Episode 17 – Healing Presence of Soul & Love – My Conversation with Soleil Poynton

Connection with self, other and All That Is
Heart of Connection Podcast
Heart of Connection Podcast
Episode 17 - Healing Presence of Soul & Love - My Conversation with Soleil Poynton

Being Solar Powered needs the Queensland Warmth

Soleil thank you for being a guest on the Heart of Connection podcast. It’s lovely to reconnect and have a conversation with you and your wonderful practice Empowered2Happiness.

How’s life in Queensland?

Life in Queensland is awesome. I love it up here. I just love I just love the weather and the weather makes me happy. I just love the fact that I’m two blocks from the beach and I can walk along the water with my feet in the sand or in the water. Watch the pelicans go past. And yeah just I get the sun I’m solar powered so the sun just makes you happy.

How long have you been up there now?

[00:00:51] Well, I’ve been making pilgrimages back to Queensland. So basically I’ve been here it started in the 1980s being in Queensland and then I’ve sort of been around Australia to different places and been back for around about three years back into the heat and as I said I just don’t do well in the cold weather it just makes it hard for me to care for myself as much as it is. I can do it up here I suppose. You know it’s easier to be more self-nurturing when I can get outside into nature I suppose.

[00:01:27] Is there a connection to that warmth?

[0:01:32] Yeah well as I said I’m solar powered so if I don’t get the sun on me at least know sometime during the day I usually feel like my batteries are a little flatter and if it’s a dull day then it’s not as harmonious for me as having the sun. So it really does connect me to myself I guess I really feel a connection to the sun as my name means Sun in French. So there’s a bit of a connection there definitely.

Sun & Nature Are Integral to My Self-Care

 [00:02:05] How does it work on your connection to yourself.  How do you experience the warmth?  What does it do to your connection and self-care?

[00:02:18] I think for me you know it is the sun but it’s also nature. So if I need to connect with myself I am most connected if I down the beach and by the ocean. So going down and just walking in the water like I said or walking in the sand sometimes I just sit on a rock and meditate and just listen to the water or do some yoga down at the waterfront or some stretching whatever it is that I feel like and I just close my eyes and just be that that’s the best way for me to connect. Occasionally I’ll go lie down on the grass down by the waterfront which usually doesn’t last as long as I’d like and then we get eaten by ants. So it’s sort of a little bit hard to be connected when you’re being eaten. But yeah it’s really it’s really the beach that that does it for me. I try to live inland for a couple of years I lived in Wagga Wagga and nearly went crazy. So I just have to the ocean and I grew up by the ocean as you know. So that’s a really huge part of me the ocean and the bush.

 [00:03:29] Whereabouts, when you are walking along on the beach or lying down.  What happens to your body what do you notice what do you experience happens in your body?

[00:03:41] For me my body is usually pretty even though I might do exercise or do whatever I sore, my body is able to relax. Very well so I don’t hold a lot of muscle tension when I decide to just lie or be I could just have a massage this morning and I’m floppy like a cat so I’m able to let go and surrender my body to the ground or to the beach or to a massage table or whatever and my mind is generally pretty blank. Like I said before I don’t really hold it my memory is not great in the sense that I don’t hold things in my consciousness anymore. It’s like a blank space up there and when things need to come through they come through. So it’s like all of the information and the data and everything that I might have learned over my years working with people or even things that might be part of it like a collective unconscious or subconscious or whatever you want to call it can come through you know channeled through if you like as they’re needed. So when I’m working with clients, for instance, I just hold the space and I just sit. I might ask some curious questions I reflect things back to people and I maintain an open, a very open space where I haven’t got anything in my head. I write notes on a piece of paper. If I’m working with someone and the reason for that is so that my mind can be really clear and I don’t have to retain or remember anything and so I go through my life like that I have to write myself lists to go down to the shop and get three things because I get down and I can’t remember what it was that I was going to get. So it’s a very nice place to be just pretty empty really.

Clearness in my Heart and Mind Integrates My Soul & Body

[00:05:31] Could I just check in on what goes on at a heart level when this in the clearness of your mind?

[00:05:40] Well my heart I really feel that my soul is very integrated within my physical body and I guess I think of life as you know I think of the Universe or whatever  is being very multidimensional. So I believe I exist in various different dimensions at once. And whatever you want to call that dimension you know there’s esoteric or not or just being able to have thoughts feelings sensations maybe they’re all different dimensions but don’t really know really. But my heart is as clear as my head. So I feel so I feel nothing. It’s nothing but it’s an everything at the same time.

[00:06:30] Is it a beautiful nothing if we were to put a label to it?

[00:06:37] It’s a peaceful nothing, it’s you know I get moved every now and then by beauty where I might get some tears but usually and usually they’ll just be a moment of well it’s amazing and you know bring tears to my eyes. But in terms of getting happy like I’m not happy but probably sad or angry or any of those things that I might have been a long time ago where I might have been triggered or a bit annoyed or upset for maybe a half an hour or something. If there is anything that might really mean these days the upset is literally for a few seconds. So I feel like I’m almost like a newborn baby but that just doesn’t hold onto anything, So yes I guess yeah the heart space everything space just feels sort of clear and peaceful and most of the time. You know every now and then there’ll be something like paperwork that I might have to do that you know it’s a bit confusing or even more pouting and the pile of it or something that might challenge that piece momentarily but mentally it doesn’t stop doesn’t stay around for long.

The Clearness is A Freedom

[00:07:53] Is there a freedom in it?

[00:08:08] Yeah. There is a freedom in not having to be something. It’s almost like the cup. A cup is just a cup until you put something in it. And so the cup doesn’t have to do anything except sit there and wait to receive an instant analogy I just came up with it and they’re really making sense.

[00:08:38] Do you dissolve or when you’re in that space is there.  Is it like this the sense of self does that dissolve into and connect to a broader universal energy is there. You talked of the different dimensions is that what happens for you?

[00:08:59] Yeah I guess a sense of self I don’t When you’re asking me earlier about introducing myself I was just like I don’t know what to say because I don’t use labels and identification of story to describe myself. I do various things I do the painting I do artwork I make music.  But as far as if you were to ask me to describe who I am, it’s just and I don’t know if that makes any sense and I forgotten got your question all. I can’t retain anything.

Sense of Self Is Connected to a Presence of All That Is

 [00:09:42] As you know you’ve got that space there’s a clearness in your mind and in your heart and in that space is there. Do you dissolve or you immersed or completely connected to “All that is.”

[00:10:03] I think sometimes it’s very hard to define and describe the probably the best thing I said was the cup in the sense that it’s not an emptiness as in a loss or a lack and it. It is a force to some extent of just being present. I suppose it’s just being present and just being fully present with whatever is currently around me.

[00:10:39] In that full presence can you describe the energy in your body that you experiences as you’re in that full presence?

[00:10:54] Again it’s just a calmness. I don’t feel agitated I’m just calm I guess I’m just being in a space. It’s not floating, I feel like I’m grounded so I don’t feel like I’m sort of off with the fairies so to speak. I can feel you know I feel very connected. I go I’ve got an avocado tree so you know the other day I was out there picking avocado trees and I saw avocados of the tree and I feel you know I can feel very connected to the tree and like and connected to all of you know the dog barking in the background here and there and then the light, the moon when it’s when it’s around the sun. So all of those things are connected I suppose there’s a bit of an expansive type feeling.

Sharing it with Others Is Being Clearly In Presence

[00:11:51] How do you share that? Do you share that expansiveness with others?

[00:11:56] I just share myself with others. So what I was saying to you before about I don’t do psychotherapy anymore I just share that presence for me this is probably the highest level of use of self in work is that presence of self and clearer you are as a person without you know your own triggers without your own demons and things floating around whatever they might be or traumas I’ve done you know the most amount of work during my life on personal development not professional development as such. So I feel like I’m very clear and clearer that I am to the more people can be reflected when they perhaps if you think about a mirror and I’m not trying to you know I don’t have an ego about this is it just sort of what happened. But you know if you think about a mirror or some mirrors are greasy or dusty or whatever people don’t see themselves very well when they look into that mirror. Whereas if you’ve got a clear mirror you reflect back at yourself clearly. Sometimes people don’t want that view and so they choose not to be in my presence which is fine. Other people like to explore and find out a bit more about what they see and that’s the space that I create for them to choose to be in if that’s what they want it to be.

[00:13:28] And what’s the connection like you create in that space. Can you describe that connection is there in that presence. It’s sometimes it’s hard words to you when you’ve got that presence. Can you describe the space?

[00:13:44] Like I said before it is a calmness and it’s a joy and I’m not trying to say that I am like the Dalai Lama but the Dalai Lama for instance having seen him in person is this child like joy that bubbles over you know he can be sort of righteously angry in the sense of from perhaps a spiritual truth point of view. On the occasion. But he just bubbles over with joy and with a delightful sort of presence and I guess you know when I think about what it’s like when I’m with clients I find that clients become resonant with that. And so they often come and go I had no intention of saying this talking about this. Whatever they start to experience joy within themselves and start to laugh some of them say you know they haven’t laughed like that for a long time and they’re quite surprised. And so I guess it’s just trying to hold not even hold, just be that energy so that they can experience that and reconnect with that within themselves.

Working with Others in Presence for them To Reconnect and Empower

[00:15:07] It is with the whole thing that I am working towards really is people remembering and reconnecting and re-empowering themselves which is what my business is all about and removing the dust and the layers of adulteration and you know being stuck in boxes and Matrix and labels and  trying to live up to things that are not there. So just really trying to ditch everything that’s inauthentic and distorted and all the illusion and projections and programming and imprinting and conditioning that has been bestowed upon them for instance or they have decided to bestow upon themselves and just letting that go to become the clearest version of themselves.

Letting Go Is Our Healing Process

[00:16:06] Is the letting go, a healing? A process of healing?

[00:16:12] Yeah, there is you know there’s the reconnection aspect is it’s a joyful rediscovery of the gifts that they already have.  And so you know that can bring a lot of tears of relief and also they’re letting go of not wanting not needing to hang on to traumas and stories and things and causation this causes that it’s just going you know what I don’t need them anymore I can let that go. And so it’s just allowing, Letting go, releasing process, that the healing and awakening sort of aspect of it.

[00:16:56] Do they let it go at a heart level or do they let it go both at a heart and a mind level?

[00:17:02] Yeah, well I think not just heart and mind I think it’s its body as well the body you know if people like the best of both child and quantum physics and Deepak Chopra and everyone would tell you their body remembers and so often there are cellular memories that people have. And so the body has to catch up sometimes with the conscience and the decisions that people have made around what’s true or not true for themselves. So they let go at a feeling level of the heart level at a mind level and at a body level and then the soul comes through more clearly.

Coming Into Our Love

[00:17:45] When you said the word soul what comes through to me was the word love. I connected to love then. I’m just wondering do you see that as a label or is that an energy?

[00:18:00] I see love as an energy and I really I think love is it. You know I love this the energy that we grow in flourish in and love takes many forms and love never dies it actually just reforms. So you know for instance when people are in a relationship and they end that relationship or that relationship ends, that love hasn’t died it just takes another form in whatever the next person is that they then share that love with. So love I think is definitely an energy.

Love Is Healing of Ourselves and Mother Earth

[00:18:39] What would happen to the world, to Mother Earth and to the world if we evolved more into the Soul, the love of the soul or whatever we want to call it. How would that then manifest on a broader global level. Do you believe?

[00:19:01] Yeah look I obviously you know the more people are in a space of love the less war we have the more tolerance and compassion we’ll have for animal people on the planet. And so I think that’s only a good thing you know. Andrew Harvey if you don’t you highly talks about sacred activism (Institute for sacred activism) which is another concept that sort of relates to people looking after the world that they live in. So I think more people would probably take part in sacred activism. And I guess I used to be one of those people that campaigned for animal rights and to fight for the planet.  Now as you know used to be Ban the Bomb or anti-uranium marches when I was at university a long time ago and I got to a place where I let that go. And I came to a place of acceptance around not agreement but acceptance of the way that things work themselves out. So if you hold a place of fear or a vibration of anger then you’re not receptive to love. You become judgmental of other people. And so that’s not a loving space. So I came to that conclusion and ditch that previous focus and now I just sit in a space of love and share that with as many people as possible.

Being In Presence with Love is Healing Space

[00:20:37] How do they respond? The people you sit with?

[00:20:42] I think well they generally sort, unless they don’t want to see themselves. Like I said they generally open up and they just say that they feel lighter in my presence.

[00:21:02] Are they feeling loved? And I wonder sometimes in the re-learning and the reprogramming and letting go is there because at a cellular level to receive love. Can sometimes be foreign for people?

[00:21:21] Absolutely. It’s just incredible.

[00:21:25] Well I guess you know having worked as a bodyworker that was really evident to a lot of the time. You know when I put loving hands on people doing massage or spiritual healing or whatever you want to call it, you know channeling through whatever, people would cry a lot. You know I remember one of my clients said that you know the touch was like the touch of the mother she never had. And so for people to be able to be gifted with an experience of loving space or words or touch it is a gift for people and very healing.

[00:22:10] And I just wonder checking in,  is that touching for you to you sharing that with me know just for me resonated with me. There’s a really touching there in you too?

[00:22:22] Yeah. Well, I do. I just that lights my world up. A love you know that’s why I do what I do you know because I see people respond and I see them blossom and I see them awaken and can tell they’ll go and do the ripple effect on others with what they’ve now taken away from that and what they’ve rediscovered within themselves blue magical power on my part it’s just really just say being in a space and then recognizing that their soul if your life recognizes that that space is there and that they feel safe and that they can come out to play.

[00:23:05] Yeah.

Nourishing Self with Food and Non-Judgement

[00:23:07] How do you, I’m wondering how do we keep do we need to remind ourselves to keep connecting to that space or is there. Do you have a process to keep anchoring in that space? It sounds like when people are anchored in that space – it’s there.

[00:23:26] Yeah look I take care of myself. I eat food that is higher vibrational if I can sort of get my hands on. So it’s always fresh and organic if possible and it’s free range if I choose to eat meat which I do choose to eat some. And the reason that I do that which some people might argue with is not a high enough vibration is that it allows me to actually be a bridge from maybe some of the higher. And I use the word higher not in any sort of egotistical way just a different level of knowledge or understanding or broader brush understanding allow me to translate some of those concepts and things into a language that is met by people who might not be in that level of understanding yet. So if I was perhaps too esoteric too I don’t know. It just seems to work for me at the moment that choosing to eat some level of meat and I’m extremely grateful for all that I eat doesn’t matter whether it’s a plant or an animal or whatever, you know that that seems to sort of get a slightly denser energetic field and that allows me to be that bridge but I look after myself I do this health care I make myself fresh vegetables juice every morning, I check in with my space it is really harmonious. And that’s really important to me to be in a harmonious non-emotionally polluted environment. And just making sure that my mind is free of judgment. And I think there is a difference between judgment and discernment. Discernment is saying, okay perhaps I need to go this way not that way. Judgment is a very different ballgame. So still exercise discernment but prefer to not exercise any sort of judgment if possible.

00:25:27] When you are exercising judgment do you bring awareness to yourself and remind self I am in judgment here. You cannot get back into discernment?

[00:25:36] Absolutely. Absolutely. Yep!

The Depth of Heart Our Authentic Guide – Vulnerability or Open

[00:25:42] Is the heart or does the heart play a role in that?

[00:25:48] In Bringing itself back to you. Yeah absolutely. You know because you know it’s about being your own observer as well. So you know sometimes there was a recent sort of situation where there was some negativity around me and in a workspace and I could feel I felt myself getting drawn into that. And like I really don’t want to be here or involved in that I don’t want to participate in that. So I had to be very mindful of-of not being drawn in to some sort of negative swamp and remain sort of clear and open but not shut down. I think. You don’t want to be shutting down and shutting off other people. Perhaps you might just want to remove yourself from the space of if possible whether that’s geographically or somehow by shifting the energy. If you can.

[00:26:57] Being open-hearted but vulnerable?

[00:27:06] Vulnerable is an interesting word. Some people really struggle with the word vulnerable so I guess I would prefer to just open. Just being open and receptive whilst not allowing things to disturb your energy field.

Bringing Our Hearts Back and Dropping Into It Deeper

[00:27:30] And if they do disturb that energy field and how do you then bring yourself back?

[00:27:39] I use the breath. Yes, I use my breath and I just tune in. Or I might take a moment and move myself to somewhere else or go outside. Depends on where I am. You know if you can’t avoid being around people if you go shopping or something like that. But I used to get very effective. I used to be very highly sensitive to other people’s energy fields and I would be quite excruciating to go shopping into a big shopping center. We had plenty of them up here, unfortunately. And so I get out of there and I’d be just wiped after an hour and a half. Just looks like I’m done I can’t be around all these people whereas now I don’t have the same issue. And I think because I am much more masterful in how I manage my own energy now and then I will.

[00:28:30] I don’t know this. I’m just like you, do you drop into your soul and in that mastery is that is the mastery of dropping, a dropping into the depth within yourself to connect to a deeper aspect of yourself that able to hold and bring that presence to the sensitive nature?

[00:28:58] Yeah, I think that’s probably that’s a good description of doing it. I’m talking here right now I’m actually in that space and it’s like um I am I am inside my body so I’m looking out from inside my body and it this is a just a you know it’s very hard to explain.

[00:29:23] Yeah it is and this it is something that a friend of mine Andrew said. He described it as hard to encapsulate the essence of what we’re talking about. To encapsulate it in words is difficult.

[00:29:41] And maybe you know, essence is a good word. You know you go back into the essence of yourself which is the true nature of yourself and you reside from there with a and there’s it. Like I said before there’s an empowerment in that space. And so if you are if you are clear and cleansed and clean as possible in terms of your own self itself even if know an identity thing it’s you again it’s hard to describe things but if you if you’re in that clear space then it’s fairly impervious to interruption. It’s only when we have lots of baggage and emotional stuff going on and  wounds and traumas and whatever that they become the trigger point that others can press and therefore that disturbs the energy field.

Are Our Triggers Teachers to Our Healing?

[00:30:49] But I also I’m wondering whether they can also be the teachers to enable us to heal them so that we can drop into that depth?

[00:31:00] Yeah absolutely. Yeah, I think I mean definitely definitely. You know I’ve been through my share of bits and pieces you know during my life and and it’s about clearing those and like I was saying before around Matt Kahn saying you know whatever arises love that. you know that if you if you allow and you don’t fight and you don’t resist the the expression of yourself or whatever needs to come out then that will clean out the bucket and then you’ll be left with the empty cup like I said before.

[00:31:39] And it was beautiful to sit here with you knowing you’re miles away. But it felt like for me a resonating with you in the dropping in and touching that soul is like yeah there’s a beautiful, there that depth of presence there.

[00:31:55] Yeah, that’s very powerful. The question that you’re asking great questions too because it allows me to reflect on your following you’re following along well where we’re going on the journey together. So that’s lovely.

[00:32:09] Yeah, it’s a beautiful space and really the conversations are amazing where they go and to the depths that we can reach and touch and share. And the more we share you know as you and I share it we’re sharing it with others as you say in your work.  You know you’re sharing it with others and the flow on effect is how we might do more to share this with the world and wonder whether the world can become a much better place.  How much more can we heal, how much more can we give it?

[00:32:50] Absolutely. And I think you know one of the other things that changed me as well and we were talking about workshops earlier but you know I don’t so much teach anymore. You know when I am very much a disseminator of information generally and that’s been a lot of my work and the facilitator of processes and things but mainly much more. The teacher is just me being me and I don’t need to and I’ve never been into giving advice to anyone anyway but I don’t need to be as active as I was previously in sharing information. People will come to me and they wanted to discover a bit like you know if you want to discover a bit more about me and where I’m coming from and what I do and how I am then you can just ask that. It’s less about me going and actively trying to teach. So we were talking about web pages and YouTube channel or things like that. And I’m much less active on there than I was at the start because I it’s like I don’t really have it although you probably disagree with that now but I feel like I’ve really got that much to say about just being Yeah.

[00:34:08] And that is the you know, that’s the essence of being is the essence and how much healing just goes on in that presence is really powerful to really empowering deeply empowering and that’s the gift.

[00:34:26] Is there any final, there’s hundreds of final messages. Are any other messages you’d like listeners to take from your story today from your conversation. Is there a final thing that not been said that needs to be said today or shared today.

[00:34:48] Honestly the only thing I would I say to people is just say just be you. You were put on the planet to be you. And so it’s it’s a matter of getting rid of all that isn’t you and it doesn’t serve you anymore. Think you can just be the most clear version of you and that would make you the most happiest. So it’s just being authentic and being real. And if you if you’re in a messy space and be in a messy space and be real you don’t have to hide that and that might be the thing that helps someone else get into a messy place and clear something in them. So to me, that’s just sharing ourselves.

[00:35:27] Okay, beautiful Soliel. What a lovely conversation thank you.

[00:35:32] Thank you. Been delightful.

[00:35:35] And what I might do is have a conversation with you as we finish and then those names you mentioned such as Matt Khan from True Divine Nature I’ll add them in the show so to speak to back-link them in the show notes. Thank you kindly Namaste.

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