Connection to my Inner Spark & Flow ~ Episode 50 ~ My Conversation with Niki Humm

Heart of Connection Podcast
Heart of Connection Podcast
Connection to my Inner Spark & Flow ~ Episode 50 ~ My Conversation with Niki Humm

Connection to my Inner Spark & Flow

Mark [0:00] In today’s podcast, on the Heart of Connection podcast, I’d like to welcome Niki Humm. Niki is the author of a wonderful book called. Autism Superheroes – The Spark Within.  It’s a lovely book and beautiful graphics and was published by White Light Publishing.  It’s their journey, in nurturing her eldest son who has an Autism diagnosis.  Niki is a psychic medium and it has another son and is currently studying spiritual life coaching and finishing her certificate 4 in Disability services.  We met through gathering to bring together the World Heart of Connection Day ~ September 4th. Welcome, Niki to the Heart Connection podcast.

Niki [0:33] Thanks for having me, Mark,

Mark [0:34] Just by way of introduction, do you want to give a brief synopsis on your life, where it’s been?  What’s going on? How’s life for you?

Connection First to Soul

Niki [0:46] I generally, I like to start off with is when the first thing we think of when we are asked to tell people about ourselves is what our life has involved so far.  I like to start off with, I am a Soul because that reminds me that, I’m a soul, your soul and it starts from there. So that’s kind of how I live through connecting with other people and myself is just starting off by remembering, I am a soul.  Firstly, I am a Soul and as you said, a mother of two children.  I’ve basically had a history with spiritual stuff, so psychic mediumship, just the journey, and how that’s brought about some concepts in my book and everything like that.  Lots of inner work and it’s led me on a bit of a path, so to say.

Mark 1:15] Well done. In terms of connection to yourself, how do you connect to that soul?  How do you connect to yourself?  What’s your process?  Do you have a process of rituals?  What’s a day look like – to do that to remind yourself?

Connecting to My Inner Spark

Niki [2:00] Well, after a long time of having some darker times, when you really struggle to find that part of yourself.  I basically got it down to something very simple, which is, connecting with the inner Spark, sort of just in the third eye area.  So I tend to feel from there and connect with myself that way.  So, if you think of the sun, and a light shining all the way through, so it goes through the third eye and into the heart. That’s kind of how I find my connection and really get nourishment from that.  From there, I also see a connection with other people through that ‘third eye’ area.


I basically got it down to something very simple, which is, connecting with the inner Spark, sort of just in the third eye area. Click To Tweet

Noticing my Embodied Disconnection

Mark [2:42] When you are connected to notice a difference in the flow in your body?

Niki [2:46] Absolutely yes. Sometimes, when you just feel so pent up and disconnected, that it sometimes takes a little bit longer to get that back, to connect to yourself better.  Once you do it you sort feel so much more relief.   Also, I think a lot of the tension in your neck and your shoulders and your jaw kind of drops away.  You’re able to connect with other people easier.  We always have times where we have trouble connecting with ourselves.  I find, if I’m having trouble connecting with myself, my children start playing up.  Other people around, you start picking up on that vibe.  So my first point of call when my children are acting up is to check in with myself and think well okay.  I better reset, zone back in, so to speak. When you disconnect from

Disconnection and connection to my anxiety

Mark [3:39] When you disconnect yourself, what do you notice happens for you?

Niki [3:43] Lots of anxiety.  I kind of feel like, it’s almost like your soul slips away from yourself a little bit.  So you’re living very physically rather than from a co-joined spiritual and physical perspective.   I certainly noticed the difference and I know when I’m not in balance think – I get grumpy and short-tempered and all that kind of stuff as you do.  So it’s really important for me in my daily life, I have to be connected.  So I generally start the day with a bit of a connection ritual and end the day the same.

Mark [4:18] When you connect yourself, does that then nourish the energy underneath the irritability?

Connecting & cleansing the debris within me

Niki [4:25] Absolutely.  So I think part of that connection is for me – release as well.  So unburdening and without judgment, just letting go.  A brain drain kind of thing.  Letting everything out and being nourished by that golden light that comes through.  It really does, it’s amazing it’s like, it washes away all the debris from your energy and fills you back up. So you can start again.

Mark [4:51] Does it heal the debris?

Niki [4:53] I think a lot of it, some of it, it just washes it away, depending on how deep it is.  A lot of stuff will keep coming back if it’s not really – it’s not worked properly, and you have to go do some more work there.  It will keep coming up with the same issue.

Mark [5:09] When that same issues coming up, do we need to connect to that, to give it the healing that it’s requested by returning?

Connecting to my Inner Healing

Niki [5:17] Absolutely yeah.  Despite sometimes we think we’ve dealt with something over and over again, it will keep re-surfacing.  That’s like, to me, that’s how I know I need to do more work there.  So even if I don’t like it, and I’m exhausted by it, or I don’t want it, sometimes you bring stuff up for yourself.   You know, it’s gonna make things a little rocky for now, but I’m too busy.  I don’t have time for this, so you’ll push it back down, and it will keep coming.  It keeps coming until it’s dealt with.  So I think feeling it is definitely, something I’ve learned to do is allow- allow that feeling, give it a voice.  I blog a lot and that’s my way of giving my feelings a voice.

Mark [6:01] When I work with people, I talk about, oh we’ve pushed it back down the rabbit hole with having an aversion to it from a meditation perspective.  When we’re having an aversion to it, I’m wondering whether that’s an aspect of our psyche that’s still stuck in that rabbit hole on its own. Yep, and I wonder what it’s needing?

Un-connecting to my Suffering

Niki [6:21] I think there’s a lot of this whole society of addiction to suffering.  I think part of ourselves, we really like to have something to hang on to as well.  This may be especially so when we’re talking about grief and things like that.  I know myself, I lost both of my parents and I’ve released a lot of that, and I’ve healed a lot of that stuff.   It has taken a long time but I’ve still got a long way to go because part of me really wants to grab onto that heartache and that pain because it’s a memory.  So it’s almost like if you let that go, you’re forgetting, so that’s a process.

Mark [6:55] Yeah, sometimes wonder when we’re in that really beautiful, clear presence, and this connection to the ‘All That Is’ – we’re in the flow.  It’s peace and freedom and the minds clear.  I wonder whether the mind likes to fetish on some drama because it’s going, Oh my God (OMG), what do I do now?

I think there's a lot of this whole society of addiction to suffering. I think part of ourselves, we really like to have something to hang on to as well. Click To Tweet

Connecting to clear my Heart & Mind

Niki [7:14] Absolutely yeah, addiction to drama and suffering.  We create issues, just when we think everything’s perfect, it’s almost like we feel guilty, I can’t possibly be this happy, I need to create something else.  That’s going to distract me from feeling happy. I think that’s something that is carried on through generations as well.  If you look back to your parents, they always had stuff going on.  I look back at the way my parents were and how I viewed them as a child and thought that’s how life is.  You always have money struggles, addictions, and dramas, with your friendships and dramas with your family – it’s not their fault.  That’s just how things go.  I think as time goes on, we can learn to change that cycle.   For me, and my children, I’m hoping to teach them coping strategies, so they don’t feel the need to latch onto drama.  I’m still working on it.

Mark [8:09] It’s interesting from a neuroscience perspective, I read recently from an author Alex Korb, a neuroscientist  and he talked about that, in his research, he found that guilt and shame are registered in the reward centre in the brain (insula), which is the same place where all the joyful things food, chocolate, sex, drugs, all that stuff is recorded as well.  So it’s fascinating, how our addiction to suffering.  It’s how do we clear how do we be present in a gentle, nourishing way to that suffering?

Connecting to my Observer Self

Niki [8:52] Through my life coaching course, that I’m doing, I learned some valuable stuff.  Things like being an observer to what’s going on around you. Not having an emotional attachment to things that usually stir an emotional response.   It’s really hard, you think that something happens and the immediate reaction is to get emotional about it.  It’s usually either happy or sad or angry.  What if just look at it, and observe it and feel it for what it is and just take in.  I look around at other people in their reactions, and it gives you just a little break from being right up in the drama.  Once you observe it, I think it kind of melts away on its own, because you don’t want to give it your attention and energy if it’s not really worth it.

Mark [9:40] When that dramas, is there between friends or others?  What does that then do or what impact does it have on the connection to others?

Connecting to Help Others

Niki [9:50] Well, I think there’s a lot of sensitive souls around.  So I think when our friends are suffering, are they having dramas and we want to hear about it, we want to help them, we absorb it for them.  That’s how we are at service to them to be a good friend, we absorb it, and they feel awesome and they might leave feeling happy.  My friends do this for me all the time but then they’re left with it.  So it’s important to sort of detach from it – everyone’s other stuff.  I wonder how much energy of other people was carrying around all the time, that’s not even our stuff.   We then wonder how we feel like that because we’re carrying everybody else’s stuff.  So I think being an empath or being a gentle person, you don’t you tend to help a lot of people.   We really need to be able to set boundaries and get rid of that excess stuff, that’s not even yours.  That’s a hard balance.

Mark [10:42] It was a tough balance and they’re also indicators.  I’m wondering whether there’s something that I need to connect within myself that that person’s resonated or triggered for me?   I just want to now move to the flip side of that, too from a suffering perspective? When you’re connected to the Gold light, you’re in flow?  What do you notice and what do you experience the impact that has with your connection to self and others?

Connection to the Synchronicity

Niki [11:16] Well, I absolutely find synchronicity happens instantly.  All the issues that you have, will suddenly have answers that pop up for you.  You’re in the flow with everything, which means you’ll – even to the point – where you’ll go through all these green traffic lights because you’re in sync with the universe, not just yourself.   I believe if we’re in sync with ourselves, and Mother Earth, whatever’s happening to Mother Earth is happening to us, and vice versa.  So, when I do my connection, I always imagined that anchoring point down the bottom to – so the light going right through me into Mother Earth and back around again.  So we’re all one.  So when I’m in, in the flow of everything, it’s seamless, things just happen.  You don’t have to work as hard at –  I don’t know – little things that you’ve found on your to-do list will suddenly be crossed off the list.  Everything just kind of flows

Mark [12:16] Do others flow with you?

Being Connected to my Zen

Niki [12:18] Not always but I find if so long as you’re in your own place of centre, Zen, nothing that they can give you will affect you.  You might rub off on them and make them feel better. So your energy can actually be absorbed by them too.  This is what I find with children specifically.  It’s really important to make sure you’ve – I find patience in that too.  If not patient, and I’m losing my patience or I’m getting cross or whatever.  I think, give me patience and that’s what I asked for, you know, ask for patience.   When I feel more patient, suddenly everything settles as they chill out a little bit, because they’re picking up your vibes.

Mark [13:01] When you just – as I’m sitting here sharing your energy with you. The question for me that dropped into my consciousness, is when you have that patience, what do you experience happens in your heart?

Niki [13:14] It just expands and all the – I don’t know, all the trivial little things drop away, and you can laugh about it, and it just really, it opens you up.  I find when you feel anxious and stressed, you close all that backup.  You find even in your solar plexus, you tense up and you slouch over and you block yourself.   That’s all part of the recognizing when I’m stressed, how am I sitting? Am I being open?  Do I have pain in those areas, are my meridians being blocked and all that kind of stuff?

Heart Connection of Love

Mark [13:49] Well done, because the body will contract to protect the heart?  What’s in our heart? How do we open our hearts and keep working at opening our hearts?  The more we open our hearts and wonder what’s flowing through?  Is it spiritual energy or our connection to the ‘All That Is’?

Niki [14:17] Well, I think love, not just in a romantic sense – very rarely in a romantic sense when I talk about love.  You can expand that area of your being if it comes from a soul level, not just from a physical level.  So, there was a time where my son was really little, and he wouldn’t interact with certain people.  I would connect with him through the heart it was before I discovered the spark and everything which I talk about in my book.  I would just sit in front of him and put his hand on my heart and my hand on his heart.  I’d say from heart to heart, I mean it – because things would change.  He would have some upset about that – from the heart to heart, I mean it.  One time, he didn’t want to speak to his grandmother.  I said, you know, she loves you, right?  He said, really?  I said heart to heart and he went up and gave her a hug.  I had to explain to him that she really loves you from her heart.  That’s not just pretending, the energy was weird for some reason but as soon as I explained that to him, he understood that on an energetic level,

Mark [15:25] He connected to that – at an energetic level?

Niki [15:28] At such a young age as well.

Autism Connecting to their Intuitive Spirit

Mark [15:32] My experience of working with young boys and men with autism is that deep down, they do have that spirit. They do have that connection – it seems to just get lost in the translation through the cognitive brain?

Niki [15:47] Absolutely, like a traffic jam.  That’s the thing, too, I think my son feels things a lot deeper than – and just children in general, I think they feel everything.  Which is why, as parents, I think it’s really important to check in with yourself too and not to blame yourself for their behaviour or anything like that.  Behind every behaviour, there’s a reason – there’s a need that’s not being met.  So we’ve got to try and figure out whether it starts with – I know, a lot of the time it is me. My son picks up everything and he doesn’t have that filter of the society that we have – grown to filter out all of that energy, he just picks everything up and that’s a lot, for a little person

Mark [16:35] That’s a lot of connection, isn’t it? Yeah.

Mark [16:38] Does it get overwhelmed sometimes by all that connection that he’s picking up?

Connecting to Sensory Integration

Niki [16:41] Absolutely. Absolutely.  I’ve been out of figure out for him, sensory integration helps him to shift some of that out.  So we have – my house is a bit like a play gym with lots of different things, activities to do.  At the age that he’s at now, it’s more about getting him to take responsibility for those feelings and shifting them himself, and empowering him to make the choice of what activity.  So hanging and suspending is something that helps him.  There is always jumping, crashing, pressure, oral fixation stuff, there’s lots of things.  Generally speaking, even spinning and things like that.  It’s almost like you can see all the stuff flying off him as is spinning.  He doesn’t get dizzy ever.

Mark [17:28] Well the body wants to release all that energy/energetic that’s inside.  Whether it’s spiritual, doesn’t matter what – it’s just energy and has to be relaxed?

Wi-fi through Analogue? Need to change channels

Niki [17:41] I always liken it to like a high frequency, like a TV station.  Children with a high frequency, it’d be like trying to run the internet through an analog system.  So if I’m analog, and I’m trying to connect with him, and he’s running on this high-speed Wi-Fi, how do we match that level?  So it’s not that he’s got to drop down to being analog, again, we have to try and raise our frequency to be that high so that we can communicate.

Mark [18:11] Do connect yourself to get into that frequency?

Niki [18:15] Have to, there’s no way in otherwise he’ll know.  It’s integrity too and if I’m coming from a place of anger, or if I’m coming from a place of distrust or anything like that, or I’m sure that he picks up on everything.  There’s no lying to this child.

My Son is showing me so much

Mark [18:33] Powerful teacher?

Niki [18:36] Yeah, well, he teaches me way more than I ever teach him.  I’m sure this won’t always work.  We’ve got to keep it up to date, and everything like that.   Frequency and energy and all that kind of stuff, the more we heal ourselves, and as well as parents.  There’s a lot about that in my book because we can’t help them.   We can’t help our children if we’re coming from a place of anger, and all this baggage and all this stuff that we haven’t sorted out.  So, it’s only going to help them and I believe past, present and future if we sort of deal with our stuff.

Mark [19:12] I also believe that it’s really important for us also to connect to that woundedness, that damage for it to be healed.  Absolutely, because it’s part of our psyche, it’s part of something else that has been.

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Releasing the Wounds from our Hearts

Mark [19:26] Part of the heart has been wounded?

Niki [19:28] Absolutely.  I did a meditation once and it was about releasing.  Release things from your heart, unburdening what’s on your heart.  Even just asking someone, what’s on your heart?  It triggers something in them, that they recognize that they do have something there.  Even if they look perfectly fine on the outside.  Through this meditation, I felt shards of glass coming out.  Like I was pulling out, things that were stabbing me in the heart.  The amazing relief that you feel after that.  It may come back as an open wound, and you’ve got to go back again and again.  Over time, I think it gradually does with a lot of work, it heals itself, and you grow wiser and stronger for it.

Mark [20:18] As Rumi says, that ‘through the wound, that the light enters’?

Through the Wound Enters the Light ~ Rumi

Niki [20:24] You can’t have light without darkness, they go together, unfortunately.  So we have to go through it.  You don’t see strong people who’ve gone through nothing hard.  Everyone has gone through something hard.   I guess, how we battle forward and move through the energy or we block it out and watch it resurface over and over again.

Mark [20:47] It would be really lovely, as a community to be able to honour our darkness.  Absolutely. To be able to set up spaces where – that it’s – hey it’s there.  How can we collectively heal that?

Niki [21:04] I think there are lots around that’s changing that for people.  People are admitting it’s okay. Admitting it’s okay and then knowing what to do about it is important.  Otherwise, you might stay there – right.  So, I think that’s the ticket right there acknowledging it and then what do you do?  What do you do about it?  You’ve just bought it up to the surface, it’s going to stay there unless you really shift it out and heal it.

Connecting with loving-kindness to our wounds

Mark [21:28] How much of our connection does it need as it’s surfacing?

Niki [21:32] To be centred while you’re dealing with it?  I think that’s the thing.   Depending on how difficult it is – it has the potential to set you right back.  So I think constant connection re-connection is necessary.  I know for myself if I find something comes up again, and again, for me, it’s really hard to find that balance.  I find it hard to be both at the same time. There’s feeling it and then there’s the light that’s kind of getting diminished by all that darkness.  So how can you feel it at the same time as being connected?   I think, I personally try and give myself some space – to just be, with that feeling and that energy.  I might blog, or I might talk to friends.  I’m a talker, I have to get my stuff out and that’s how I release things.  I guess not everybody has that release.  I’ll give myself a time limit before I say, okay.  Now I’m sitting in this suffering a little bit too long, and I’m starting to be a victim, and I’m going to shift it out and heal it and change the mindset.

Mark [22:34] I really love it term mindset, because that term mindset to me is not just thinking, it enables me to carry the emotion. There’s the emotion to it – the power of the emotion plus the thinking.  It’s a very powerful word.   When we lose the light, and we’re heading into the connected or disconnecting from light, but connected to darkness.  I sometimes try to invite in the mindset, of just 10% loving-kindness there today.  I’m not going to be connected to the light, I’m not – my flow is going to be different because I’m connected – disconnected from the light and connected to the dark.  How can we/I just not give it just 10% today?

Connecting to our Wounds is Healing Them

Mark [23:22] Yep. It needs rather than beat up on us or get annoyed at it.  Is how do we just be present to it? Just let it be there.  Allow ourselves to have a connection to it? It is screaming for that connection?

Niki [23:39] Absolutely. I like a little mantra that I say to myself when everything seems to be going down the drain, and I’m going down the rabbit hole, as we were talking about earlier. We go down the rabbit hole constantly but it’s I guess, how quickly you get back out of it.  That’s the thing, whether you’ve had a good day or not.  I try and tell myself even though, as an observer, this is going wrong, that’s going wrong.  This is gotta go wrong soon, ‘all is well.’  ‘All is well,’ and this is enough to just shift me back to, Oh, you know, what do you do?

Mark [24:14] Do you know something about rabbit holes?  If we follow the rabbit hole through they go into a warren and I come out, there’s an exit through that warren somewhere else.

Niki [24:27] There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Connecting to my ‘All That Is’

Mark [24:30] Just moving through to be just mindful of time.  The connection to the ‘All That Is’ whatever that is to you. Is that like a Soul – is that terminology for your Soul?  Or is it beyond the Soul and goes to the infinity?   Whatever sits right for you?

Niki [24:52] I see everything as light.  That is how to tend to visualize.  It’s easier than having a face to things and a name to things.   If you imagine, I like to imagine when I’m connected to the ‘All That Is’ – not just for myself.  So the source of the light up the top there, my own inner light and I bathe in it – a golden ocean of light.  So it’s kind of like, light all around. That gives you the opportunity to be able to transfer your inner light too, ‘All That Is.’ So it’s like the ocean is actually the universe, not just this room, or this town or this country, but everything.  I think universal energy and global consciousness and universal consciousness, it’s all a flowing ocean.  So I guess, when I’m imagining it in my meditations, that’s what I’m in.  I’m in the flow of the universe.

Mark [25:50] When you’re in the flow of the universe and connected deeply in that flow to the universe, where does the sense of self go? Is it still there?  Is it?

Light in the Ocean

Niki [26:00] It’s just another light in the ocean – it’s just another one?  I think – I’ve described it to people who struggle with the concept of meditation, stuff like that.  I can do my little meditations really quickly now, just by working with what I know to be easy, which is visualization of lights.  I just say to them, imagine stars.  So everything’s dark.  I feel like, or if you can get back to just being that one star in the night sky, you drawing yourself back to self.   Then if you imagine all the other stars around, and now then that’s everybody else.  When you’re in the flow, you’re just part of that, a big flow of all the lights and energy.

Mark [26:47] Does the self dissolve in that flow?

Niki [26:49] I personally feel like I do sometimes.  To be at one with everything you joined, everything’s together.  Which is why I find it really hard to understand with the road rage and things like that.  I just don’t feel it.  I could just think, oh, that poor person’s probably having a really hard day.  I don’t feel angry, it might be frustrating, especially if it’s something that’s a new miss or an accident or something like that.  I just connect to that other person naturally because we’re all together.  Like, we’re all in this together. I think people think that I’m a bit weird because I’m, oh, that poor person just cut me off there must be having a really bad day.   That’s how we all get along.  Like if everybody thinks like this, there wouldn’t be so much, anger going on in the street.

Our Suffering Dissolves in Connection to our ‘All That Is’

Mark [27:39] It’s really interesting as you were sharing about that as like – it just reminded me of my suffering dissolves, when I’m in that connected flow of the ‘All That Is.’

Niki [27:54] It’s a perfect way to put it. Yes, dissolves. It disappears. Yep.

Mark [28:00] It disappears, it’s like my emotional health and my mental health, what’s that? In that space?

Niki [28:09] When I don’t know if you picked up on it before I mentioned the brain drain.  I try and visualize all of my problems literally leaking out of me and not being part of me anymore.  So I guess, that’s a form of release and that’s another way that it can dissolve. It was there and it’s no longer there and I’m now different because of it.  That’s good. Even if it was a bad experience, I’m different because of it and that’s good because we’re always learning.

Mark [28:38] When the brain is draining, are you more in your heart as the brain is draining?

Connection of Soul & Heart as One

Niki [28:45] Connecting from a soul level?  So the soul and the heart, I think go hand in hand together.  You can’t have one without the other sort of thing.  So yeah, it’s about focusing that in honing in on the heart space and the soul.  Letting everything else like, we’re just having a physical experience.  Once we get back to the root of that, we see everything as a lesson rather than a trial.

Mark [29:15] I sometimes jokingly say, the sad reality – is we’re incarnate, in human form. Oh, bugger.

Niki [29:21] Yeah exactly.

Mark [29:24] Sometimes I wish I was not incarnate in human form.   It’s really powerful in the model that I was explaining in the office before the Head and Heart model.  I have a diamond at the bottom of the heart, and I call it, the Soul Mindfulness of Being.  I think the term mindfulness is bandied around, you can just be in a meeting and they said, just be mindful.  They are just asking, watch what you’re going to say.  If drop it into the Soul Mindfulness – and the universe is not provided with that. I hope the sound won’t pick up too much.  So yeah, it’s learning how do we connect at that level?  It’s the greatest gift we can give ourselves is to be present in that space?

Empty our Minds to Connect

Niki [30:15] So I think what you were saying before about mindfulness as well, it’s very close.  Sometimes you have to empty your mind out completely to be able to connect.  Other times, I think it’s a lot to do with the mind to get you to connect.  It is hard to shift that focus from busy, busy, I’ve got so much to do.  I’m drowning and too many tabs open. Then to have the mindset to be able to recognize that as being a trigger to losing connection and then saying, ‘well, actually, I need to switch my focus.’   I’ve got a few affirmations that I might say to myself, or I tell myself the opposite of what I’m feeling. Some might be feeling really lethargic, and I can’t be bothered, I’m like, I am so full of energy.  It’s almost like you have to lie to yourself for a little bit until you believe it.  Just shifting the mindset changes the focus and the energy of your whole day.

Kindness, Love, change, start, attitudeMark [31:10] I always believed getting out of my head and into my heart.

Niki [31:15] Yep,

Mark [31:15] Is the trick?

Niki [31:17] Yeah, absolutely.

Mark [31:19] It’s there and in the east, when they talk of mind they point to the heart.  It’s us in the West, we point to mind – we point to the head, the intellectual brain. The heart is the emotional brain, it’s got an energy and a totally different language of itself.

Logic & Emotions speak different languages

Niki [31:38] It’s like when you think, I’m thinking with my head and not my heart.  They speak completely different volumes of language.  So your logic in your mind and it’s usually a completely different result if you’re thinking from your heart.  So I guess, even with making choices as to career progression, and things like that, you can be good something with the mind or your hands or whatever.   What do you really love, like what you’re passionate about that comes from the heart?  So passion and stuff like that?  I tend to find my passions and things that I’m good at, from the heart space, not so much from the mind.

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Mark [32:16] Coming back to connect to that?

Niki [32:18] Absolutely. Yeah, you

Mark [32:21] Have to. Time and time again. Yep.

Mark [32:24] As that Zen quote, “chop wood, carry water, pre-enlightenment, chop wood, carry water, post-enlightenment.” ,   It’s the connexion that we have in post-enlightenment that enables us to carry – to chop the wood and carry the water much differently with which much more ease, flow, grace, gratitude and compassion.  One of the questions I’ve been asking to draw things to a close is, do you have any advice for young people as they journey into live?

My Advice to Young People

Niki [33:05] Oh, going back to being a teenager.

Niki [33:08] Honestly, I like talking to young people and see where their minds and hearts are at. There’s such a disconnection from – because you’re born with this innate ability to connect with other people with your surroundings, and energy and all that kind of stuff. Then we lose it over time.  Technology just as much as it’s a necessary evil – it really just skews the energy for everyone and creates a disconnection from self and from other people.  So I think meditation is a fantastic idea for any age.  I’m trying to get my boys doing meditation when they go to bed and things like that.  When you’re a teenager, especially and it’s probably not so cool to do that.  I would give younger people the advice of trying to connect with themselves and have digital detox quite often.  Go camping with your friends and stuff like that, to really connect with each other and earth.

Mark [34:10] Thank you.

Mark [34:12] It was through the World Heart of Connection Day that we’ve connected.  So looking forward to the day to have people connect, to give the connection and the flow of loving-kindness and compassion back to Mother Earth.  Thank you for your input.  Thank you for the energy you’ve bought to the organizing group of the World Heart of Connection Day. I deeply value it, I honoured it.

Niki [34:45] Thank you so much.

Mark [34:46] It’s a gift – thank you. Well done.

Niki [34:48] Thank you.

Mark [34:49] Namaste.

Niki [34:50] Namaste.


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