Episode 21 – Speaking From The Heart ~ My Conversation with Patrizia McCormack

Heart of Connection Podcast
Heart of Connection Podcast
Episode 21 - Speaking From The Heart ~ My Conversation with Patrizia McCormack

Speaking From The Heart 

Kindness, Love, change, start, attitude
Loving-kindness energy and attitude to change.

[0:00] Hello Trish, welcome to the heart connection podcast. I’m your host, Mark Randall.  It’s great to have you here for a conversation today. I really appreciate you taking the time to come in and have a conversation about what the heart connection to self, others and all that is means to you. Welcome.

[0:18] Thank you for having me.

[0:20] Trish, by way of introduction, just give a quick intro of your life? Were you a Geelong girl born and bred?

Geelong, Melbourne, London & fitting Back Into Geelong

[0:33] Yes, I am.   So I lived in Geelong and was born in Geelong.  I did live in Melbourne for my early 20s.  I was wanting to escape this place, it was sort of boring in my 20’s at that particular time.  Lived in Melbourne and came back to Geelong as I met my husband Pete.  We went on a trip around the world with my husband now, but boyfriend then, Pete. It was a great adventure.   We had a great time traveling and, feeling really free and happy and based ourselves in London and worked and traveled.  We went over to Canada and did a ski season and kept traveling.  It was there we got engaged.  After which we decided to come back home.  We did a bit more traveling and then we were sort of right, we are back in Geelong and it was a bit scary.  Yeah, it was a bit like, where do we fit in now?  And how’s that all going to work out for us?

[1:40] When you move to Melbourne and came back to Geelong was it the connection to Geelong that brought you back to Geelong?

[1:48] Yes it was.  It was actually Pete again because he was living here and we got together.  I came back to live with him and my family and friends.  It just made sense at the time.

[2:04] When you think about the conversation, the heart of connection, what comes to your mind and into your being, as you think about the heart connection? What came up into your mind?

Young & Free I Didn’t Connect to My Heart

[2:21] I think for me, being in my early 20s, was being free and wild.  I didn’t really go into my heart very often.  I guess it’s just part of being young.  I am not really sure, but it could be part of being in denial.  I think I was just being headstrong and being in my mind a lot.  So probably didn’t really into my heart then.  I think I always did as a kid and maybe growing up things changed.  I think when you’re in your wild stage of growing up that you sort of, don’t connect to the heart as often as you should.  It’s nice to now to be in my 40’s and have learnt from life and what life experience is and does and how transforms you into the person that you are today.

How The Heart Transformed Me

[3:22] Knowing that, I do connect more to my heart now.   I think I said this to you earlier that before I speak a lot of the time I check in with that. And I find that there better decisions that I make.  It makes me feel better as well.  I just feel like the words have significance and purity and the more genuine than coming from the head, if that makes sense.

[3:57] When you connect your heart, what’s this space like, can you describe the experience of the space in your heart as you connect there?

[4:10] I just feel it.  It’s like my brain connects to the organ.  I can actually feel the connection.  I can always place in my mind, what is in the heart as well and I feel it.  So yeah, and as we described earlier about the heart connection and my visual was from the bottom to the middle.  I went straight to it when you talked about it and the metaphor of the top half is fragile (vulnerable).

[4:50] I developed a model, the “Head and Heart” model.  And in the heart, the top half of the heart is a fragile, delicate part of our self, our vulnerability and it susceptible to old triggers and old wounds.  We all want connection, we all want to feel close.  When we don’t feel close we might we might on the other side of the heart that is disconnected (rejection, old pains).  However, deep down – past our fragile self is a deeper part of yourself, our inner wisdom.  I’m wondering, when you get into the flow there, is it the wisdom coming through in your voice, in your words, there’s more clarity and peace.  How does it feel for you to connect to your heart, does it bring a sense of peace or a sense of bliss?

Just A Knowing

[5:49] Definitely, a sense of peace and knowing.

[6:01] What is that knowing?  That looked really ancient.  It’s like, it just came out that word.  It was said immediately, just came out, the knowing it’s like you knew – there’s a knowing in there?

[6:16] Has that been around for a long time?  What’s that knowing like?  Is it like an inner wisdom?

[6:25] I think so.

Like I’ve Been Here Before

[6:26] Like, you’ve been here before (e.g., past life)?

[6:29] Yes, I actually think it is.  It’s actually really weird. It is that.  It’s just like a – don’t know, hard to put into words.

[6:45] Just a gift?

[6:47] I don’t know, it’s like a wisdom.  I seem to be able to know a situation quite well.  And it’s not like I’m predicting anything, or I’m a clairvoyant or anything like that. I just, I seem to just know.  I get a feel for something and I just know.

[7:12] What happens in your mind when you get that feel and that knowing, does the mind open up and become a lot clearer for you?

[7:20] Yeah, but it also gets quite scared as well. Yes, I there’s fear and there’s then, okay, I need to be prepared for that or that’s great. Yeah, because it’s good and bad.  And in the knowing and there is sometimes confusion as well.

My Mind Battles My Heart

[7:48] Is the mind confused because of the heart?  I’m wondering, sometimes what I’ve heard and discussed is that the head and the heart can have a battle.  Is the mind wanting control than the heart having control?

[8:07] Definitely. Yes that is right.

[8:14] What has worked for me is, peace of heart, peace of mind.  I’m wondering when you’re in the “knowing,” how much power is in that knowing?   When you hit into that knowing, how much personal power do you have?

Experiencing Power, Openness, Free & Connected

[8:30] I have a lot.

[8:33] What is it like to have that?  What happens to your body when you notice it and tap into that power?  What do you notice you experience in your body?

[8:44] Feel quite open, free and connected.

[8:55] One of the words that we use to describe the heart, what’s coming from the heart is love. Is that like a self-love in that power?

There is More Self-Love Now

[9:05] Yes there is, because there’s a lot more self-love now than it ever has been so different from just being wild.

[9:13] What just happened now that you just described it.  What’s happening in your body now that you’ve just described, that there’s more self-love there now – my body and in my being? 

[9:25] I think my body pretty happy and my mind is pretty happy about that.  You know, my heart feels like it’s beaming being. There’s definitely a good feeling there.

[9:38] Does it bring out a radiant energy?

Radiating Self-Love

[9:41] Yes, exactly.  Yeah, that’s what I was picturing in my head.

[9:44] I could see it in your smile, when your eyes were looking down at the ground and you’re thinking about it and you said the word self-love, your face lit up. There was a really powerful energy there.  How do you share that energy with others, and connect to others with it?

[10:09 ] I think it’s just by being open and not judging the next person.  Knowing that we’re all human and that we kind of need to connect with each other.  And we’re all going through something, whatever it might be, and just being able to, beam that light into people’s lives in order to make them feel good too.

[10:48] When you don’t judge them and your heart radiating, is the less of self-judgment of you as well?

[11:01] Yes, but there’s a little bit of me that says, “what are you doing?  You’re being freak”, stop talking to this person or something, you know, that sort of, like, humanizes things a little bit, too caring or too involved or what whatever it might be?

The Old Mind Takes Control

[11:20 ] How do you stop that mind from controlling the situation and how you integrate back into your heart space?

[11:30 ] Sometimes I don’t.

[11:34 ] What do you notice what happens?  What do you notice when you don’t?

[11:58] You just carry on with your day?

[12:01] What’s the day like? Is it like hard work?

[12:09] Yeah, yeah, it’s just, yeah.

[12:12] Okay the mind takes over.

[12:14] Yes, it takes over.

[12:15] It (mind) takes over and it starts running the show and doesn’t stop?

[12:19] Exactly.

Finding A Reminder To My Heart Space

[12:20] What would be a reminder for you to come back into your heart space?   How do you remind or is there a reminder to come back into the heart space? What is the reminder?

[12:31] It’s usually like old people and someone who’s like an old person who might be walking down the street that’s lonely or, someone who’s going through a significant amount of pain.  And it’s like a reminder, that I need to open up and connect with my heart more and be truly (cliche and crazy), the person I want to be.  Sounds funny, but be authentically me rather than a robotic version of me.

Old Robotic Mind – Go, Go, Go

[13:09] So when you get up and the mind starts running the show, we can then become fairly robotic and go, go. go, get it done.

[13:19] Don’t be stopping to smell the roses types thing.

[13:26] The heart space, where does that go when you get caught up in that robotic mind space?

Heart Is Pushed Aside & Is Not Beaming

[13:35] It doesn’t – it’s not there.  It’s just pushed aside, pushed down.  Then you know.  I still go back to it but it’s just not as beaming like it was.

[13:52] Do you miss it, beaming?

[13:54] Oh, yeah, definitely.

[14:00] It’s there, it hasn’t gone away.  It’s still there. So is it waiting for you to reconnect to it?

[14:07] I don’t think so.  I think it’s just like you said if I think it actually still is just there really. It’s just there for me to connect whenever I do.

Practice Our Connecting To Our Heart

[14:22] Do you practice connecting to it?

[14:24] No.

[14:25] What would happen if you began a process or practice of connecting?  The trigger is, you see the older people, that’s a reminder – What would be your practice to reconnect? There is a beautiful essence in there?

[14:48] Yeah, I think it’s maybe going in and sounds weird and I don’t know why I’m saying this, but maybe going into my own pain and then being able to connect to the heart.  Instead of giving me the chatter of negativity with the pain. Having the pain, is then connecting to the heart.  And work with that because it’s obviously what I’m doing when I see people in pain or an old person lonely walking down the street. That’s giving me a sign of pain there, so then I’m connecting – so there’s obviously that’s what I need to do with my own pain and with my own heart.

Love, Understanding and Acceptance

[15:34] What does the pain from your heart want?

[15:38] Love, understanding, and acceptance.

[15:51] Does it dissolve when it has those traits and qualities and energy?  Does the pain dissolve?

[16:01] Yes I think so. Yeah

[16:04] I sometimes wonder when that pain is triggered, it could be current pain of today or it can be old pain re-triggered.  Here it is coming back like the movie the Matrix, “out of the rabbit holes again” and  when that old reminders there,  I’m wondering whether it sends up messages and thinking patterns up into the mind and then the mind starts getting robotically?

[16:34] Definitely

[16:35] And there’s our behavioural patterns?  How do we circuit break that?

[16:45] Yeah, pretty much.

Avoiding the Pain In Our Hearts

[16:47] I’m wondering whether the pain in our hearts, there is the vulnerable side of our heart, that’s the delicate and fragile and it’s all the love and care that we’ve always yearned for right from childhood.  I think that’s still part of us right through until we leave the earth.  How do we deal with it and are we avoiding our heart because of that pain space?

[17:22] Yes, I would say so.  And I would say that that’s pretty relevant to most people these days.

[17:32] More so these days, do you think?

[17:37] Actually, yes and no.  It seems like people are connecting a bit more just recently.  Like I don’t know, just feels like they are.  I think there’s something changing.

More Connected and Universal Change

[17:49] Evolutionary, at a universal level there’s a shift?

[17:53] I think so.  Yeah, like not in the last 20 years. Like not you know, it’s 20 but just now.

[17:59] It’s moving really quick.  Shifting very quickly.  There’s a consciousness change.  Is that due to social media and need to sort of thank for that at some level, because information is getting out there quicker?

[18:15] Yeah and mobile phones as you can always pick up the phone and speak to someone

[18:21] it’s a powerful time.  It looks good, it looks powerful, feels powerful and that shift in consciousness. Would you describe that is universal?

[18:37] Yes.

Spiritual Shift In Consciousness

[18:39] Is there a spiritualism in it?  Is that a spirit?

[18:44] I think so.  I do because I am spiritual and I think it definitely comes from that.

[18:57] Is the knowing that you talked about before and touched on before and zoned in on?  Is that knowing connected to your spiritual?  Is that a spiritual anchor?

[19:08] Maybe. I’ve never really thought of that.  I’ve never really talked about that. Yeah, I reckon it is actually.  Yeah, there’s a spiritual connection there – like connecting to spirit, connecting to God whoever that might be for you, yeah there definitely is.

Spiritual Connection Brings More Peace & Unconditional Love

[19:33] What happens when you connect to the God that is. I call it the “All That Is” to take into all considerations of all Gods or “All Beings” whatever is right for that person’s belief system. When you do connect in there what happens to Trish?

[19:58] Well I think I’m more at peace and I’m more and I’m me.  There’s not the chatter of the head taking over it’s just pure unconditional self-love and love for everyone around me.

[20:23] That’s beautiful.  What’s happening (experientially) is you connecting to it now?

[20:30] Yeah (laughter)

[20:33] Yeah, it’s pretty incredible. Unfortunately, as we were staying before the conversation, that I would Iove to levitate above Tibet 24/7.  How do we bring it into our everyday life?  Are we needing to, as a society start to bring more rituals back in.  Are there some sort of rituals, to bring back in to help us as a society to reconnect to that stuff?

[21:09] That would be pretty awesome.

Developing Ritual Practices To Connect

[21:10] In lndigenous cultures they still have their spiritual rituals.  I know through religiosity, we’ve had our church every Sunday I don’t mean it like that realm. There is sort of negativity with this.

[21:26] I know what you’re saying?

[21:28 ] Do you know what I’m saying?

[21:30] Because I think that like if we could all just have our ritual of whatever it might be, might be, you know, you waking up in the morning, and you have this connection to the heart, you know, and that’s like, a meditation or whatever it might be.  That 15 minutes when you taking it, gratitude. And, you know, because it sort of makes it real for people.  I know that people do gratitude diaries, and they might wake up and they might say a prayer, or they might go to bed and do a prayer.  So I think all of that, like gratitude, prayer, meditation could all be part of what you’re doing, in order to connect to the heart and it could be part of the daily practice.  Like I would love my children to do that every morning.  And for me to be able to do that with them.  And you know, make them, not make them into being perfect but make them into just connected, open-hearted children, that beams self through the universe through the community.

Universal Change To Heal Mother Earth

[22:42] How would the universe change?  How would society, how the universe, how would that impact on Mother Earth, that change? That open-heartedness change?

[22:58] If we were all doing it, it would be huge.  Even just that little drop in the ocean, that one person that then because all, you know how reactive humans can be.  Someone at that store just gives you nothing or is rude to you and your just talking about for the whole day, and then you tell about five other people, (laughter).  So one significant person can be so powerful in changing your whole day or week or year, or whatever it is.  So I think even just that one would make it a significant difference anyway. Really.  Does that make sense?

[23:44] Yeah. And does it have a multiplying effect?

[23:47] Yes.

[23:48] Energetically, how much resonance and what would that resonance do for Mother Earth?  Would it heal Mother Earth?  And giving back to Mother Earth?

Is It Spirit that Radiates From Our Hearts?

[23:58] Yeah, I think it was.  I believe because we are energy, so humans, the earth, the animals, everything. The trees.  So even though we don’t really know that we’re connecting, we actually are.  So that spirit, that is within all of us?  That’s all body communicating with our surroundings.

[24:29] When you’re heart radiates before you talked about it radiating.  Is the spirit coming through?  Is it the spirit radiating through the heart?

[24:40] Yeah, I’d say so.

[24:42] Does it feel like that?

[24:43] It does feel like that. Yeah.

My Love of Spirit Radiates and My Cellular Body Dances

[24:48] What happens to at a cellular level when the spirits radiating through your Heart?

[24:57] It’s like, warm and fuzzy, I guess.  Like, I can imagine all my cells on myself, just like bouncing around being really happy.

[25:07] They’re dancing.

[25:08] They’re dancing.

[25:09] Dancing in the love of spirit?

[25:11] Yeah,

[25:13] Does your body come alive then?

[25:15] Yes. Yeah.

[25:18] What a gift. A beautiful gift.  How do we anchor?  How do we help?  Are there techniques and strategies that, we need to keep reminding ourselves?

[25:34] Well, I think what you said about having a ritual.  Like be daily or twice daily or something. So we could start the day and end the day with a connection.

New Social Construction for Heart of Connection Rituals

[25:47] I wonder whether we need to change our social construction around how we could have permission because might a bit odd to reintroduce rituals.  It is happening but is there a social construction that we need to change to enable ourselves – to give ourselves permission, that it is okay to remind each other. Hang on where are we?  Do we need to just check in with ourselves and sometimes we do need a reminder?  Hey Trish, could you just I don’t how you just Hey Mark, where are you?

[26:32] How that would permeate through and then just be the reminder?  As you say, people in pain that’s, you know, they’re the old person walking down the streets is a reminder.  What happens when you see someone not in pain, but someone in joy and in their aliveness. How much does that then resonate to your aliveness, to your spirit within?

[26:58] Yeah, that’s really interesting one actually.

Sending Signals of Joy & Happiness To Receive It

[27:09] We all vibrate off each other, we all resonate. We can resonate to each other’s pain, we can resonate to each other’s joy. The important thing is how do we come back to our own connection first?

[27:26] Yeah.

[27:26] How do you connect to that feeling?

[27:38] So if someone’s happy obviously, automatically feel happy and it changes the whole energy in the room. Then you know, that sort of the positive effects for the rest of the day as well.  So connecting with that, while it’s happening allows you to absorb that joy, and happiness and positivity.  It’s almost like your sending signals to the heart connection to receive it.

[28:17] And when it receives it, what happens?  What he knows happens in your heart?  Does that then open your heart to allow more of your spiritual essence to flow through?

[28:34] Well, I haven’t actually done it.  So yeah, I think I need to try that.

[28:40] Be just curious to see what would happen.  As the need to work with closing the mind. Just silencing the mind and connecting to the body. Our felt sense in the body.

[29:02] It’s usually when I’m talking to someone, you know, like a friend.  And we’re talking about this kind of stuff. Yeah, and we’re just totally on the same page, getting each other.  We’re like walking or whatever we’re doing.  And then, yeah, you have actually, I know what you’re saying, so when I connect to the heart and it does feel good, because we’re, we’re on this same page kind of thing.

[29:28] We on the same page, intellectually at the four levels. I’m wondering you that you’re on the same page at four realms of the psyche, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.  As you’re having that conversation. In the walk generally, we’re walking may be in nature. There is the groundedness, the energy of the earth in groundedness.  Clears out minds from the staticness of the concrete jungle when we’re in more grounded.  How do you come back into your body and connect to Heart?  It was powerful to watch today having the conversation with you.  Watching your energy as it’s moved.  It’s like you are in it you are there – that smile is there you’re in as your there.

[30:16] And it’s how do you anchor, what’s your anchor point back to that?

[30:26] I think, my experience that we need to keep practicing that.  I do a lot of that sort of work in therapy sessions trying to come back and reconnect? What are the belief systems we need to let go of. That deep knowing, it’s there. It’s an inner wisdom.  We peak in it.  What a wonderful thing to give our self. What a great connection to self.

[30:58] Yeah, it’s good.

[31:00] That’s really good.  I really enjoyed this conversation.  At least start having the conversations. I think people are having them privately. Let’s start and not just have them privately let’s have them publicly to try and get more of the information out there and more than energy at there.  Sometimes we don’t even need to talk when it’s radiating with we’re just we’re vibing it.  What a great and beautiful energy.  I’m wondering how much that energy – is of a healing energy?

[31:38] Absolutely. Yeah, yeah.

[31:42] Well done.

[31:45] Is there any have been asking people in the conversation, are there any messages that you would like to share for other people to pick up on.  To implement, or to work at practices to implement in their life? Could be a ritual or process or strategy or a technique that’s worked for you that may help them connect to themselves, others and all that is?

[32:13] That’s a really hard one because I’ve tried lots of different things.  I have read some beautiful books that friends have given me and I’ve done gratitude diaries and gratitude exercises.  And also just intuitively I have been realized that I have the inner connection to the heart and making sure that I like I said before before I speak I almost just go there.  If I am in a good headspace and even if I mean mediocre headspace, I always try to might remind myself that that’s where I need to be. And that’s where I need to speak from. So I guess it’s I speak from the heart and don’t be fearful of or worried or embarrassed about how that might sound because if it’s from the heart it’s authentic and genuine and you might you know, meet your the best friend or whatever.

[33:35] One of the things we do is on Facebook.  I started a Heart of Connection Podcast Facebook group for people to share stories and snippets of things to help others in the group and we’re hoping to do workshops.  As I saying to you before, about one of the workshops that I like to do is called the Soul Mindfulness of Being.  As mindfulness keeps it at a mind but the word soul for me takes it deeper.  We have that head-heart fight – that battle.  And yeah, the more we practice allowing the soul, the soul’s mindfulness wow, It’s beautiful, I can’t wait to do some more of these workshops.

[34:25] Yes, that kind of stuff would be really beneficial to people. ,

[34:30] Trish thank you very, very much for coming into having this conversation.  Really appreciate the lovely conversation and thank you for your honesty and your authenticity and sharing it. It is with gratitude that I thank you.

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