1st World Operation & Another Life Humming on an Even Keel – Episode 6 – A conversation with Mick

Connection with self, other and All That Is
Heart of Connection Podcast
Heart of Connection Podcast
1st World Operation & Another Life Humming on an Even Keel - Episode 6 - A conversation with Mick

The Heart of Renault 16’s

Interesting opportunity to have this conversation and can I be a bit flippant as I have a heart versus head story about a motoring journalist. He went to through cars he’d brought – some he said were brought with heart and some from his head I think there were 69 cars he went through on the list.  He brought 3 from the heart and they were Renault 16’s.  He’d brought 3 of these Renaults from his heart so I brought one to.  Great car and fond memories!!

In daily life, you look for people that respond and resonate with you and there needs to be a heartfelt connection.  To be socially you are attracted to people there needs to be a connection to the heart.

It akin to cars brought from the head maybe not good to drive and not a lot of fun, maybe cheap made sense economically.  Some people in life have to deal with because of economics.  Fun people were driving the Renaults 16’s those brought from the heart like the – Renault 16’s original hatchback – great suspension and well balanced and drove like a rocket.

The Introspective Heart Experience

When you drop into my heart – I assuming by that – you start feeling heart stuff in a situation. Usual human emotional things life – gets you in a hearty mode.  What is your experience is varied into an emotional openness and become more tuned in like an ESP and automatically switch into it?  As it is happening we either sympathize or empathize – we ‘ise’ in it.  It is the emotional responses to daily life.

There is love in my heart – of course, there is! An energy of love – there is a warmth and closeness – all of the above!!  I cannot say there’s an exact recipe. There are happy conducive things and a belonging to the self and to the community – feel useful.

Parkinson & My DBS Operation

When come into self is there a loving kindness with yourself? It’s hard being a ‘tough guy’ (LOL) – and describes the operation for his DBS operation he had for his Parkinson disease. Now there is almost complete relieve from symptoms of Parkinson – shaking, stiffness, I have more clarity and less brain fog.  I don’t have excess responses like I did.

Lost my ability to feel or over react to the certain situations and have become more centred.  I don’t feel anxious at all.

I charge up (pointing to the charger on the table) and the change has been instant.  The bio….institute doing some research – they turned me off and within 10 seconds I was stiff, fogginess came back – depressed felt like shit.  They were measuring my stiffness.  Could use old physio’s but this PhD student developed a glove that pushed fingers back and forward as a new measure of the stiffness experienced by people suffering Parkinson disease.

When I was turned back on and within 3 seconds Mick came back couple exactly how I felt beforehand.

The Heart of My Life Change

It changed my life, given me another life – more level on even keel boats in good weather most of the time. If there is the normal stuff e.g., there is hardship there are okay normal reactions.  Good human reaction – unexpected result of the operation.  Lucky respondent.  I feel blessed it is a 1st world ops and it works for ‘stiffies’ of Parkinson disease.

Where does the blessed come from? Is it universal energetic blessing (God’s looking down at you so to speak) I’ve had a good life, lots of good experiences lots of blessings, can’t think why – got o be thankful – how do you be with the blessing – subconsciously as I don’t think about it – have a good attitude.

How do you connect to all that – as men we can rationalise & intellectualise.  Do you connect with nature do you connect?  Yes is the short answer. I don’t think about it we have a nice environment and that leads across into my life. It’s bushie environment.  How does it impact on his body?

That interesting the condition before, during and after.  Lost a lot of weight before the operation.  Doing yoga a lot before, during and after. The operation didn’t freak me out only one thought it didn’t bother me – ignorant about the pain.  It was like a sharping pencil sound as they were drilling in.  Then I thought OMG what if he slips or goes too far. I was well geared up, confident with the people.

I was able to tap into the loving support of Maur, family and friends and yoga community.  It was fundamental, no one was a naysayers, all positive – nice support there.  It was uplifting embracing, this is modern surgery its been around for 20years and a lot of confidence in it.  I was pleased to have the Parkinson in this day and age.

I disconnected from my body.  It was very foggy – now the clarity of my engineer brain is better than ever.  All the support during the phrase got me though.  My spirit, that’s the fluid bit – and I connect to it daily, I think that part of being here – getting nice environment helps – couldn’t do city and being in nature enables my spirit to come to the fore?  The rain gives that restful feeling and connection to the local environment. In your body, where in the body does your spirit come from the heart? – Don’t know my consciousness, part brain, part body.

I don’t know how to tune it up it just happens naturally – how do you turn it up?  In work tuning into sounds that should not be there – tuning into me is on AM. Trying to find the foreign bit – what’s the thread.

My Spirit Is the Fluid Bit & My ‘Humming Within’ Is Like a Tuned In Isolator

It’s hard, putting engineering stuff on to spiritual stuff.  However, using a metaphor of an old amplifier – through my daily practices I can equalise it more now.  Tune out the noises I find.  Check in and find and see which path is okay for me.  If it’s too emotional and I’m drained I am seeing that path more.  Let’s turn right on this path.  I use to make up silly rules and now I am learning to forget the old rules.  At work, there are things I don’t want to do any more and I can change what I want to do.

To have the balance on an even keel – everything is humming along so nicely and then the oven stuffs up or life curve balls – I can fix things.  In the humming, it’s like being on a trampoline easy to hum on your own but then someone else, they can double bounce you off resonance.

Observing you as you were speaking about ‘humming’ there seemed to be a resonance – yes it’s like an electronically tuned isolator – let’s look for a new radio station and I actively search around for it the radio resonance and love the finding it.  Finding it is part of being me.  When I’m ‘humming’ its part of being me and I’m resonating and perhaps people are resonating from it – maybe.  I’m a good mood and it’s okay to not always be in that space too.

The message I want to share is in CD album – (….looking for CD….) and Murphy’s Law “always gets you” couldn’t immediately find it and then finds the CD by – Leon Bridges ‘Good Thing.’ This is the close Utube clip I could find Mick as part of your connection message – Thank you kindly – Namaste.



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