Healing Mother Earth ~ 2nd World Heart of Connection Day Meditation ~ September 4th, 2020 ~ Episode 100

Heart of Connection Podcast
Heart of Connection Podcast
Healing Mother Earth ~ 2nd World Heart of Connection Day Meditation ~ September 4th, 2020 ~ Episode 100

Healing Mother Earth Meditation

[0:00] First meditation is a meditation to self. The self is important not just from our egoic self, but from our spiritual self. Deep down within we can go beyond the ego-self. And as we have less distractions due to COVID-19 we’re coming home to ourselves. And let’s take this opportunity again on the 4th of September. Please close your eyes and connect your breath. Allow yourself to connect to your in-breath as it rises and your out-breath as it falls away. Just notice the breath. Connect to the rise and fall as you settle into your body sitting here. Again, connect to your breath, your in-breath, as it rises, it’s filling your body, feeling your chest and notice the out-breath as it falls away automatically. As it falls away, in the falling away, allow whatever is there within your consciousness and unconsciousness to also fall away.

[1:45] Our thoughts will come and go. Simply notice them. Try not to judge them. Just notice them. Don’t follow them. Just let them go, like clouds passing through the blue sky.

[2:11] And bring yourself back to the sensation. The Rise and Fall of your breathing. Allow yourself to connect to the innate peacefulness of the breath. The gift of life our breath. As you deepen into your body, allow yourself to let go and relax deeper into this moment of being here.

[3:09] This now moment, the simply being ~ in just the now, not the past, not the present. The being of now ~ this moment being shared with everyone here connected via Zoom. As you gently breathe, I invite you to take this breath into your heart ~ into the heart chakra and softly open your heart to yourself. As you do this, allow yourself to really feel and connect to the love that radiates from the depths of your heart.

[4:26] The warmth of this radiant open-hearted love ~ is akin to the love that you have for a child or those you hold dear. Take the breath deep into your heart and connect to the unconditional ~ the empowered love that resides in the depths of your heart.  Allow each breath to connect deeply and be in this love within you. It’s within you, it is you and you are it. Feel it, touch it, sense it and really feeling it radiating within yourself for you ~ to you. Allow it to touch and radiate to every cell of your being. Imagine the love filling your entire body with its warmth. It’s nurturing essence. Allow it or imagine it or visualise it to lovingly flow into every cell in your being. You are one with you.

[6:15] I invite you now to bring your awareness back to your breath as we now move to extenuating this inner essence of love to others. On the next breath, I invite you ~ to the person next to you ~ if you have someone next to you. If you don’t, just bring a memory visualise ~ connections to others. Connect with this person. Silently acknowledge them with your eyes and the presence of your open heart. Allow the heart to radiate this love. Allow it to beam through your chest and connect to the other. If eye contact is uncomfortable or there is resistance, notice the sensation. Don’t judge it. And if you need to close your eyes, that is totally okay. As you’re connecting to the person next to you in your mind or in your heart, or your visualising ~ as best you can maintain the attention to your breathing. Just remember, if your mind wanders to judgement as it will, ~ just simply let them go. Gently bring your awareness and your attention back to the sensation of your gentle breath and connect to the energy of your heart. Connect to the energy of the love, pulsating on each beat through your body to the other.

[8:40] In this open-hearted love, breathe, allowing the energy of love to be given and lovingly offered to the person or persons you have connected with, intimately, visually energetically. Bring open and gentle awareness to the soft out-breath and with this breath, radiate the love from your heart to the beautiful sentient being. The person you’re connected with in your mind’s eye, physically or visually. On the out-breath gently breathe. Allow yourself to also receive the open-hearted love flowing to you from the person that’s connected to you. Allow your heart and being to lovingly receive the beautiful gift, of this love. If there is any resistance to receiving this love, allow the wall of resistance to dissolve and allow yourself to receive, unconditionally this love. Now, may I invite you to silently acknowledge and thank the person. Bring your attention now, back to yourself ~ back to your heart.

[10:44] Bring each breath into your heart. Allow each breath to come from your heart and radiate in each breath, the essence of unconditional ~ empowered unconditional love of your heart. And now I invite you to move into the third phase of this connection ~ is our meditation to Mother Earth.

[11:26] Allow your breath to come into your body and to visualise the essence of Mother Earth connect to the richness, the splendour, the wonder that she has to give to us.

Meditation to Mother Earth

[11:55] Open your hands. If you place your hands out sideways to the left and have the palms facing up to the universe ~ as you connect in this way, allow yourself to reconnect to all sentient beings that Mother Earth has given life and sustenance to. Connect to all the like-minded Souls, connecting with us through the gift of technology. Connect beyond the technology, connect beyond your street, connect beyond your community. Connect beyond your country. Connecting to that love connecting to the loving eyes ~ We all have ~ our eyes are the window to our Souls and allow that soul energy to flow through and continue to feel this energy and awareness of each breath. The Rise and Fall of it. You may feel the connection of your feet on the floor, sitting on the chair. And as you are aware of sitting on the chair, be aware of where the chair came from. The chair is a gift from Mother Earth. Feel the sensations of this gift to your being.

[14:06] Take a couple of minutes now to connect and breathe into the flowing love of your open heart and now radiate this love to our Divine Mother Earth. Allow each breath to be a breath of pure love. You’re breathing in and breathing out our love of and for the universe.

[14:42] Softly and gently, allow your breath to flow as it deepens. Offer all the energy of love from your open heart to our Divine Mother Earth. Mindfully allow your entire being to lovingly connect to our Divine Mother Earth. Offering her all of our love. Mindfully allow your entire being to radiate love and compassion to our Divine Mother Earth. Immerse Mother Earth and our universe and beyond ~ with our powerful energy of compassion and loving-kindness. This deeply powerful energy is blanketing Mother Earth with our love, healing her, nurturing her, nourishing her, meeting her with our Souls. Namaste.




Transcribed by https://otter.ai


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