Connection to my Flow-State & Creativity ~ Episode 45 ~ My conversation with Lisa Hein

Heart of Connection Podcast
Heart of Connection Podcast
Connection to my Flow-State & Creativity ~ Episode 45 ~ My conversation with Lisa Hein

Connection to my Flow-States and Creativity

Mark [0:00] Lisa, welcome to the Heart of Connection podcast. I’m your host, Mark Randall. It’s lovely to have this opportunity to sit here for the next 20 to 30 minutes and having a conversation with you about the Heart of Connection and what it means to you.

By way of introduction, would you mind letting listeners know who you are? What your role and what is Lisa all about?

Lisa [0:20] Sure, thank you so much for having me, Mark. My name is Lisa Hein, I am the owner of a design agency in Geelong called Evolution Design Agency.


World Heart of Connection Day meeting

Mark [0:25] How did we meet? We met through the World Heart of Connection Day idea – that’s how we were first connected?
Lisa [0:30] Yeah. So you came to have a chat to me about how to take that idea to the next level? And what it could be.
Mark [0:37] The connection was through your friend, mutual friend now, Trish.

Lisa [0:50] Yes, beautiful Trish. Lovely person.

Mark [1:00] So, The World Heart of Connection Day was an idea that I found through the podcast conversations with people. Is when we have a connection and particularly a connection – not just to self, others, and ‘All That Is.’ When it gets into the “All That Is,” it goes very deep. There’s just so much beautiful energy there in people. I wonder whether we’ve all just got that natural energy, of loving-kindness and compassion to give to Mother Earth, to give to each other, to give to the world basically.

Lisa [1:49] I love this.

Connecting to our Vulnerability we find Love

Mark [1:52] I really have hope that we all do. I think a significant percentage of us do, in the world. I think that a lot of us – we touched on vulnerability before. I think a lot of us, it is part of being vulnerable, putting that loving, caring, and trusting side out there into the world. It’s something that is the most rewarding thing that you can do. I think that only through vulnerability, we can find love. Connection with Mother Earth. Something that he said to me – really just got me, Mark. It was when you said, you related it back to the incident of the tragic tsunami and how the world just stood still. We all, our hearts just went out to those affected. It really made me think, why is it that it takes something like that for us to send our love, and now hearts out into the world? Why is that? It is a really great example. I mean, it’s beautiful that it happens but it is in also another tragedy that it takes something so devastating for that really occur.

Mark [3:24] Speaking with Janine at the National gathering. We talked about tragedies, and she mentioned the boys in the cave. The divers and how the whole world all came together, connected together to help with the expertise and how to get the divers down and how to get the boys back. All the mothers, all the community, we just came together and there is that heartfelt sense of love and compassion.

Mark [4:00] I am wondering, do we turn it on and off as a race of people? I don’t think we do turn it off, I think it’s always still there. How do we – What do we need to do to keep to make it change in it? So that we can be okay with that vulnerability. We can be more mindful, every day of our lives, in the heart of connection to Self, Others and ‘All That Is.’ What do we need to do you think to perhaps create that space?

Connecting to & needing mindfulness

Lisa [4:38] I think being mindful is a really important word to think about. I think in our daily lives, we might get well I can only speak for myself. We get caught up in daily life in our own worlds and now our minds and what’s going on in the world, it doesn’t really matter. To you know what I mean? Like it just doesn’t matter at all. It just seems as though it does at the moment. In reflection and years have gone by, especially when we get older, you look back and you think oh gosh, I was so caught up and worried about this or that. What’s really important is having that heart connection and being connected to others, and that is something so deep that, I do wonder, how many people and if everyone has that. I wonder often, is it something that’s learned or is it something that is born within us and potentially you grow out of a certain belief or reasons or?

Lisa [6:02] Yeah.

Families are the key to loving-kindness

Kindness, Love, change, start, attitudeMark [6:08] I think families are the key. No doubt we have, a loving-kindness with our intimate families. Maybe then to friends or acquaintances, and then friends, then to our intimate partner. Yeah, love is very vulnerable. It’s a beautiful space but it is a very vulnerable space. I’m wondering if in the Western world, which I call it the “Digital Bronx’ that we live in nowadays. Living in the digital Bronx, as soon as we open our front door, for forth, we don’t even really need to open our front door. We’re in it all the time now. And I’m wondering whether in the Western world, we’re just getting caught up with that cerebral, you know, the domain and you know, the domain squirts that we get every time we get a like on social media. Yeah. And we’re sort of moving away from the real premise of the mind in the east is not in the head, they point to the heart. And I’m wondering whether we’ve caused over creating distractions? Yeah, healthy, just there. Okay, distractions that are we doing it to move away from the level of vulnerability that we as human beings need to work with?

Technology may be disconnecting us from our hearts

Lisa [7:43] Yeah, yeah, I think if you even think back, you know, maybe 5 – 10 years ago, maybe closer to 10 years when we would just turn up and go to a friend’s house. We would just knock on the door and say Hi, how are you going – I was just in the neighborhood. I think in this world, where we are so connected by technology, we become so disconnected with our hearts. As people, I often say, this where it’s almost gotten to the point, where it’s impolite to not to text or call before we turn up. The surprise is now gone. People get so concerned about, oh, my house is messy.

Disconnection is also important for self-care

Mark [10:36] Part of that judge, are we projecting our own inner judge out onto the masses around us – that we’re thinking they’re judging us when in fact, it might be my own internal judge? I get nervous doing these things too.

Lisa [10:52] Yeah.

Connecting to our own Vulnerability

Mark [10:54] And that comes back to that fragile part ourselves – our own vulnerability. I really liked how you talked about disconnecting. That sounded to me like a really important form of self-care to just have time out. Just turn it off. The brain – in the Army they have the KISS syndrome, I won’t use the last part of that. It keeps it simple (KISS). I just wonder whether as human beings are brains just designed – it wants to conserve energy, and they want things and stuff to be simple?

Life can be like a ‘computer with 100 tabs open’

Lisa [11:38] You know, I’m not entirely sure. I was actually driving along the other day and I thought, gosh, I’ve got all this stuff going on. I’m thinking, a friend of mine relates it to having a million tabs open on a computer and I love that because I get it and that’s it. I actually had this thought, of self-realization moment. Where I was like, you know what, I tell myself that I don’t like this. I tell myself, I’m overwhelmed, I’ve got so much going on, but is that true? Do I love it? What would I do if I didn’t have all this going on? Would I be bored? Do I really love it? I start to wonder maybe because I’ve created this and it’s kind of like a safe space now where I do have so much going on. I’m conditioned to it, and I know how to cope with it and even when I go into a stressed state, I still get that, this is part of me and I know how to cope (laughter).

Connecting to the ‘Driver’ in our Personality

Mark [12:55] Is that the ‘driver’ in you that knows. The drivers looking for the achievements and loves that pushing. The driver in us does. It wants to connect to jobs and duties and lists and things. Then I am wondering yeah, can we get a bit addicted – addicted to the distractions. When I’ve got those hundred tabs open, phew, when the tabs are all open, I’m wondering what happens to a connection?

Lisa [13:35] Yeah, yeah.

Mark [13:37] Are we giving completed connection to each one of those 100 tabs that are open?

Lisa [13:50] No, but on the other hand, I also think it’s important to shut that down. I know when it’s time to shut it down. Like I have, and I have spoken to you about this as well, Mark. I have work for me and personal me. I have a very clear line between its home time now – all that stuff is not in my mind. As a person who used to work from home, I totally value that now. I never had that clear disconnection between work me and personal me. That was a huge issue because I just wouldn’t switch off. Now I understand, not only for myself but for my family, why that’s so important. It really does make a huge difference and for a lot of time, I was lying to myself. I was saying how amazing it was for me as a person, to work from home and be able to do what I needed to do during the day as well as work and this and that. At the end of the day, I wasn’t looking after myself. I wasn’t switching off, I wasn’t having that time to myself where I could disconnect from work.

Reconnecting to Our Self

Mark [15:15] When you disconnect from work, you then re-connecting back to Lisa?

Intuit, caring, warmth, understandingLisa [15:20] Yeah, that’s the thing. I am now but back then I wouldn’t. One thing that I love, I think is really important and I recently went on a trip to Bali and had the most incredible meditation ever. I think that taking time out for yourself and thinking about what it is for you, that really does help you to disconnect. So is it meditation? Is it going for a walk? Is it laying in the grass and just feeling the earth beneath you? Is it camping? Is it listening to your favorite music? Is that even just zoning out on Netflix? What is it for you that is that personal self-care and connection back to yourself?

Connecting to our Flow-state

Mark [16:11] It’s about also about valuing what that is. Even if it’s Netflix, it’s okay. How do we take the internal judgment out of? When you do – when you’re in connection do you notice a different flow inside yourself? When you come to work, and you’re connected into work, and you get into that connection of work – the ‘Drivers’ connected? Is there a flow state that you could find yourself – just wow, where did the day go?

Lisa [16:46] Yeah, I do and I think, wow, I’ve just got it all done. Sometimes when we are in that kind of state where we’re in overwhelm, and we’ve just got all the tabs open, and we’re just going for it crazy. We’re like so unproductive, were just caught up in this moment. Oh my goodness, I’ve got so much to do mode. Rather than actually taking a moment and thinking it clearly. What do I need to do for the day? What are my top three things? I’ve got stuff and they carry on about how important, it is to pick your three things for the day. I totally get it, and it makes you feel more productive. When you are in that good flow, and you are happy, I think that’s the thing. When you are happy when you’ve given yourself that self-care. When you are in in the right state of mind, you really do take that time to think, wow today was a great day. I felt good about what I did and I got done what I needed to do, most of the time but you just feel so much better.

Connecting to internal joy in our Flow-State

Mark [17:59] Is there joy in that connection and that flow?

Lisa [18:02] Yeah, for sure. I think you know when you go home and you talk to your partner, how was your day? You can genuinely say – yeah, “had a really great day.” Had a really great day yesterday (laughter)…

Mark [18:14] It’s a real buzz when you can get into that flow state – that connected flow state and wow, those 100 tabs, just go – they just flick off the board.

Flow-state gives mind space but do we fill it up again?

Lisa [18:26] Yeah and it gives your mind space. I think that then from there, we start to feel that back up again. What more can we do. I think that something that I’m addicted to doing, is filling my mind like what more can I do. I always need to, it’s like a cup of love, people say they’ve got their cup filled and I feel like things do also have the same.

Is there ever enough?

Mark [18:56] I’m been thinking cuz, now I’ve put the World Heart of Connection Day as a Facebook page. I’ve been thinking about the economics that sort of drives – it’s important to have a healthy economy across the world for us all to eat, etc., but I’m wondering whether – it’s that – there’s never enough.

Lisa [19:24] Yeah.

Mark [19:25] You know, how much money do we all really need to make?

Lisa [19:29] Yeah.

Connecting to the cup half full

Mark [19:31] Is it the drive when the cups empty? Is the cup really empty? When there’s not enough love in the cup we always want more? I’m wondering whether some of that – are we a bit too disconnected from some of the deeper realms within ourselves. To sort of go – hey hang on a minute – I don’t need to keep looking for more – there is enough there.

Lisa [20:01] It’s probably right.

Mark [20:02] I am wondering how do we check in with ourselves to ask – Is this my driver that’s in me – oh it’s got nothing to do (laughter). It’s a bit disconnected and what can I create to keep my mind occupied? Or fill that? Is it a void? Or is there something missing because we just get so used to it? That’s how it is. That’s how we work? Yeah, I’m just curious that – how do we?

Connecting to my Creativity

Lisa [20:41] As a creative person too, I’m constantly creating, and I guess, in my mind, I’m just also creating. I get what you’re saying and I think you’re right.

Mark [21:00] I just want to pick up on that beautiful point -as a creator, can you describe how do you connect to the creations that you create? In two words, I just joking…

Lisa [21:18] A lot of the time, I’ll have an idea of what I want to create. Sometimes, I’m sure most artists and designers will have similar processes. I will think about what I want to do, but it’s not about, occasionally what I’m thinking and what I dream for in the design, doesn’t always look great when it’s done. So, it is a process, but to connect to it, I guess, I really think about the person that I’m making it for. If it’s a client like if it’s a work creation, I will think about who the client is. I will have asked them a number of questions about what it’s designed to do, whether it’s a logo that’s designed to connect to their target audience. I will define who that audience is. I will ask them numerous questions about all of that. It’s done visually through color, it’s done through, the design itself and how it flows. It’s just, everyone is unique. I do feel connected to every design that I create, particularly those that I’ve spent a lot of time on. I feel like they’re my babies out there in the world. When I see them, I literally feel like oh, yes, I still feel that proud moment that I did that. I guess that’s also why I love what I do because I just have that connection with the work.

Creativity lines all up realms – physical, mental, emotional & spiritual

Mark [22:59] Do you get those days where a creation that you’ve created, that it just lines up physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and it’s like, all the four realms – just line up and it’s like, yes!! Got it!!

Lisa [23:16] Yeah, I have had for me personally, drawings that I’ve done that have really represented my journey of where I have come from. Signs of where I need to be and I do draw those things. Personally, I’m not sure if I really…

The Energy of creativity resonates your connection

Mark [23:42] I was just watching your energy. I can’t academically prove it. I was just watching as I asked that question – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, it’s like, you just resonated. My sense of it your energy just resonated. You went there and you went straight to the drawing? What a gift. What a beautiful gift and how do you embody that gift? When it’s there, what happens to Lisa? How much joy and how much flow? Does she come alive? She’s in there, she’s there?

Lisa [23:45] Yeah, I guess I’m a visual person.

Lisa [24:29] I feel things very deeply as well. So, being able to visually represent those feelings is like, the ultimate thing me.

Mark [24:46] Due to my little research in content marketing.

Lisa [24:52] I’m talking more personally.

Connecting to the clients & their brands

Mark [24:54] I just wanted to get – those feelings I assume – where I was just going to go with that – is the feelings would be an emotion, beautiful emotions. You just – there?

Lisa [25:07] Yeah. I mean, when we’re content marketing, and connecting with clients, ideal customers and things like that. I mean, I love working with clients that I really believe and passionate about their products and services. They are our ideal customers. We really can, I often am talking to a client, and I will say we and ours because I am so connected to their brand, or their message that I feel like it’s mine. I have absorbed so much about it, understood it – almost say to the nth degree, but not quite as, as much as they would have, I’m sure. I’ve really taken that time to process everything that I can about and immersed myself in what their brand is all about, and how to connect with their ideal customers. That’s one thing that people do tend to go out there on social media and just kind of go, ‘hey, like my stuff, like my stuff and there’s no trust, there’s no real connection. This is because they’re not either themselves or whoever they’re choosing to do this for them. They are not really understanding the brand. That’s a really important aspect of what we do. It also kind of makes us fall a little bit in love with the client and the brand because you know, where we’re trying to make it our own and take on that personality of the brand when we’re and connect to the brand.

Deeply connected to their stories

Mark [26:55] I can see as you’re sharing the story I can feel and sense how connected you can be to that. It is pretty powerful.

Lisa [27:03] Yeah.

Mark [27:05] May I come back to your drawings? When you disconnect and go to draw, is that a beautiful way for self-care, just allow the drawing to just evolve? Just to connected it out from the visual onto the paper. Is there – what happens to Lisa when she is in that process?

Love connecting to my drawings

Lisa [27:30] I used to draw a lot. I don’t draw as much as I used to. It’s something I love doing, but I lost my confidence. Now I really just draw for myself (laughter). I draw digitally, so like on the computer, which is fine, I can do that. That’s great. When it comes to pen and paper, that all stuff just for me. I don’t really show others that work but it is something that I use kind of as a tool, to let go of things. So, if I’m feeling something, I’ll draw it out – to let it go. It’s like a symbol to myself, then that was the moment that you let that go. If something’s bothering me or…

It is a Spiritual Connection

Mindfulness, loving kindness, compassion

Mark [27:52] Can it become quite spiritual as you’re in the process?

Lisa [28:33] Yeah, it is very spiritual for me.

Mark [28:37] Wow, what an incredible connection just to be able to go there and just – let it be expressed. Just – like letting all that energy, that invisible energy out onto paper and the connections there. Lisa, one of the questions I’ve been asking people is advice for younger Lisa’s following in your footsteps, or young boys, following in your footsteps around the Heart of Connection to Self, Others & All That Is. What would your advice be to young girls, younger Lisa’s following your footsteps?

My Advice for young people on the journey

Lisa [29:20] I just think for young people if you really are wanting to follow your passion and follow your heart and stay in this space, where you are connected, if you ever do step in this space, where you are connected, and you appreciate that space, then please just connect with others that are also feeling that same way and surround yourself with them. I mean, it’s something that is only going to grow if you’re with others that also feel this way. I think that’s all part of your philosophy Mark of World Heart Connection Day is to connect with others who also feel the same connection. So it’s one of those things when you’re growing up – you are the average of the closest, five people to you.

Lisa [30:25] I think that’s really important to remember when you’re growing up. To stay around others that are on the same wavelength and can really have those deep conversations with you. If you don’t do that, you will be disconnected from that part of you. It won’t necessarily grow or be nurtured and that’s a really important thing.
Connecting through the nerves

Mark [30:56] Anything further Lisa to share in this beautiful podcast you’ve just done. It’s just been lovely to sit here and the conversation has flowed. You have done really well for someone who was really nervous (laughter). Can I just check in with where the nerves are at now as we’ve just come to…

Lisa [31:18] Front of mind Mark, front of mind (laughter) thank you for that (laughter).

Mark [31:27] Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I really appreciate it. Thank you for the courage to share your vulnerability. Yeah, to put our vulnerability out there takes courage. You’ve done really well and I really appreciate it. It’s a lovely conversation and there is so much depth to it. It’s just beautiful. Thank you very much.

Lisa [31:49] Thank you for having me.

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