Connecting to The Nature Within ~ Episode 98 ~ My Conversation with Melissa Fitzwilliam

Heart of Connection Podcast
Heart of Connection Podcast
Connecting to The Nature Within ~ Episode 98 ~ My Conversation with Melissa Fitzwilliam

Connecting to “The Nature Within

Mark [0:00] I’d like to welcome Melissa from ‘The Nature Within‘ to the World Heart of Connection podcast. I’m your host, Mark. Randall. Melissa, welcome to the podcast.

Melissa [0:09] Hi, thanks for having me, excited to be here.

Mark [0:14] And I’d have to say this is a bit of a first for me. Doing a podcast on Zoom to use both the audio and the visual. It’s been a long time coming. But I think it’s important because what I found is, in some of the conversations, the energy that the person is experiencing having the conversation ~ the audio doesn’t give it due-justice. Melissa thank you for the opportunity to do it, the first zoom (Laughter).

My Connection to Nature

Mark [0:51] Now, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and “The Nature Within”. How did you come about it and how did it all come about? What’s your connection to it?

Melissa [1:03] Yeah, of course. So, well “The Nature Within” is a relatively new expression or company.  It is basically – firstly, I am going to say that the reason why I could even do ‘The Nature Within” is with absolute great thanks to my amazing partner who created the Liquid Crystals. So, “The Nature Within” is really a voice for the animals so that they can receive non-toxic natural and what I like to call conscious animal care. So, humans in general, they’ve had the liquid crystals for over 20 years, and the animals have had the ability too but not many people realise it. So, ‘The Nature Within’ really supports pet owners and people who look after wildlife to provide care for everyday issues. So, stress and anxiety, illness, and lots of different things. Flea support and vaccination support, and non-conventional kind of methods. So, that’s what we focus on and that’s our voice. And that’s why I’m here doing what I’m doing.

Connecting to Liquid Crystals

Mark [2:20] How did the connection to it start ~ through your partner? How did you both get involved in, what you do?

Melissa [2:28] Well, for me, my journey started through intuition. And through, I like to call them the magical mysteries of the universe. And these events when you meet people and you run into one person and then you’re introduced into another person. And so, for me personally, I ended up coming from New Zealand during my training in Australia, becoming qualified and the modality from beginning through to advanced levels. And from there I then branched off and specialised in treating animals. My partner, well that was what he was here to do on this earth and born to do. So, he’s been doing it a lot longer than what I have. And as I said, it’s been around for over 20 years. But out there as a business, but he’s been working on it as what I would like to say a life work. So very good.

Mark [3:19] Can you describe how does the body connect?  Is there a technical process? Can you just explain, how does the bodywork with this stuff? How does it connect to this stuff?

Liquid Crystals connects & works on Mental, Physical & Emotional Levels

Melissa [3:32] Yeah so, the mineral therapy that we offer works on a mental, physical and emotional level. And so, we believe in treating all three of those parts of a person. And so, when we get sick or when we have issues in life, as we would know, the physical symptom is usually the result of an energetic manifestation. And so, what we like to do is we address it on all those levels, and so we can treat, let’s say we’ve got depression going on. We don’t just kind of slap on a band-aid and say we’re going to change your mood. We say, why are you depressed?  What are you storing energetically inside of the body? Let’s work on that. And then that works and improving the physical outcome. And so, it is a vibrational medicine and it is geometric. It is really something that the world has been waiting for a long time.

Mark [4:31] How does it open the vibrational connection to the energy within depression?

Melissa [4:38] What do you mean by that?

Liquid Crystals Connects Differently to Everyone

Mark [4:39] Well, depression can be from an emotional perspective ~ depression can be quite a lot of sadness. Underlying sadness or underlying trauma, perhaps from the past. How does this breakthrough ~ how can it break through that?  What’s the process for breaking through that or does it work more at a cellular level to enable the person to connect to their vibration that heals the underlying trauma or whatever’s there?

Melissa [5:13] It works differently for everybody. And what we like to say is its kind of like the building blocks of the universe. So, the reason why you’re depressed and, in the reason, why somebody else is depressed is completely different. So, what we do is we train people up in the modality to take on individual clients in cases. And so, if you’re depressed, and it’s for a lack of say, believing in self and courage and joy, then we treat you for that. Which then goes on to cure the depression because of that reason. So, we find out why and then we kind of treat it in that way. So, it’s hard to kind of say, well, it works for this person this way. And then somebody else is completely different. Does that make sense?

Mark [5:53] Make sense? We’re all different and we’ve all got different energies.

Organising our Body & Energetic Makeup

Melissa [5:59] We basically give you like the recipe for health that you’re missing. And then you organise that within your body and your energetic makeup. And then you heal yourself from that.

Mark [6:10] Now bring it back to you. How do you connect? What’s your process of connecting to yourself? What do you do to ensure Melissa is connected to herself physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually?

Melissa [6:23] Well, for me, a few things, I love creativity. So, being creative and being able to express through voice or through my hands and ensuring that I have that time in that space to do that. So, recently, I’ve been embarking on an amazing journey, and I guess it is kind of like a pilgrimage back into the heart of making medicine dolls and felting. And so, I just absolutely love it and it almost feels like something that I’ve done another lifetime. So, things like that. I also surf and I surf usually every day from two to three hours a day. I haven’t gone today, so I’ve been working. But for me, that’s really, important. So, that energetic kind of exertion and making sure that I’m physically active and well. That’s the main things that I love to do.

Connecting to Self through Creativity & Surfing

Mark [7:18] When you’re at surfing, can you describe what the connection is like for you? To the ocean and to the wave?  Sometimes it’s hard to put it into words, but what happens to Melissa energetically, when you’re on that wave?

Melissa [7:37] The ocean itself has been a big healing journey for me and a really, I guess big learning. Because when we put ourselves into the ocean, we’re no longer in control. We are at the ocean whim. And so, it’s a very emotional thing as we know, it is all about emotion. And so, we must just trust our intuition. And learn to intuitively right away. If we try to control the wave, we end up falling off our board and we can’t do it properly. So, we must become what I like to say inflow.  And let it go and let flow. And so, it is a time to just take all that mental kind of structure that we live in the world, and just let it all flow away.  And just surf with our gut. And you can see – if you stand on the beach and watch people who serve you can see people who surf mentally and try and control what they’re doing. And then people that surf intuitively. And you can see the people that surf intuitively have a beautiful flair and they have style and they have grace and they have that flow. So, for me, it was a big teacher and it still is off just to – you can’t control everything, and you really must let things go.

Connecting to my Intuitive Surfing Flow-State

Mark [8:54] My experience in surfing as an amateur surfer is when I’ve been wiped out.

Melissa [9:01] Yep.

Mark [9:02] If I fight it, it’s like being in a washing machine. And I’ve got to surrender. And when I surrender, something shifts. What’s that supposed to like for you when you hit that surrender? Maybe you don’t get wiped off your board as much as I use to?

Melissa [9:29] No, I totally understand what you’re saying. And I find it in a slightly different way. So, for me, because I’m quite a new surfer like I’ve only been surfing a couple of years. Where we surf, it is a one takes off point do you know what I mean? So, there are kind of got like 30 blokes are all taking off at one point. And if I let that kind of get to me, I end up having a bad surf. And so, I must surrender and allow myself to know and trust that the right waves will come to me. And when they do, then I can go with that flow. I’m okay with being held under the water. I’ve never had that fight to kind of get up and try to gasp for air or anything like that, but I’m a swimmer. So, I think naturally it comes to me, but I totally hear what you’re saying. And surrender is a beautiful word. Because if you don’t surrender, it will take control of you and force you to surrender. Like, yeah, definitely.

‘Knowing’ my Connection to Intuition

Mark [10:32] The connection to intuition. How did you discover that connection? And how do you manifest it?

Melissa [10:42] Well, I think intuition is obviously it’s our natural language, and its nature’s language. And so, I totally understand that some people don’t – not that they can’t hear it. They just don’t trust themselves enough to follow it. And I think that we all have our strengths in this world. And some people are born to basically live and follow their intuition. And some people are born to have fantastic mental structure and organisation, that’s not me. So, the intuition really is just it’s always been there. And I think the older and wiser we get, the more we learn to trust it. And so, if we follow that intuition, it really takes us to the path where we’re supposed to be going every single time, which always opens the doors for possibility and potential. And it’s just always been there, it that innate knowing.  And when I try and explain to people, it’s like that tug, that internal tug and so you just must trust it. And yeah, if you do amazing things happen.

My Motto ~ Get Out of Your Head & into Your Heart

Mark [11:47] Do you have to get out of your head – the intellectual mind to connect deeper to the intuition. Is there ~ can you be out of flow too? Your intuition sometimes and how do you notice that?

Melissa [12:03] Well, I have a moto and it’s “get out of your head and into your heart”. And I say that to my clients all the time. And I do like I watch people really trying to intellectualise things. And I think, and a lot of people say to me, so how do you learn to follow your intuition? And one of the best teachers in nature.  If you watched nature, they never fight intuition. They just do. And so, let’s say, for example, you’ve got a mother magpie, and she’s got her food in her mouth, and she’s running over to feed her baby, she doesn’t stop and go, Oh, what am I doing? Why am I feeding my baby? She just does, and so her whole body is just telling her you to know, connecting with the earth and telling her what she needs to do. It is the same thing for us. We just ignore it because we, every day have faced with, our external surroundings and people saying, Oh, you must do this or, you’ve got to go to work and do this. And we’re not following your own intuition. I don’t want to go to work today and that could take you down the street to meet someone that you’re supposed to meet that could change your life forever. And so, we deny that innate instinct within ourselves because of that external surroundings so often.

Mark [13:15] Have we, as human beings become disembodied from our bodies?

We’ve Become Disrespectful to our Nature

Melissa [13:19] From our connection to – I wouldn’t say disembodied. I think we’ve become – because it’s kind of – is you can still be intuitive in your body.  And so, I think we’ve kind of become disrespectful to our nature, and it’s not our fault. It’s just the way the world has evolved. I think in the last few years that’s really, become obvious and people are taking the steps to create changes. But, as you think about it, if you – anyone who’s listening to this can think about moments in their life where they have gone to follow their intuition, and he’s doing something that’s stopped them. To them, you know, and they go If only I had done it. So, if only I had done that. If they had had, they could have been in a completely different space. So yes, of course, I think that we have. I don’t believe that we need to go and sit on the top of the mountain somewhere and only listen to our intuition because that’s also not what we’re here to do. We are here in this life, but also follow that and combine the two.

Mark [14:29] How do you think we’re going with combining the two as a culture?

Melissa [14:34] Well…

Connecting & Being Guided by Our Intuition

Mark [14:35] Did you like that question?

Melissa [14:36] Are you talking about Western culture or humanity in general?

Mark [14:40] Oh, let’s go with humanity in general and then come back to the Western culture shall we (Laughter).

Melissa [14:47] Look, I can’t judge other people’s experiences apart from my own. I can on a personal level say that, probably my first 25 years of life I was probably an extremely ignorant and arrogant human being due to innocence. And I did not know a way that we could live and a way we could potentially be. And that is from generations of upbringing and the way the world has kind of closed in around us. I think in some ways, we’re doing great. But in other ways, we’re also not doing so great. And so, the world – people say, ‘well, how do we change the world?’ In my eyes, we focus on being the best version of ourselves that we can be. And if we lie down before we go to bed every night, and we say so, what did I tell so many porkies about, maybe I won’t do that tomorrow. Do you know what I mean? Like, what did I feel so proud about? And if we can do a checklist and continue to work on ourselves, then the world will become a better place?

My Pivot Point ~ Stopped Being Afraid of my Intuition

Mark [14:50] How did you ~ What opened you up? What was the pivot-point, the turning point to shift that ~ like an awakening in a way?

Melissa [16:03] Yeah, I stopped being afraid of my intuition.

Melissa [16:08] Yeah, so I used to be very scared of it.  I dream work and things like that. I do a lot of dreaming and I feared it. I did grow up in a family where I was sent to a Catholic school and do you know what I mean.  Like I was a black sheep of the family, all that kind of stuff. And so, I was told that that wasn’t the normal way, to live. And so, I always thought that something was wrong. Not that I was actually very fortunate had fantastic intuition. And so, it was – I did. I kind of got to a point where I was like, ‘you know what’, like, this is so strong inside my body. I’m actually just going to start trusting myself. And that’s kind of what happened for me.

My Connection to Intuition to Felt

Mark [16:51] Can I just check? Just curious. Do you listen to your intuition? Do you feel your intuition, do you visualise your Intuition or all the above?

Melissa [17:02] Oh, well, yes. So, interesting. I would like to say that I feel my intuition over and above everything. I am very view on dreams. And I do – I get shown things in dreams a lot and I kind of wake up and I write that down and lots of different things. But it’s always, for me, it’s always feeling. And so, I get this feeling inside, the seat of the soul was I like to call it or in the gut, and I just follow that.  Like I take it and I run. Do you know what I mean? Like, without a doubt, and so it’s very feeling based.  I believe that we are so connected to the earth, that kind of, with the information that’s kind of continuously being transferred between us and the earth. It is I guess it’s a shamanic type of way of doing it. You are just moving with the earth and you just accepting the information. And like the animals, you just move. You just do and you just flow. So, I don’t question it.

Connecting to Oneness, Love ~ The Flow of Harmony

Mark [18:04] I was just going use that word flow and as nature works with the flow of harmony. In that flow of harmony, would it be ~ could there be a love that harmony? Or is that a Western humanised word to use?

Melissa [18:29] Love, oneness the way we supposed to be? I guess I mean love. I just say there’s no denying.  And that is, we are, and it is. So, I guess it’s a feeling, isn’t it? So again, you might say love and I just say that feeling it’s like, you step into that space of knowing and people do describe that as love because there’s peace. And there are no questions there’s no anything we just are. We just do and we just fly. So yeah. Definitely.

Mark [19:01] And when you hit that flow when you’re in that flow ~ one of the sections in the podcast the question, we come around to the connection to the ‘All That Is.’ When you’re in that flow, would that be a descriptor of the ‘All That Is’? whatever does that mean to you?

Melissa [19:23] Yeah, I guess so – definitely. Yeah.

Mark [19:25] What happens to you physically, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, when you hit into ~ you connect to that ‘All That Is’ ~ that flow?

Connecting to our Flow-State of ’All That Is’

Melissa [19:36] I think for me because I express things creatively, I get a big burst of inspiration. And so then visual happens – you’re supposed to be doing this or this is where we’re going, or this is what we’re creating. And so, you say it in that way. And I would say we’re bridging our spiritual and physical worlds together and we’re allowing that information to come through. We’re anchoring it into physicality. And so really the channelling from our ‘All That Is’ our higher selves, whatever word you want to put on it, the essence of who we are – definitely. So, yeah, that’s when that inspiration comes and I guess, steps forward.  We’re always moving, and we’re always doing something. And so yes, that kind of next step in our own personal evolution.

Mark [20:25] Are you intuitively sensing that as a community, as a culture, are we moving closer to that connection?

Melissa [20:36] I think we’ve got a long way to go. I think we’re in the ice age. I think we think we’re a lot further ahead than what we are. But we are laying down the foundations and when we, can move into being 100% emotional beings rather than, fragmented by that mental state and will be a lot closer and that’s probably a couple of hundred years away. I think, but that’s just what I think so

Mark [21:07] When I said before, we think we are. I was going ~ I had a retort idea ~ ‘what are we in our human egos, thinking we are’?

Connection a Bridge from the Mental to Emotional World

Melissa [21:17] We are the way-showers and we’re creating the way for the world to bridge from that mental to the emotional world.  And the children that we’re having now and things like that. We are – we have a very important role and so, we might say ego, but I think we are as souls feeling the importance of the work that we’re here to do. We are here to show the world from one end – and if you look at it, you think my grandparents and possibly your parents and that really mental belief structure and then we’ve got us standing at who is more open, more emotionally intuitive. We have an important job to do and then we’re having children who are very emotional. Obviously, we have a rise in the umbrella spectrum side of things. And they’re not they’re just emotional beings and know the right way to live in the world. And when the world is like that and accepting and understanding that we feel everything rather than mentalize at first, and we’re heading down the right track. We just must get a grip on it first because it’s a bit way out of control now.

Mark [22:22] So perhaps ~ ‘get out of our heads and come into our hearts’?

Connecting to Peace of Heart ~ Peace of Mind

Melissa [22:26] Out of the heads and into the heart. Yeah, and that whole going lease, what you feel is right for you and doing it. And having the courage to know that you always know what is right for you.

Mark [22:41] How do you connect to your heart?

Melissa [22:48] How do I connect to my heart? I guess, when – well one of the biggest things that help me connect to my heart is being around animals. So, the moment I step into the presence of an animal the whole world just falls away. And there’s just something there that takes me into a space that I can’t even put into, into words. That is for me, that’s the heart. And so, we all have something either invokes heart and animals is my place straight there. So, I spent a lot of time – like I do a lot of volunteering and things like that working with wildlife and bits and pieces. So, very fortunate to be able to connect in that way.

Connecting to Animals Connects me to My Heart

Mark [23:30] Do you drop into unconditional love with animals ~ just a complete resonance of unconditionally loving energy with them?

Melissa [23:43] I think I try my best. I think humans again with unconditional love. If we love an animal, we usually want an animal to love us back and that’s not unconditional. So, everything we do this with the condition, most of the time.  So, I guess I don’t really, it’s hard to explain like for me personally.  Like I would love to be able to experience unconditional love at its raw trueness. And I think when we’re in that space, we don’t even know we’re there. And so, the moment we try and label it and explain it, we’re not actually completely there. So, yeah, so animals take me into my heart, and it opens me up to feeling vulnerable and to feel the love. And, I help them and then I guess that makes me feel wanted. Do you know mean?  That’s my definition of how it takes me in there. Yeah.

Mark [24:43] And what I found in those conversations is when we’re getting into this level of resonance, or whatever word ~ it’s hard to put cognitive language to it.

Melissa [24:54] Definitely,

Open-Hearted Connection ~ A Pure Resonance of Energy

Mark [24:55] It’s more of an energy that ~ when we open our heart space it’s just a pure resonance of energy.

Melissa [25:04] Yeah, definitely.

Mark [25:06] And words are just ~ words just do not cut to the chase. They’ve got a limit of ability to describe and it’s just, like I’m even tongue tied now trying to ~ do you know what I mean, trying to verbalise what I’m trying to get across ~ it’s difficult. Do you make deliberate time to go out into nature, to reconnect to nature, to facilitate that connection? Or can you just close your eyes and resonate to the cellular memory of nature within yourself?

Connecting to Nature Within & Everywhere

Melissa [25:50] That is such a great question and I love that. I mean, getting outdoors in nature is amazing. And of course, we all need it, but I think over the years, I’ve learned to understand the language of nature. And so, nature is everywhere. And if I look outside, usually there’s a bird there waiting to greet me. And it takes me automatically straight into nature. When I feel into intuition that is also nature and so I spend a lot of my day, just daydreaming in intuition. So, while walking outside is good, for your physical and mental and emotional, I am connected and know that I’m connected all the time. So, I find nature within us every moment of the day, and the animals especially and even trees and things like that. They turn up as messengers like constantly for us, and the more we kind of become in tune with that language. You just see all these things and it’s just night just speaking to us repeatedly. If a raven turns up outside your window, you’re out of balance, instantly.  And I just heard one, just called just then.  They are always listening. I work with a raven family and I don’t actually have to go – I put little treats out for them and I test them, and I think about it. And before I even go outside and do it, they turn up no waiting, always connected. Amazing. So yeah, that’s…

Mark [27:21] I use to have those experiences, I use to ride my mountain bike in Anglesea in the early mornings and it was, every time I’d see a kangaroo, and because I was on the mountain bike, I was quiet and I just say, it’s okay, brother. Just to that beautiful energy. And yeah, just that beautiful energy and it’s just an amazing connection.

Melissa [27:46] Yeah.

Mark [27:47] How do we human beings have ~ what do you believe we need to be doing more of for us to connect to this deeper level and more of this intuition ~ for the benefit of Mother Earth, and all sentient beings?

Connecting & Trusting our Innate Self

Melissa [28:08] I just think we and I think, you know when you said like, are we doing a good job, there’s a lot of things that we’ve taken initiative in that, you know, we do need to pat humanity on the back for.  So, there’s things about being more ethically conscious about the materials that we are using.  Even for females, the skincare, the makeup, the dishwashing liquids that we use, and all those things. So, technology is also evolving us in a way where we’re able to be more consciously aware of the effects that we’re having on the planet. Emotionally kind of going back to what I said before, it’s trusting our innate self, even more, is doing humanity and the planet justice, we’re all connected in that kind of way. And, respecting ourselves so that we can then respect one another. That’s what I believe the changes need to happen and it all in here, not outside. And I think we forget that we spent so much time, Stellar down the roads got a sore leg, but and we need to help her, but we walk down the road and it hurts our back. And we’re not taking care of ourselves, but we’ll still do that. You know, so we’re not honouring those parts of ourselves that we need to listen to, firstly, to be out there and help other people.

My Advice to my Young Melissa

Mark [29:23] One final question I ask is, what would be a piece of advice you would give a younger Melissa, commencing her journey in life now?

Melissa [29:37] Yep. trust your intuition always.

Mark [29:41] That’s probably a leading question.

Melissa [29:44] Yeah, and it’s something that I’ve thought about trying to look at facilitating at some point is intuition-based groups for younger women and younger men.  And those teenage years where they are, peer pressure and all the things about growing up and learning to honour themselves. And so, it’s probably the biggest thing and I know that you can be interviewing somebody else not very good at with mental structure and not say, oh, you know, being organised, you know, mine’s intuition.

Mark [30:17] And, ultimately it, how do we balance all the above, I guess in some way. So that,  one of the things that I find is that when we hit into that balance, there’s a flow-state and you know, that natural innate flow-state that we’ve all got, and as we are able to be in alignment to that. Wow, what a gift.

Melissa [30:40] Yes.

Connecting to Melissa & “The Nature Within”

Mark [30:42] Yeah, well done. Well done. Melissa, is there anything further that you would like to share that we’ve missed in this conversation?

Melissa [30:53] No, I just want to say thanks for having me. And thanks for everybody who’s listening. And, I guess for those people that aren’t aware that there are safer alternatives for treatment for animals. I have put my heart and soul into what we’re offering to them. And so, I would really love people to check it out and have a little look.

The Nature Within

Mark [31:16] Yeah, well done. And what I’ll do is ~ I’ll put ~ I’ll get your URL numbers and all that sort of stuff and I’ll link them up in the show notes, etc, etc. I just like to say, look, thank you so much for the opportunity. I met you last year at the workshop you and Isabella Baring had a lovely connection. It was beautiful work that you’re both doing. And, look, thank you for sharing your intuition. And thank you for sharing your heart today in this conversation.

Melissa [31:45] Thank you.

Mark [31:46] Namaste.

Melissa [31:46] Thank you for having me.


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