Episode 26 – Being Guided by My Source ~ My Conversation with Dale Stone

Heart of Connection Podcast
Heart of Connection Podcast
Episode 26 - Being Guided by My Source ~ My Conversation with Dale Stone

Mark [0:00] Hi, Dale, thank you for being a guest on the heart of connection podcast.  I’m your host, Mark Randall.  It’s wonderful to have you on board today to have a conversation about what you believe the Heart of Connection means to you.  Just by way of introduction, would you mind giving a short story of yourself?

Dale Stone – Brief Personal Story

Dale [0:20] Yeah, thanks for having me on board Mark.  A short story.  I don’t think there’s ever a short story these days.   If I was to put it down into a couple of sentences, or even a short paragraph, I spent 12 months my time on the street is13-year-old.  This was quite life-changing, especially when that 12 month period was up.   I got caught by the police for breaking into a shop to eat because I was that hungry.   I had to do something and it probably changed my life.  So from there on, you know, I was put into a church type situation, which was the Seventh Day Adventist back then.   I did not follow any religion at all at that time.  I certainly appreciated the guidance and the direction and the fellowship that that family taught me.  They sort of set me up for where I was going.  They helped me get through some of the pitfalls and highs and lows of life.  It was in a country town of Whyalla in South Australia.

I then headed out to Adelaide on my own as a 20 year – 21-year-old and set my life on from there.  I’ve managed to achieve a few things through my life.  I guess having that 12 months on the street.  While it seems quite tragic and traumatic to a lot of people it certainly has some highlights.  The highlights are some of the bonds that I formed with other streets kids.  A life spent on the streets has told me a lot about people.  It has taught me a lot about myself and what I actually can achieve.   Also some of the hardship that I can get through if I really want to get through it.   I guess through the time of not being obstructed/distracted from hardship, like most people.  I guess having some principles and some procedures although you don’t know as a 13-year-old you certainly can piece them together as you get older and start working out where you’re going.

Creating My Own Charity for Kids

So now I have a charity of my own called Change 4 Kids.  I support kids on the street.  I’ve got my own business been through a couple of marriages and get on exceptionally well with both of those people from those marriages and have two children from them.  Despite several attempts through different work positions to get me into the Eastern States, I’ve always remained in Adelaide.

Supporting South Australia

I support South Australia and live in Adelaide and our charity is Adelaide is based.  South Australian based.  This is home for me.  I guess quickly in a nutshell.  There are lots of things and what happened in between that time, always got its own story.

Mark [3:09] Being on the street at 13 years old, what did that teach you about the connection?

Dale [3:15] It taught me a lot.  Mum and Dad had a fight and I jumped in and stopped Dad hitting my Mum.  Dad sort of turned on me and hence I shot out of the front door.  I knew if Dad got hold of me, he was much bigger and stronger than me.  I would probably be in for a hiding.  So shooting out on the street all seems good at the time like you just bolt.  Then up out in the street but you’re out on your own.  Some of the connections that you from – sorry to do on your own that at the beginning is quite interesting.   After a whole, it becomes a bit of a lonely space.  It then that you connect with other street kids that are out in the streets.  You would think a little town like Whyalla of 39,000 people there wouldn’t be many street kids.  You would be surprised how many were out there at the time when we were sort of the street there.

Learning to Open Up & Trusting Others On the Street

It’s taught me a lot about opening up and I guess talking to other people.  Talking to the kids specifically on the streets I was involved with.   It was quite an emotional time for me not been in the family environment.  I was relying on guys in particular back then.   I’m not sure if I had to do it now, how it would work out.

Back then, to connecting if you know what I mean.  It wasn’t really a big thing back then as far as opening up about your feelings.  It sort of taught me those ground rules.  From there and sort of from there I  led to enhanced that as I got going.  So by 21 years old and 22 years old, I starting to get more spiritually aligned with where I needed to be.

Mark [4:56] What did it teach you about yourself?

Learning To-Go beyond My Limits

Dale [5:00] It taught me, Mark, it seriously taught me that I can pretty well damn do anything I want to do.  I say that respectfully.  I can never be a Michael Jordan and play basketball at that level, because (a) I am you know bit older and bit heavier and not as athletic.  It certainly taught me some strong values about how far my limits are.  Then how to get past those limits.

I don’t think unless you’ve been out on the street you can’t comprehend not having a roof over your head.  It is freezing cold.  Little or no clothes and no blankets.  It really teaches you self-resilience and strength.  The particular instance(s), it’s been amazing of what that 12 months taught me internally.

Mark [5:49] Is it still in psyche at times?

Dale [5:53] What, been out on the street?

Mark [5:54] Yes. What you learned, the teachings from being out on the streets?

Dale [5:59] Yeah, definitely.   It’s definitely there and I will never forget it.  People say that’s probably a blur in your mind, so many years ago.   It’s not I can recall that time as though it was yesterday.  So yeah, I guess you can.  It will always be there, always, always, always.

Experience of the Street helps me to connect

Mark [6:20] Does your experiences help you connect to the charity and the kids that you work through in the charity?

Dale [6:27] Helps me connect in lots of different areas, not just in those areas.   It also helps me to connect better with people that I come in contact with.  It helps me better deal with day to day pressures of life, e.g., running a budget, discussing emotional issues.  Dad never taught me to be a strong internal person he taught me to be strong externally.  Learn to fight and fight your way out that way.  Whereas, now I can internally deal with things and help others get with things.

Learning to be with My Emotions

Mark [6:58] Learning to sit with the emotions?

Dale [7:01] Yeah, learning to sit with emotions and knowing that they don’t normally last forever.  They can seem like they forever, but they don’t.   If you just work through those emotions I certainly can find a better solution than going to the pub or doing drugs or some of the things that were easily accessible to me when I was younger.

Mark [7:22] Yeah, there’s a sort of a learning to connect to emotions.  We all want to connect to positive emotions.  How do we learn to connect to and learn through our negative emotions?  Maybe they’re not negative, maybe they’re the tough ones, we’ve got to get used to?

Looking Deeper Past the Triggers

Dale [7:41] Yeah, certainly don’t look at them as a negative emotion.   Me personally, I look at every emotion for what it is at the time that I’m gone through that emotion, whether it’s happy, angry, sad, upset, jealous, whatever it is, at the time.  Normally I try and workout within my own persona, what’s causing that.  What is causing me to feel that emotion?

Normally it’s an external, there’s something external that’s causing jealousy, something external.  Someone’s got a better car, someone’s got a better house, someone’s got more money, someone’s got a better wife, someone’s got better of family life.  If I remove that external experience and bring it back internally and think what’s important to me then I can sometimes work through those emotions.

Finding the Quiet Space in Me via my Bose Headset

Mark [8:29] How do you do that?  How do you bring yourself back?  What’s your process?

Dale [8:34] For me,  I’ll put on a set of Bose headset on my on my ears.  Mainly because they’re good quality and I found them to really block out the noise and stop any noise.   Like a car door slamming, the neighbors coming on home.  Anything that contains me away from my thought process and I just go into a quiet space within myself.   I can normally 8 out of 10 times or 9 out of 10 times for the solution that I’m looking for.  Now really you’ve got to think of this.  I am a guy that’s brought up in Wyhalla which is a tough neighborhood.  I don’t know how to compare it to anywhere in Melbourne.  In Adelaide, it is similar up north like Elizabeth or Smithfield.  They quite hard suburbs.

I’ve come from Whyalla where you almost have a fight every time you go the shop to get a carton of milk.  That is the type of suburb or type of town it was.   To go from externally trying to find a solution but to internally go okay, what is it that’s making me do what I need to do?   We are where are because of the way we are.  We think and we thought it away to where we are.

Finding Solutions Internally

This is what I think about.  I think about how I can change my thought process and change the way I feel.  Well, how can you change the way you feel?  If you feel angry?  How can you change the way you feel? Well, it’s quite simple.  It is just an emotion based on my mindset, based on the thought process.  If I was close my eyes and not look at anything or think of anything, then where’s the emotion coming from? It’s coming from inside me.  So once I learned how to do that, I did not study it but I read books like probably most people.  I haven’t studied it, haven’t been to college or university or anything like that, it’s just something I’ve learned.  I guess you had to,  going back to the 13-year-old child that’s out on the street.  You had to find a solution that sometimes didn’t involve somebody else, money or getting other information.  I had to rely on the information that I had.

The Intuitive Solution is from the Source of Who I am

Mark [10:38] The internal solution that you talk about, is that like an intuitive solution?

Dale [10:45] It would be.  It would be going back to the source of who I am.  First as a human being and I can breathe and my body functions.  I’ve got two arms and two legs so then the rest of it’s just going back to my internal workings.  A lot of that shape from when I was younger and different experiences and life experiences that I’ve had.

Mark [11:13] When you, oh sorry.

Dale [11:15] No that’s alright.

Mark [11:16] When you connect to that source, do you get out of your mind when you connect to that source?

Dale [11:23] (Laughter) When I was younger I had to take a couple of drugs when I was younger.  I can almost put it to that euphoria of when you get a high of taking a drug whether it’s a simple drag or a hardened drug.   That lift that you get, I can almost get that from just going back internally and tapping into my intuitive mode.

Mark [11:44] What’s that connection like?

Dale [11:46] Oh, yeah it’s like love.  It’s like pure love!  It’s almost unthinkable for me, that a guy would ever think that. You know many years ago, I was told that if you ever have kids you generally don’t feel any love like you do when you have your kids.  It is that sort of love.  It is a love that you don’t feel from a person.  No one can give you what I am able to create for myself.  I am able to get through most issues that way or my most highs or lows.

Bottling the Source of Connection Would be Gold

Mark [12:17] How do you share that with others, that source and space of that connection?

Dale [12:23] I guess that’s the million dollar question!  I thought about that I think we’ve discussed in the short term we’ve known each.  If I could get that out on paper or into a situation or into a group situation where you could teach that.  You could almost bottle it as gold, especially for a guy that’s generally, as we’ve seen as the strongest sex.  I say that respectfully because there is certainly some strong women around.  We are seen as the strongest sex.  Men in particular, have been taught that you’ve got to be strong.  Stop crying, what are you crying for?   You need to focus on winning, winning, winning, winning.  I can win and lose at the same time is so different.

Mark [13:09] Does it need to be written down? Or is it more of an energy?

Dale [13:14] It’s probably more of an energy, Mark.

Dad’s Analogy of Letting Go is Always With Me

More of letting go.  I think Dad explained it to me years ago.   For the good and bad that he did in my life and for anyone that listens, I’ve certainly forgiven my Dad.  I love my Dad and we’ve certainly got a good relationship now.  One of the things he taught me was that you can sometimes hang on to life too tight.

His analogy was a really good one.  He said if you try and turn the tap on and get the water running on tap and try and grab it with your hand.  He said, you can’t, you can’t grab it.  No matter how hard you try, you’ll never grab a cup full of water.  He said, if you softly cup your hands and catch the water, you’ll be able to drink the water.   He sort of use that analogy for life.   He said, if you try and grab at something and try too hard, you probably never ever get it.  You might get it, but it won’t be sustaining.   If you softly cup life and catch it.  I don’t think he really realized how spiritual that was when he told me, that when I was younger.

My Inner Source Creates Natural Flow

Mark [14:17] When you’re in that source, that you talk about, how much flow do have in life?

Dale [14:27] I think when things aren’t going right or I say that might be a job we’re going for, it might be a child that we’re working with.  It might be, anything, in particular, that’s not going right if I stop and think about it, and normally trying too hard.  When I get into that space or that source and I allow it to flow and do what it needs to do, it works out every single time.  How many times have we sat there and said, I might give Mark a call, and low and behold, you forget about it and low and behold, Mark calls.  To me, that’s in the flow or source we’re talking about.

Mark [15:08] Does that source take you deeper to a connection to ‘All That Is’?

My Deeper Connection To ‘All That Is’ but Men are Reluctant

Dale [15:14] Does it take me deeper to a connection that all it is?

I’d say it does.  It actually can be quite scary and again I’m only coming from a male perspective.   I have a lot of females that talk quite openly.  They are emotional with their female friends.  Guys, in particular, aren’t built like that.  I don’t think we’ve built that yet.  I don’t think we share that, as freely as females do.  I think we should.  I think once you’re able to share that and get to that really deep connection.  It can be quite challenging.  It can be quite scary.   Once you’ve worked through that, as I said, once I’ve got into that really deep space and then let go.  It’s going to be right, I know it’s going to be right. I trust it.

Loving Connection Is A Space Men are Not Used To

Mark [16:05] Is it scary because that’s what we all want?

Dale [16:10] (Laughter) I was thinking about it as I just said it. I’ll think of that.  I think its scary because it’s what we all want but it’s also a space that we’re not used to.  I can only talk from my own point of view.  I was never used to going into that space.   It was quite challenging.  I was gonna say, I’d listen to someone and mentioned it to a mate.  Look I have been doing it for the meditating and I put my Bose headset on and I’ll go deep into myself.  They would go, what are you doing that for just have a beer, you’ll be right.  That is generally the typical male answer to it all.  Let’s just a beer, let’s go and hit a game of golf or whatever it is that we do. you’ll be right, it’s okay.  We’re not.  I don’t think we are okay.  I think we carry a lot of baggage and a lot of unreleased energy.

Mark [17:02] It’s the male ego afraid of that stuff?

Dale [17:05] What’s that sorry?

Connecting to Source Challenges the Male Ego? (Alpha Male)

Mark [17:05] Is the male ego, the alpha male? Is he afraid of that energy?  That source energy?

Dale [17:13] Yeah, I think so.  I think he definitely is.  I think he wants to be seen as the strongest or the one that doesn’t cry.  The one but doesn’t need to lean on others.  The one that doesn’t need to get help.  Again, this will resonate with a lot of people because that’s how our fathers taught us.  You see how many guys are in trouble at the moment, especially here in South Australia.  There are broken marriages, and they don’t know where to start, where to go, where to fix it.   One of the things I’ve been taught is that and I say taught because I’ve just read out or picked it up from a podcast, or somebody I’ve known.  You can’t heal somebody else until you healed yourself and I think that’s so true.  You know, and I think that the ego male is definitely afraid to go there.

Mark [18:02] I sort of divide, in the Head and Heart model that I sent you.  I’ve divided the – jokingly in sessions – call the alpha male is the Lion King sitting on the mountain.  Whereas, the Spirit warrior is the actioner and from the source that you’re talking about.  They clearly two different spaces.

Dale [18:25] Yeah, definitely. It’s a great analogy. I saw that it’s a great analogy.  Yeah, I was Lion sitting on the top of the mountain or trying to climb my way up the top of the mountain.  Now I am the Spiritual warrior or learning every time day.  Always learning and learning.

Being in Touch With Our Vulnerability

Mark [18:42] Underneath that Alpha male, is the underbelly, is the soft side of the Alpha male.  As part of our humanists, we do have a soft side.  We do have a humanness and the alpha male or our patriarchal societies judged in us as a weakness.  When in fact, could actually be a strength, the more we heal the hurts or the traumas that are in our vulnerability.

Dale [19:11] Yeah, definitely.  It’s definitely got some key factors to where we are today, and where we need to go.

Mark [19:21] If you look in your body, where does that source resonate from in your body?  Does it resonate from your mind or does it resonate from your heart?  Or is it beyond both of those concepts?

Alignment of My Heart and Mind

Dale [19:34] Look, I guess, for me personally, when I get it something in my heart,  it certainly means something.  When I get something in my mind, I’ve got a quite a strong mind.  I certainly understand that feeling as well.  When I get a connection between the heart and the mind, when they both in sync, and they both rely on the internal source of who I am, that’s when I get the maximum impact on what I’m trying to get out of, whatever it is, at the time. To me, it the alignment of the heart and the mind.

Mark [20:09] What’s the power like in your body as they align?  As you were just sharing it now were you touching the power in your body?

Dale [20:16] Yes. It’s like euphoria.  It’s like a tingling feeling.  I get like a tingling feeling, or a feeling of, I was going to say self-worth, but it’s not self-worth.  It’s more feeling of it’s right.  I’m happy.

Mark [20:35] Your essence?

Dale [20:37] Yeah, the essence of who I am.

Mark [20:39] What happens to your mental health when you’re in there?

Dale [20:44] What happens to my mental health?  It seems to as I’ve had some mental issues over time.  With separated marriages and things like that.  I’ve certainly sought some help around those areas.  Nothing, I’ve had guidance from people, but it’s a psychiatrist, in particular, I spoke to in Adelaide that taught me how to, or probably mentioned to me how to get back inside and get the answer.   It certainly overcomes that mental anguish that we sometimes get.  All that expectation, I’ve got to provide, I’ve got to get a roof over my head, I’ve got to do this.  These are all important things, but it’s how we look at that and how we manage that.  Mental health certainly helps alleviate any issues around there.

My Essence facilitates Greater Connections

Mark [21:33] So when you in that space, your mental health is open for a clarity or a clear flow through the spectrum of our mental health into nothingness, into that euphoric energy of bliss or whatever it could be?

Dale [21:53] Yeah.  It almost dissipates is probably the word.   Almost dissipates from your thinking process.

Mark [22:00] When it dissipates, what does that do to your connection to others and ‘All That Is’, the divine, the Divinity the Gods, whatever you want to call it?

Dale [22:14] It puts me on a greater a connection to people, a greater understanding or greater knowing of where I’m at, where they’re at and it gives me an opportunity to probably understand.  No, I will rephrase that.  Probably not understand but gives me an opportunity to realize that we’re all at different spaces at different times, learning different things.  So it gives me an opportunity to get a knowing of probably where they’re at.  It helps me deal with relationships better.   Helps me deal with people better.  Certainly helped me deal with ex-wives better.  The two I have got, are very best friends and you don’t get along with them exceptionally well.  Most guys can’t sit and say that.  Most guys will say, my ex-wife, is a blur.  Whereas to me, they like they like best friends.

Connection, Openness and Deeper Empathy

Mark [23:15] Does it facilitate more empathy with others? That’s a space?

Dale [23:19] Yeah, definitely.  Definitely releases those internal emotions, empathy, compassion, understanding.  I don’t say understanding that person, but understanding that they’re going through their understanding if you know what I mean.

Mark [23:37] Is that a felt level? At a felt level, an energetic level. You’re in sync, there’s a resonance.  There’s a connection here and there is energy being transmuted across.  It’s flown across and we don’t need to do it verbally, it’s just happening?

Dale [23:59] Yeah, I find the connection, as I was going through that journey I found the connection with females was a lot easier.  It was a more prominent but as I’ve learned to develop and harness the energy with inside me I’m able to resonate that with guys as well.  I think guys appreciate it.  I think you know for whatever guy listens to the podcast, I think they’ll sit there and go no, no, this is not me, this is not me! If they actually think about it, it’s what we all crave.  We all crave that understanding and that knowing.  That energy that goes, it will be okay.   By no means does it remove any of the hurdles that we get a life.  It certainly helps you deal with those hurdles.  Very rarely do I get stressed now, very rarely.

Somebody described me the other day it was interesting and I posted somewhere about if you have to describe me in one word, how would you describe me?  A girlfriend of mine rang me and she says, I couldn’t put it on Facebook because it was just too much.  She said, your just patient and calm.  You can go back 20 years to some of my mates and say, how would you describe Dale?  They would go, aggressive, angry, controlling but it was interesting.  I am completely opposite after working through of this.

Our Source can dissolve our Male Anger

Mark [25:22] Coming into that Source, was the process to control and allow the anger and the controlling, does that all dissolve from that Source?

Dale [25:34] Yeah, definitely.  Definitely, it’s getting around people like yourself, that’s able to help people understand what it is you’re actually feeling and going through, that certainly helps.  It’s been the key.  Not much now that upsets me or angers me.  Certainly, that emotion might come over initially, but then they’re probably 10 seconds to a minute, I can almost move that out of my thought process and out of mind being.  My body reacts differently when I’m under pressure and to when I’m calm.  When I am calm, it’s still what it needs to do.  It’s functioning properly, it’s breathing properly, it’s providing blood to my body properly, it’s pumping my heart’s pumping properly, my brains functioning properly.

Men Focusing on their Emotional Health

Mark [26:23] I think man’s emotional health is an area that we really do need to focus on.  To teach men or guide men to start to learn to feel the emotions.  If we can get to the feel the early warning signs, then that is going to help us get better control over how we react.  Change our brain waves and change our brain patterns, but because it’s deemed as a weakness, men have had to suppress that emotional health or emotional well-being?

Dale [27:00] Yes, so true.

Go right back to the beginning of the conversation, when Dad said to me, you know to be tough, you know somebody beat you up going beat them back. We’ll go back and beat them until you win.

It’s understanding, I wouldn’t expect that I would catch up with a group of guys and just burst out crying if I needed to.  I know that there’s a couple guys around me.  If I was to catch up with them and say we need to catch up.  They know, I’m probably gonna get teary or get emotional and let a few things out.

New Male Modeling for our Sons

I’m teaching my son I have a young 8 years old and he really is already connecting with his feelings so young.  The other day he something to me and said, Dad, I’m really upset and I can’t remember what it is about.  I said you’re allowed to be upset.  Whereas my Dad would never say that.  He would never say, what you mean to be upset?  He’d say, It’s okay, you’ll be right just go and play.  My son was deeply upset about something.   I think there was someone at school which he wasn’t sure he was doing the right thing by him.   As we worked through it, he burst out crying and just hugged me and I would never have done that with my Dad.

Mark [28:13] That’s a really deep connection for you and your son?

Dale [28:16] Oh definitely.   He has got a little bit of autism and is so showing not a lot of traits of autism.  I’m really quite protective of him.  I have to be careful that it’s not mine over protection of what he is.  I don’t think me getting him to share his feelings is overprotective it’s me actually enhancing his feelings and allow him to feel the way he needs to feel.  Instead of suppressing it and becoming angry.  As I said before, splitting up with his mother about 9 or 10 months ago.  I mean we get on like we are together.  This is what I want to show my son.  I want to show my son, that it’s okay to follow your dream which is what Dad’s done.  At the end of the day, it’s not Mum’s fault.   Dad still loves Mum and thinks Mum’s the best Mum for our kids.  I want my son to see that.   So if he ever splits up in a relationship, that he’s got the tools to go, you know what, it’s okay for me to do what I need to do.  It’s not okay for me too angry and aggressive with her.

Changing of the Male Anger & Aggression Baton

Mark [29:18] Do you think men will ever change their anger and aggression and will you see it in your lifetime?

Dale [29:27] Yeah definitely. I reckon.   You’ve got people all around that it’s actually happening to.  I think it will.  It is certainly a battle.  You’ve got people like yourselves and my story and other people’s stories.  We see it with the kids now.  They craving it.  The boys, in particular, are craving the affection that I don’t remember we ever craved.  So I think it will in my lifetime.  I think I’ll see it but probably towards more the end of life.

Mark [29:54] It really sounds that listening to your story today, it really sounds that you’ve really connected to that source.  The toughness of your journey, the suffering, through your suffering you found the source, the source is the gift to self?

Dale [30:11] Yeah, for me in particular it is.

Mark [30:15] Yeah, you know you can hear it in your story.  It’s really powerful to just be able to hear and sense that that source in you.  Would you describe that source as spiritual?


Dale [30:32] Spiritual, it probably is.  I think the world or the globe scans through a fairly significant shift I feel.  You just have to read what’s going on around the world, and what people are now looking forward to get answers.  We don’t believe in our governments, some people don’t believe in our religions.  What I see now is a whole spiritual shift.  That’s being driven and you can’t just say today, there’s going to be a spiritual shift and it happens.  There is years and years of planting and reassuring and finding that source and connecting.  I think we’re heading there.  From the number of people speak to from my work in Adelaide.  I am out in the community in Adelaide and connected to governments through the kid charity that we’ve got.  I am connected through the footy club as part of the Glenelg footy club and I can see it with the kids you know they really shifting which is which is amazing.  I reckon it’s spiritual.

Mark [31:41] Good that’s really wonderful to hear.

Dale [31:44] Religion has been around a long time and I don’t think religions given us the answers.  I think it’s been more of a spiritual connection.

Mark [31:52] Is that spiritual connection in the heart?

Dale [31:55] Yes, without a doubt.  It’s in the heart.  It’s in the whole DNA of who we are.  It’s in the whole makeup of who we are.  I believe it’s driven from the heart and the brain.  Or the heart and the mind.

Mark [32:11] What is a message that you would like to give boys and men around the heart of connection?

Dale [32:21] I guess don’t be fearful of it.  It’s really easy to fall into a trap of being fearful and weak, as we’ve both mentioned over this conversation.  Embrace the fear that you’re feeling.  Embrace that the change that you’re going to go through.  Just follow your heart.  Get yourself into space where your heart is controlling or your heart is giving you the messages that your body’s reacting on and follow that.  If you need to speak out and get help get it.  It’s there you just got to find it.\

Mark [32:55] Thank you Dale.

Dale [32:57] Thanks Mark.

Mark [32:57 ] Hey lovely conversation mate.

That’s alright I wasn’t sure what to….

It’s beautiful and we’re still online.  I just want to say thank you. Thank you for your story.  As I was listening to your story, as best intuitively as I can, I can hear the source.  I felt the source, as you’re sharing the story radiating through the microphone and through the conversation.  It is lovely to meet you in person one day.  Let’s do some work together.

Dale [33:34] Yeah definitely. I think we should.  As we’ve said, a couple of things that we’ve I’ve mentioned and you said, that’s what I do.  I don’t even know what you do.  I’ve mentioned it and you said, that’s what I do.  That is connecting to the source.  That is the source guiding us to where we need to go.  No, thank you for getting me on and I hope it’s what people wanted to listen to.  It’s as green as green as it will be. Love the stories and it’s got me to where I am today.  I love life and I love people and non-judgmental it doesn’t matter.  Doesn’t matter what you are, what you look like, what you fear there yours, you own it, it’s up to you.

Mark [34:13] Thank you for sharing on the Facebook group, the Heart of Connection Podcast Community Group.  It is wonderful to have your support there as well. Thanks. Take care.

Dale [34:24] Thank you

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