums. But also, along the way, I was fortunate enough to connect with some amazing teachers, healers and I did reach out to them. I think we’re not here to do it alone, certainly not.  And when we’re struggling with something, I think that’s a wonderful time to reach out to whom you feel, could possibly at least support you through that. Because that’s what they’re doing. I mean, ultimately, I must do the work.  But it was wonderful to have wonderful teachers who allowed me to behave the way I did in order to get to where I needed to get to because we bury it so deeply sometimes.

Connecting to our Disconnected Selves

Mark [7:31] As you’re sharing that with me, I was wanting to ask, what’s it like for the part of the self that’s buried down there to be finally managed and loved?

Daniella [7:40] Actually, it was quite a relief. And as you just said, it’s interesting you just asked me that because I felt it immediately. That moment, I kind of got there was a welcoming almost.  It was almost like I was welcomed there.  So, immediately I felt welcomed and accepted. Yeah, it was a relief. I would say.

Mark [8:06] You met part of yourself that you’ve…

Daniella [8:08] Yeah – that I didn’t want to know. And suddenly that parts as well, so glad you’re here. I’ve been waiting for you for years. Where have you been? That’s right. Yeah, it was quite pleasant.

Disowned Self Loves to be Connected to

Mark [8:24] Liberating?

Daniella [8:26] Yes, liberating – it became liberating through that acceptance.  But the first moment was like, oh, this isn’t so bad – it’s quite nice.  It was kind of freeing, eventually. It’s like, oh, gosh, it’s okay to have this.  It’s okay to have these thoughts or feelings or whatever. It’s okay, it’s part of my whole makeup. It’s wonderful.

Mark [8:53] It’s okay to connect to it?

Daniella [8:55] Yes, absolutely.

Mark [8:56] Rather than avoid it and keep sticking it down the rabbit hole?

Connecting to our Suppressed Wounds

Daniella [9:00] That’s right and then it gets to the place where I allow myself to connect to it.  It was almost like giving myself permission to have that.  It’s like you’re it’s okay to have that. It’s okay to know it’s there. It’s okay to not want to look at it right now.  It’s okay to put it on the back burner. There was all this allowing and these permissions I was giving myself again, that was the freeing part – that was the liberation being able to do that.

Mark [9:26] As you journeyed into those places, can you describe how that impacted on your connections to others?

Daniella [9:37] Yes, it changed.  Well, I guess the most impacted had was my own sense of well-being.  And so, through that, I was able to begin to really create some strong boundaries with people.  Recognising where I was allowing people to hurt me, I guess or take advantage of me or whatever might have happened. I mean, there was a lot of good people in my life too. But being able to recognise that a lot clearer – seeing who was really giving – trying to give me love, and who was trying to hurt me. And so, as I became more aware, my boundaries became clearer in that. Okay, well, that’s enough of that – that’s inappropriate. I don’t think I’ll take that on. Or, I’m going to stop that right now. And then when someone was trying to give me love, it was like, “oh, it’s okay to be loved.  I am lovable. It’s nice to have that and so I was allowing that in more.  Rather than – when you’ve got that within you-you kind of push away love too.  And I know I was doing it. So, it was really understanding what I could let in and what I needed to have clearer boundaries with.

Connecting to our Unlovable Self

Mark [10:56] It’s powerful, isn’t it? That part of us that for some reason, believes it’s unlovable.

Daniella [11:03] Yes, it’s there. And I’m sure – and every now and then it still pops up. It doesn’t matter how much we know, and how much experience and how much maturity we have. There are still elements of it there. Because we’re told through so much in our society, not only our families but society, that if we don’t fit this kind of mould, then it’s just – you’re not an acceptable person. That’s not acceptable, you know, well, who wrote those rules. And so, every now and then that comes up, but what happens now is I have the tools to be able to go, “no, that’s nonsense, or, no, I don’t need to accept that. Or, I just give that some love and go, yep, thanks for the reminder.

Mark [11:52] Does it get imprinted at a cellular level?

Daniella [11:58] Yes, I would say yes. Cellular as well as a soulful level. Because the power of words is powerful, isn’t it? I mean the words – when we hear something consistently, we really begin to believe it. But I think the most powerful words that we say are those that we say to ourselves. And so, when we’re constantly telling ourselves, we’re not good enough, we’re not good enough because we believe in what other people are telling us. Then we live that way, we live from that space, we become that. Or we become, we live we, we express – what we tell ourselves to be true.  Whether it’s true or not, but we’ve, we’ve come to believe that. And so, that for me is on such a deep level. It’s cellular, but it goes beyond the cellular. And so, to heal that we must go back into the really deep level of ourselves to reprogram that or heal that in some way

Healing to a DNA level of Connection

Mark [12:57] Could it go back as far as DNA goes back?

Daniella [13:03] Yes, I guess I would say yes to that. Because we’re created through a lineage, in a way. I’ll give an example there, are many years ago I was working on some insecurities I had, and in my relationship with money, for example. Every time I made a lot of money, I felt bad about it and so I would sabotage that.  I went to a healer, a friend of mine, and I was discussing this with him. And he said, “well, it’s probably in your DNA”. Did I say in my DNA, in what way? And he said, because your family, my family comes from a long line of shepherds in the mountains of Italy, which is wonderful. I’m very proud of that heritage. But they would have had that lack consciousness.  They weren’t wealthy, they lived off the land. They lived simply they had what they needed. But to them money was not something that came easily. So, there would be a lot of issues around that. And he said, so it’s probably still in your DNA, which, of course, really made me reflect quite a lot about that. And we did some healing around that. You’re able to shift the cells in that DNA because it’s that imprint you were talking about. And after that happened, it didn’t happen instantly. It took a bit of work on my part, to look at that which I was more than willing to do. And over time, that really started to change how I looked at. Certainly, the whole idea of money.

Connecting to our Subtle Energetic Shifts

Mark [14:52] Something shifted? And the shift is that hard to put your finger on ~ because this shift could be either at a metaphysical level and our conscious reality, our conscious words, the intellectual words that can’t necessarily accurately define the energetic experience? Yeah.

Daniella [15:19] Yeah. Sometimes you feel to shift it immediately. It’s very visceral, very organic. Other times, you look back six months later, or a year later, or 10 years later and you recognise that you’ve changed, or you see that differently. It’s more subtle. It’s a lot more subtle. So, I think it depends on how deeply embedded it is.

Mark [15:44] Where do you feel it in your body that shift?

Daniella [15:47] I feel it all over. To me, every living cell in our body is intelligence.  It has its own energy. So, when we’re not well – when we’re in unbalanced is when we create that disease. So, if we can align all ourselves, we align that fullness of the intelligence of our body and to heal. And so, when I feel that it’s like this explosion in my body, that’s when I really feel it. When it’s subtle, I guess it’s more on a heart level. Like you start to feel like okay, that feels good. That feels okay, on a deeper heart level. You start to feel more comfortable with it and to a place where you go, okay? Yeah, I’m alright. Yeah, feels good.

Connecting to the Peace of Heart

Mark [16:38] How peaceful is it? When you hit that?

Daniella [16:40] Beautifully? Yeah.

Mark [16:42] Connected physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

Daniella [16:44] Oh, my God, it’s such a delicious feeling, isn’t it? It’s sublime. I love that feeling and that’s why I’m so addicted to meditation, I think.  Although you can still have meditations where you’re struggling because depending on the day or what’s going on in your life, whatever. But when you have those meditations, where you just surrender to it all, it’s just so delicious, isn’t it?

Connecting to My Pure Flow-State

Mark [17:10] Is there a pure flow-state there?

Daniella [17:12] Yeah. Oh, well, I would have to say yes to that. Yes. That’s my understanding because you’re totally immersed in the moment – in the energy that’s happening now.

Mark [17:27] What happens to your sense of self when you’re in that pure flow-state?

Daniella [17:34] Well, I think the self from that question, I’m understanding the self in terms of the conscious self, like who you think you are. And yet, when I’m in that state, it’s like, it’s not even there.  It’s like I’m just a whole different being. So, I think I’m more in my true essence. And so, the self that I think I am – is not even present in that moment. So that’s why it’s so delicious.

Connection to My True Self Essence ~ Pure Love

Mark [18:05] And the connection to the true self?

Daniella [18:09] Yes – that’s how I feel. Yeah.

Mark [18:12] When to connect into that true self? What do you notice happens to your connections to others when you’re there?

Daniella [18:19] Oh, it’s pure love. It’s just you feel this just this love for everybody.  As I was discussing earlier with you, I have a meditation group that I’m running here in Geelong. And when you get into that place, I just feel such a strong heart connection with everyone in the group, but it also goes beyond the group. Because love is such a powerful – it created worlds, didn’t it.  When we’re aligned with that, how can we not feel love for everything, everyone, every living creature, everything?  It’s just an awesome feeling that it’s hard to put language to.  It’s very hard to describe.  When I’m in that state and I come out of it – I think, oh, I wish everybody could feel that.  It’s such a natural high and that’s why so it’s so easy to want to stay there. But we’ve got to come back and be human beings.

Mark [19:23] Do we sort of come back to the third realm, so to speak?

Connecting to the 5th & 6th Realm

Daniella [19:25] Yeah, third realm. I think many of us have moved on beyond the third realm. Some of us are living in the fifth realm, even touching on the sixth depends on our own evolution, isn’t it?

Mark [19:40] Yes, our evolution and the day sometimes (Laughter). Some days can be better than others?

Daniella [19:47] For sure. But that’s the experience, isn’t it? I mean, as Wayne Dyer so beautifully said, we are these spiritual beings having that human experience.  We get to express that universal love through our humaneness.

Mark [20:04] And as you’re connected just to that space before ~ I wanted to ask the question ~ as human beings if we all evolved to connect to that essence, what impact do you think and feel that would have for Mother Earth?

Healing & Honouring Mother Earth

Daniella [20:26] It would be total peace. We’d be totally connected and aligned, and we are honouring her. And she’d be honouring us, in a way, it’s just total alignment, total peace.  In that total peace is everything.  I think when we can live in that space and I think ultimately, we will. I think we will evolve to that it might be thousands and thousands of years, but we’ll get there eventually. Because I think that’s part of the journey of humankind.  And once we get to that we’ll just – who knows what happens? Maybe we just float around (Laughter). Who knows? I think that we’re eventually going to evolve to that.

Daniella [21:14] And how soon we get there is dependent on us? Mother Earth is not – is a living being.  But she’s not the one who is hurting as much as we are. Because I believe that Mother Earth, she knows how to heal herself.  If she doesn’t like something, she’ll shake it off, which we are seeing. Just to remind you, hey, that’s enough.  It’s like a mother to a child.

Mark [21:47] She’ll tip us off if we’re not careful.

Mother Earth Knows How to Heal Herself

Daniella [21:48] Give you a little smack saying, no, that’s enough. So, I believe that Mother Earth knows how to heal herself and knows how to evolve, she is a living being.  We’re the ones hurting, we’re like the little parasites on her – the little fleas jumping around on her. And so, she’s there to support us in every way. I mean, you think about it, everything we have comes from her. Everything, we’re sitting on chairs that are made from the earth.  We’re surrounded by buildings made from the earth.  Everything, our clothes, everything is made from Earth. She provides and we’ve lost that connection to her understanding that she provides everything and we’re so disrespectful to that.  But I think eventually it’s going to come back around – where we’re going to be more imbalanced with all of that.  And as we get more and more imbalance with Mother Earth and Father Sky, appreciating the skies as well. Then the more and more in harmony, we will be.  The more and more in harmony will be then that’s when peace will come about.

Mark [21:49] As your sharing that with me ~ the next stage of the conversation, we’ve probably already been there, is a connection to the ‘All That Is.’

Daniella [22:55] The is-ness.

Mark [22:57] The is-ness?

Daniella [23:05] It’s a wonderful feeling, isn’t it?

Connecting to the ‘All That Is’

Mark [23:11] How do you connect to your ‘All That Is’ whatever that is to you?

Daniella [23:16] Well through meditation mostly.  But even when you’re doing any kind of mindfulness stuff. Like, I don’t have to be sitting quietly to meditate, I can be just walking, and certainly here in Geelong, there’s a lot of beautiful places to walk along the beach or wherever.  And so, sometimes when I have those beautiful walks, that you’re so present, and that you can really sense the environment and see the beauty all around you. Because the ‘is-ness’ is in everything, isn’t it and that infinite energy, that infinite power.  And so, when I can be really in the moment, then it’s so easy to connect. To that it’s so easy to see, feel, sense, and even smell it.

Mark [24:05] What happens in your body as you sense that?

Daniella [24:08] It comes alive.  It just comes alive. It’s just ignited for me. I just feel such a strong sense of connection to everything, and how much my energy influences that energy and how that energy is influencing me. You know how interconnected we all are.

Our Interconnectedness ~ Energy of Love

Mark [24:26] Is that energy ~ love?

Daniella [24:28] Oh, yes. That’s the word we use for it. But it’s a love that is not, ‘Oh, I love chocolate ice cream.’ It’s love that we can’t even describe that love it.  They call it unconditional love, but what does that even mean? It’s such an energy that is beyond love. But that’s the word we have for it.  We don’t have another word for it. And so, we can again we intellectualise that.  But it’s something that needs to be felt – not intellectualised or analysed to try to describe – it’s just a feeling. And it’s an energy that creates – it creates because it loves us so much.

Mark [25:15] Is it resonating as you’re sharing it with me now?

Daniella [25:19] Oh yeah because I’m tuning into it as I’m answering – as I’m conversing with you.  It’s around us all the time.  It’s around us all the time you can feel it – it envelops us, it hugs us. We walk through it, we stand in it, we breathe it, it’s around us all the time. But there’s the awareness, the mindfulness is the awareness that we are constantly bathing in it.

Mindfulness of Awareness

Mark [25:44] Beautiful space?

Daniella [25:45] Gorgeous. Why would we want to stay there?

Mark [25:49] Good question.

Daniella [25:51] So much more fun to go out and get angry at everybody (Laughter).

Mark [25:58] What is stopping us from wanting to be there more often?

Acknowledge Fear & Let it Go

Daniella [26:02] Fear is what stops us and fear is the title.  Under fear comes all these other words, frustration, annoyance, or control, or lack, anything, any kind of lack of – fear, lack whatever you want to call it. So, which all turns into depression and sadness and just…goes.  And I think just reconnecting with anything you love, like if you love being down by the beach, then do more of that. If you love being in the hills or in the forest and do more of that.  If you love being with your children, do more of that. Whatever it is, you love to do, do more of that, because that’s going to make it easier for you to connect and stay in that energy more often. But instead, we run off and do things that we don’t love to do. Because we think we must, and we think there’s no other alternative.  But we’re seeing through the examples of many that we can live more of a life that is more aligned with our own values and things we’d love to do. And certainly, through this period, where we’ve all been forced to really reflect on our lives. I think there are a lot of people who are making new decisions because they’ve been given the time to really look at what’s important in my life.  I think over the next few years, we’re going to see a lot of that changing as people really following their hearts more.

Letting Go of Distractions

Mark [27:35] Given the time and having fewer distractions. The distractions are now taken away from us.  Which enables us then too, ‘oh my God, I’ve got to connect to me’?

Daniella [27:50] Or ‘oh, my God, what have I been doing with my life’?  And the distraction if you can stop watching the news and all the other things that are still trying to get your attention.  Then all you’re left with is yourself and the environment that you’ve created.  Whether it’s with your family, or work or whatever, where you’re living, whatever the environment is that you’ve created.  You’ve got time now to really reflect on what am I creating in my life?

Mark [28:22] To meet that self ~ connect to that self?

Daniella [28:24] Is it what I want? Is this really a reflection of who I truly am? And does this make me happy? Does it make me happy to have all a house full of all this stuff? Do I really need all this stuff?

Connecting to our Hearts True Self

Mark [28:37] Yes and is that a connection to a true self?

Daniella [28:41] No, because it’s outside of ourselves. If we’re connecting to stuff outside of ourselves, that’s the distraction. That’s the disconnection – that’s what causes fear. That’s what causes sadness in us the disappointment. So, because it’s outside of us, and the more and more we’re reaching outside of ourselves, and we’re not connecting with that inner self. And we’ve heard it for thousands and thousands of years. How many teachers have to come down and try and, you know, explain it to us? But, again, they’ve intellectualised it, they’ve written books about it.  You’ve got to figure it out in your head. Whereas, it’s more about just be with it.

Mark [29:22] Just come into your heart?

 Come into Your Heart

Daniella [29:23] Just coming to your heart. But I really believe we’re beginning to really understand that now. We’ve evolved to that place – where we’re willing to take more risks and we’re willing to follow our heart more. And as we do that, we’re going to see more and more people coming into that heart centre.  We’ll see happier people, will see healthier communities, healthier families. We’re going to see all of that. And as they say, if you want to affect the world globally, you’ve got to act locally. Start with your family. Mother Teresa said that the best, I think.

Mark [29:35] When you’re connected to that ‘All That Is’ and the true self, what happens to your mental health?

Connecting to our ‘All That Is’ ~ Improves our Mental Health

Daniella [30:09] Well, you don’t feel so crazy for sure. You feel a little bit saner.  Because sometimes it does feel like am, I going crazy?  And that’s all that bombardment of energy that comes from the outside world. So, at least, for me, I mean, I can’t speak for everybody, but at least for me, when I’m in that space, I just feel a lot clearer. I just have such crystal clear clarity about what I want to do, who I believe I am, and also, I can see clearly what’s going on around me and if someone’s talking to me, it almost feels like I can see the truth in what they’re saying or not. And just that clarity is so amazing.

Mark [30:54] What a beautiful gift to give to Daniella?

Daniella [30:57] Oh, she loves that – she demands that now (Laughter).

Daniella [31:02] She’s become very demanding about it.

My Advice to my Younger Daniella

Mark [31:04] Daniella, one of the questions that I tend to ask is, what advice would you have for a younger version ~ a younger Daniella starting her journey now?

Daniella [31:16] Will there be a list of things that I would tell her, but I think most importantly is, don’t believe everything you think.  And to believe yourself, believe in yourself more than anyone else because your self knows. Knows you better than anybody and to listen to that.

Mark [31:37] Is that self in your heart?

Heart of my Ethereal Self ~ Bridge between Human & Universe

Daniella [31:40] Yes, for sure. It’s always there in the heart. But as I said, I think every cell has that intelligence. And you know, there’s the physical self, the emotional self, the mental self, the spirit self. And so the physical self being okay with who you are, physically.  The emotional self, being okay with emoting and feeling what you feel. The mental self, being okay with thinking certain things and having dreams and fantasies. And the spiritual self-saying, I am spirit, and I’m a beautiful being having this human experience. So, aligning that. So, it’s never just a one thing for me. We’re such beautiful, complex beings. And that’s why we need so many lifetimes to figure it out, because there’s so many levels to us, I think. it. When we’re able to align ourselves in that way, then we can take it beyond that – to that ethereal self. And that ethereal self to me is the bridge between, the human and the universe.

Mark [32:51] Well done.  Daniela, thank you so much for the opportunity to connect with you.

Daniella [32:56] Thank you. It’s been great.

Mark [32:58] Thank you for the space to share your story, and your connection to self, others and ‘All That Is’.

Daniella [33:04] Thank you, Mark. It’s been wonderful.

Mark [33:06] Namaste.

Daniella [33:07] Namaste.

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