Episode 12 – Connecting to the Heart of Peace, Freedom and Love – My Conversation with Nicole Trickey

Connection with self, other and All That Is
Heart of Connection Podcast
Heart of Connection Podcast
Episode 12 - Connecting to the Heart of Peace, Freedom and Love - My Conversation with Nicole Trickey

Connecting to the Heart of Peace, Freedom and Love

Is a counsellor and I was lucky enough to be a student with Mark (me).  Started my private practice Soul Pristine Counselling after I finished my degree 2 half years ago and it is going really well.  Amazing working and I love it.

Helping people see people grow and change and get to know themselves and connecting to themselves is powerful.  So it is the learning to explore all feelings of the heart from love to our hurts.

Sitting with people in the tough times is a privilege.  It can be triggering something in you as well.  Yes, it can be and that is reality and that other peoples stories can trigger us.  Sometimes its positive thing as when we do we truly relate to someone at that level – it is pure empathy and love of their journey.

Where does the pure empathy come from in the body?  In the heart.  How much of mental illness is derived from heart stuff?  Probably a lot more than we know and realise.

Children want to be approved of and validated.  What happens to children when they don’t get what they need? What impact does this trauma have on the neural wiring and self-development?

Connecting At A Heart Level

How do you connect to yourself at a heart level?  That probably a tough question to put into words.  Sometimes need to recognise what’s in your heart and what impact that is having on you whether it is positive or negative.  Both of them are in there!  I wonder does the negative serve as a block in your heart?  Yes it does block. It makes things really difficult and probably when you are in that space that it can also harder to sit with other people who are in that space as well.

 Recognising the Pain in the Heart To Heal 

Having moments where I am recognising it what am I going to do about this rather than just hide it or avoid it.  What is the cost? Pushing things aside they don’t stay pushed aside, they need attention and healing.  When they come back they are less painful.  Can come back – dealt with less painful – is there a thread?  I think, recognising what has been really hurtful and important to take time to explore the pain and learn from it.  To learn from it and heal from it?

We can victimise it.  We can have a victim moment, recognise we are and then move on.

Healing At a Heart Level brings a peace

In the healing what is the result of the healing at a heart level?  I say to clients that the hardest things we go through in our lives teaches us the biggest lessons.  Certain things have happened in my life.  The healing is most probably ‘acceptance’ of what sits right there.  At what level of acceptance?  Is it an intellectual, emotional, mental, or spiritual acceptance – I like to think of acceptance at all those levels?

What do you experience inside yourself, your sense of being?  I get a more of a sense of peace about everything.  I am feeling now. It’s a nice place.  You know, I could see you just accessed the peace then?  Yes, how often do you remind yourself to access this place?  I want to be there more often.

What do you put in place in life in each day to remind yourself?  Is it always there? I have the thought process to sit with it, I know that sound silly to think about a feeling something.  Mindfulness is obviously amazing.

Energetic Gift to Self from our Healing

The joy, peace and freedom and it is hard to put words to these experiences and so describe it at an energy level.  You just touched into it.  How would life be if you were about to carry live more out that space? Be amazing.  What would the connections be like – deep heart connections, hard to put into words and beautiful place to connect with another human being.  The cognitive language has its limitations around describing this material.

The Warmth of Connections to Other People

How do you know you have got that connection?  What informs you in your body that there is a connection?  It almost a feeling of warm and obviously when there is eye contact there is “just a knowing”.  Where does that knowing take you in your being?  Probably takes you more inside.  More in tune and more aware.  It’s a beautiful thing to be tuned in and more aware?  I am probably very blessed as I have it multiple times a day.  Do you have a practice to get there – No not really, just happens.

How do you get that – just happening – to the people you work with? 

When I know what its like I’m probably more able to guide them people to get there as well.  To guide at a mental and cognitive intellectual level – What about at an energetic level?   Just holding a presence without an agenda just being present – to whatever is.  Where do you feel it in your body – it’s hard in my chest sometimes a little bit deeper if it is more of an emotional sort of moment, down into gut area the solar plexus (power centre).  Does it feel like a power are you immersed in it? Yeah.  At a cellular level does your body tingle?  Yes, I know what you mean though.

Going Deeper Beyond the Heart Is It Spiritual?

Someone said the Soul sings and when it goes deeper are you going beyond the heart to another realm inside yourself at that deeper level?  Yes for sure.  What you describe that as a spiritual connection – I think when in the spiritual connection your mind doesn’t have as much power and control and just letting yourself and allowing self be in the beautiful place stepping out of thinking and into the feeling out of the space.  What comes into your mind in that space?  Probably not a lot.  Clear – Just being.

In the being – does the sense of self dissolve? The identity, the “I” the ‘me’ – hadn’t thought about it.  And having a break from the over thinking and the processing which I think most people spend a lot of time doing.  Just having a break from the constant what am I doing, where am I going etc., A recharging I suppose. The monkey mind sometimes see the monkey having the tin cups rattling the cage!

Dropping Deeper to Spirituality is a break from everyday

Do we chose to keep going back up there (mind) or is it a learned practice? – A bit of both and reality is we are all busy in a fast paced world and in a way got to be on top of things and more important to have time to be free from it – Could you take that space into your business?  My minds says no – if we could, how would it be? Is my question.

What would your heart say if it could speak?  The heart would say that it wants me to have that space more often or my mind to have more access to that space.  Wow.  That’s powerful – What a gift – “For sure” – And it’s just there and it’s here in the room now.  “It’s there,” here in the room now!!

What stops Nicole recognising and coming back – what is how do you anchor there? Good question – sometimes we don’t have the answers – Do we forget or need to un-programme a lot of old programming – Could it be a birth-rite?

Daily Reminders to Connect to Our Spiritual Essence

How might you daily remind yourself how to get back in there anchor there e.g., at traffic lights?  Discussing the silencing of the analytical thinking mind.  It was beautiful to watch the energy was filling the room you could feel the energy in the room with you.

Can that get spiritual for you?  Oh yeah sure – What happens to you in that – are there places in nature are there places at home to helps you come back – Definitely, if I have time I drive to water and sit and watch for a little while.  As a family get away and we love camping in nature.  That is a happy place very peaceful.  At water what are you connecting to something?  Don’t know if I am connecting to anything in particular, but I find how peaceful it is just looking at water and probably connecting more to myself in those moments.

Watching the water bring complete sense of peace

What happens to your ‘spirit’ as you are connecting to water?  Yeah, it’s not a weird question.  There is lot more permission and research to have permission to express spirit stuff.   When your spirit does go there – where do you go?  Do you go universal? Do you become ‘one’ with a sense of one and you are it – I just get this complete sense of peace.  Is there a love in that peace? Yeah –

What just happened as we mentioned that word? I experienced a wave of emotion. Could that have been love?  Yeah.  Pretty good emotion, pretty powerful! We deserve that love don’t we?  Yes we do.  But it interesting in our business we don’t go there. Logically it doesn’t add up.  I think it’s always there, but like us needing recognising it and letting it be – letting that feeling be there.


In the present moment – you are love?

In terms of the presence – like the Eckhart Tolle – the now moment – Are we in presence, with the presence of love?  Yes I think so but not talking about thinking but think it’s a go to.  I do it all the time its feeling – How do you recognise it’s your go to?  Because I do it all the time!  Is it safer to go up there than to the love, mostly.  It’s your love and immersing yourself in your love when you’re immersed …….beautiful connection and when you immerse what radiates out from you?

My Connections to Others Is Recognise as Mutual Energy

The people around would recognise it so they vibe off you and vibe back which is a connection which is the warmth of closeness you were alluding to about before.  There is a vulnerability in our heart that has been hurt over the years – hurt and trauma – Does this hurt and trauma set up the template for mental health.  Is that programming that prohibiting us and you from connecting to that love before?  Yes, I think with certain things when being vulnerable – wants to protect that.

Our Vulnerability Is Met and Nurtured

Accessing that love and freedom – What happens to that vulnerability?  It is nurtured and the pain is healed over time.  Is that because we start paying it attention?  Do we start meeting its needs? Yes, like idea of Flow In Life’s Matrix (FILM).  How much love are you learning to give in the nourishment?  You’re not rejecting it pushing it down the rabbit holes of the old Matrix.

Analyse it – you’re not rejecting it.  It’s really hard concept to understand as you are the only one that can give the pain a cuddle and make it not be so painful.  What the pain wanted didn’t get it back then and creates a deficit – some have more pain than others.

Move past the fear and enjoy the amazing journey of self-discovery

There was a shared experience of that energy it was with you and how do you remind yourself?  The Heart of Connection Facebook Community Group daily to reminders – hey, just take a couple of minutes and practice turning the mind off.  Absolutely powerful.  Any messages you like to share on the how to connect?  There is a certain amount of fear in people in soul searching and exploring self but it’s an amazing journey.  Amazing what we met before.

We all deserve that – how do we anchor in it.  Having moments of it.  I am wondering what impact it would have on the world – huge impact and there were more people more self-aware. We are all connected, we are all one.

Thank you for the conversation and to connect at that level.  We could feel that space you thanks Nicole.


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