Listening to the Heart of My Body ~ My Conversation with Rebecca Gardiner

Heart of Connection Podcast
Heart of Connection Podcast
Listening to the Heart of My Body ~ My Conversation with Rebecca Gardiner

[0:00] Rebecca welcome to the heart connection podcast I’m your host, Mark Randall. And it’s a wonderful opportunity to meet with you today as a guest, to have a conversation around the heart of connection and what that means to you.  By us by way of communicating. Would you mind giving a brief introduction of yourself? Please?

[0:19] Hi, Mark, thank you so much for having me today. I’m Rebecca Gardiner. I’m am a myotherapist.  Born in Melbourne.  Live in Ocean Grove grew up down there and that is me.

My Connecting as A Myotherapist

[0:33] That’s you and what got you, what’s is the story to be a Myotherapist. How did you, where and what is your story to that for you?

[0:44] The story to me becoming a myotherapist, well myotherapy wasn’t even known when I began.  It was very, very new.  When I was 19, I got quite sick and I was sort of in the system and couldn’t, couldn’t see a way out.   I needed to be well, wanted to be well, and I thought that if I put myself through university, maybe I could learn how to be well.  If I got well, I might be able to help other people become well, and that’s the story and how it happened.

[1:20] Through your occupation as myotherapist, I would imagine there would be lots of connection?

[1:26] Lots of connection, yes.

[1:27] Can you describe how you connect through your work?

[1:35] Connection is really such a big subject.  It’s a connection on every level really so, compassion, kindness, and empathy to begin with.  People who come to me need help.  They are only there because – that’s what they need.  They need me to listen and hear their story.  Once I know you the story, we then can work out how to help them the best I can – to get them the best quality of life.

Disconnection to ill-health and Connection to Improved Health

[2:07] Is it a disconnection from their bodies that are creating the need to come to see you?

[2:16] Not all the time, but it definitely plays a huge factor in it, disconnection.  We do live in a world that’s quite disconnected. Yeah, we do live in a world that’s disconnected. So, connecting to self is really the key to health and wellness.

[2:35] Can you describe how you’ve connected to yourself to improve your health and wellness?

[2:42] That’s a loaded question.  I listen to my body.  My body has all the answers inside it. I just have to be willing to listen and actually take the steps and have the courage to listen and do what it needs. Click To Tweet

Trust and Intuitive Knowledge

[3:03] The word that came to my mind as you sharing your story just then was the word, trust.

[3:09] Yes. Trusting self.  Trusting in, trusting life?

[3:20] When you listen to your body, is that listening to it intuitively?

[3:24] Absolutely. Yep.

[3:29] In our western world, what’s happened to the intuitive knowledge that our bodies and our beings carry?

[3:43] I think we’ve become so disconnected from our own truth and our trust at listening to what we need.  That we rely on people’s opinions.  Because everyone’s is literally, we are all just opinions.  You can take an opinion or you can leave an opinion.  Sometimes we listen to opinions that aren’t actually sitting in in alignment with the truth.  That might be part alignment with the truth but we tend to not listen because the experts told us.  We listen to that, without listening to ourselves.

I think we've become so disconnected from our truth and our trust at listening to what we need. Click To Tweet

Aligning to Our Inner Knowledge & Wisdom

[4:24] How do you align to that inner a knowledge, that your body carries or your being carries that intuitive knowledge?  How do you align to that?

[4:39] I guess the question you ask yourself would be in any situation, not just with your health situation, but any situation in life really would be – How do I feel and what do I need?  Once you listen to the answer of what you need is usually where the truth comes.

[4:59] One of the things that have been learning from having this podcast, is what people were describing as the body’s got its own intuitive wisdom, whether it’s our heart wisdom but the minds got a different wisdom.  There’s the mind, is the mind more egoic, listens to the opinions.  When the heart wants or the intuitive body wants, the mind can go against having you or is that been your experience?

Our Minds Logic Versus Our Hearts Intuitive Knowing

[5:31] Do you mean, as logic works over heart?

[5:35] Yes, or rationality works over the heart.

[5:38] Yes, absolutely. Yep.

[5:40] One plus one is always going to equal two but does it really? Yeah.

[5:47] Well, two plus two equals four.  So does three plus one.  So, it’s just how you get to the answer.

[5:55] Listening to your heart, how do you do that?  What is your process?  Have you learned to listen more intuitively to your heart and what your body needs because of your life events?

[6:09] Absolutely, yeah, if I tend to find that if I don’t listen to that inner knowledge, that inner wisdom is when I find myself slipping down a slope of not health.  Then when I actually do tune in and listen to what I actually need to do to be well, that’s when my health starts to come back.

If I don't listen to that inner knowledge, that inner wisdom is when I find myself slipping down a slope of not health. Click To Tweet

 Grounding in My Centre stops the Slipping Slope

[6:38] What’s the guide to come and how do you notice yourself slipping down the slope?

[6:45] Well, the first thing I probably noticed is that I get a little bit off center, I feel a bit off balance like I’m not quite grounded.  So my first step is always to center and ground myself to then be able to hear what my body needs.

[7:00] May I ask where in your body to ground yourself?

[7:06] To my heart. Yeah, I tried to pull my presence to my heart to see what my heart’s trying to tell me.  Most likely to my feet.  So feeling the ground beneath me, knowing that I’m connected to the earth and not too much in my head.

[7:26] Do you notice yourself going into your head?

Our Heads and Too Many Opinions

[7:31] We all do. I do. It’s the way we’ve sort of been brought up in our society.  We do tend to go into our head.  There is so much knowledge out there.  There are so many opinions and there are many wonderful opinions out there.  Sometimes you can get a little bit caught up in too much knowledge.  When there is so much knowledge out there, we tend to forget that we have knowledge within.

[8:04] What happens when you touch that knowledge within and you start to live from that knowledge within?

Intuitive Knowledge Radiates My Health

[8:11] You can feel the health radiating from you.  You know, you’re on the right path. You know, you’re moving towards the direction that you’re born to be.

[8:26] Does that then improve your well-being, your physical, mental, emotional well-being?

[8:31] It improves everything.

[8:32] And spiritual well-being?

[8:33] Absolutely, yeah.

Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Balance

[8:35] How important is having all those four realms aligned to move forward to improve your energy, your personal energy?

[8:48] The ideal would be to have them all in perfect balance.  We don’t live in a perfect world.  So it’s good to strive for it.   It’s not good to beat yourself up if you don’t constantly have that perfect balance.  It’s just trying our best.

[9:08] Have you had moments where you have had that perfect balance?

[9:11] I’ve had so many moments where I’ve had that perfect balance, even in quite an imperfect situation.  To find peace at the moment and knowing that you have – when you’re going through something, knowing and trusting that everything is going to be okay. Yeah, it’s like a beautiful, it’s a feeling of peace just knowing you have the strength within.

[9:43] When you’re in that peace, does the sense of self-dissolve?

[9:52] I probably don’t really know how to answer that something I can’t put into words.

[9:57] It’s like an energy?

My Light Shines in Perfect Balance

[9:59] I feel my light shine brightly. So imagine if you’re a lantern and you’ve got beautiful shiny windows and your light is just beaming so bright, almost like a lighthouse.

[10:13] As I watched you just then, there was so much energy coming as you were making that description.  There was a lot of energy coming through your eyes. Yeah. Can you feel that energy as it’s coming through?

[10:26] Absolutely.  When you think about the light that shines within, you can make it shine a lot brighter, if you focus on how bright you can be.

[10:38] How do share that with others?

[10:42] I do share that with others.  It depends on where the people are ready to hear it or feel it or believe it.  Believe that they have a bright shining light within.  We all have, we have all the answers this inside us as just whether we believe it.

Our Disconnected Society Stops Us from Believing

[11:07] What is stopping us from believing it do you think?

[11:16] I don’t really like to be so judgmental with saying things.  I think it would most we live in such a disconnected society.  A society of more.  We all want more, you know, you achieve a goal and then you have to achieve a bigger goal.  You achieve something and then you need to achieve the next thing.  We don’t find that peace and happiness within achieving.

[11:47] (Laughter) Just want to check in, I just want to come back to your peace and how much more do you need when you’re in your peace and the light is shining through?

The Gratitude of Waking Up Each Day

[11:58] I don’t need very much at all.  I am actually perfectly content with waking up every day getting out of bed and just living healthy.  That to me is the greatest wealth I could ever possess.

[12:21] Wow, what’s happening in the body as your sharing that with me now?  Can you describe it?

[12:27] I am so grateful? Yeah, I am so so grateful for everything.

[12:35] Is there an emotion of joy in your body right now?

[12:38] Absolutely. Yeah, I do I feel a lot of joy because there was a lot of obstacles in my life that had really could have smashed me.  Absolutely smashed my light and I may never have a globe.  So I I am so grateful so grateful that my inner strength never even contemplated that that could be possible. That my light could ever go out.

 My Foundation of Inner Strength

[13:12] How did you find that inner strength?

[13:16] I think I was born with it.  I have beautiful parents.  I have a beautiful foundation that I came from and that in itself is truly great.  I’m truly grateful to.  It’s love.

[13:37] That’s the foundation?

[13:39] The foundation of in my world.  I believe the foundation of everything is love.

[13:46] On your down days, how do come back to that love. How do you come back to your grounding on your down days?

Simple Things Ease My Days of Fatigue

[13:57] I probably don’t necessarily have down days.  I would have less joyous days or days with a little less peace.  But I always have peace and joy.  I would probably say mine would be fatigue. My down days would equal in my world tired.  So on days when I’m tired, I look for the simple things in life.  The simple pleasures, music makes my heart sing. I, you know, putting my music on, the listening to the music, going to the beach and watching the waves come through.  Getting my hands in the garden, connecting to the earth.

[14:44] Do you reach out to people on those days.  Are you able to reach out and ask for support? Just hear me out?

[14:57] I would love to say yes, but most of the time, no, I tend not to reach out.  I go within because that’s I think I said before, that all the answers are inside you if you listen.  So usually on days when I’m really tired or if downs the word, I usually reflect in and find the answers within.

Going Within to Listen to My Inner Knowledge

[15:28] If I talk nobody’s experiencing what I’m experiencing.  No one’s walked the path that I’ve walked.  So I could talk and I have beautiful friends and I have a beautiful family.  If I needed to talk I know I can.  Sometimes I need to find the answers within me because only I know them. Yeah.

[15:55] Wow. It’s really powerful.  When you’re tired, is that a body fatigue or is it a mental fatigue and emotional fatigue? Or is it more in the body for you?

[16:06] It’s a body and it’s the mind. I feel like sometimes I feel like I’ve run 100-kilometer marathon and my brain feels like I’ve run 200.  So sometimes it’s hard but there days that I go within and I quiet.  I go a bit quiet.

[16:28] When you go quiet, does that quieten the mind and the brain down?

[16:32] Yeah

[16:35] Enables you to reconnect to your inner self, the inner wisdom, the inner knowing?

[16:44] I wouldn’t say it allows me to reconnect.  I think it would be allowing me to stay connected.

[16:56] Do you lose to stay connected do you lose focus?  Or does something take over, to take you away from staying focused (e.g., the business of life)

Managing the Sensory Overload

[17:09] Yeah, I guess it would be like a sensory overload.  I would probably get a sensory overload. So if there is too much sound, too much light, bit too bustling.  If I’m in a place where it’s a bit too crowded, or, you know, sometimes it’s just nice to find that that peace. Yeah,

[17:32] When it’s bustle what do you notice happens to your energy do you feel the energies been drained out of you?

[17:38] It can feel like it’s being drained out of me.  I do find that, I’m not sure if it’s the experiences that I’ve been through.  Or if it’s just me.  I tend to be able to, I can gauge things.  I can gauge as I can walk into a room and I can sense the energy in a room.   I can sense the energy of people.  I can tell if people are happy or sad.  Or I can usually see if there’s something going on.  We all tend to wear masks and sometimes the masks quite big and sometimes I know and I can see through the masks if that makes sense.  So when I’m tired, I find that that’s even more exhausting, because I can pick up more and then that’s the sensory overload.  So I tend to stay away from shopping centers or supermarkets or loud cafes.

[18:46] Once that happens is that time then to ground?

[18:51] Absolutely.

[18:53] In the grounding what do you experience?  Is there an alignment in the grounding?

Battery Recharge After Running On 1%

[19:03] I don’t really know how to answer that question.  It’s almost like I’m just, sometimes my battery runs on 1%. So it’s just I need to never – I don’t like it to get to 1%.  So yeah, that’s just like reconnect, like re-energizing or recharging my battery.

[19:32] And that’s one of the things in the Western version of mindfulness I don’t know whether I misreading that there’s always is push to be happy and joyful.   Though in true mindfulness do we need to be having the loving kindness to our energy when we are 1% and give that 1%-1% a loving kindness.  I know it’s not an enough or doesn’t feel enough. Yeah, but just a learning to just be with that 1% with 1% of loving kindness is can be healing doesn’t feel like.

In true mindfulness do we need to be having that loving kindness to our energy when we are at 1% and give that 1%-1% of loving kindness. Click To Tweet

[20:12] Well, absolutely. 1% is enough. 1% is enough but I would like more (laughter)

[20:21] I’d like 90% all the time but I can’t have it.

The Inner Critic Isn’t a Friend

[20:25] I think I understand what you’re saying.  Well, when I know that I’m slipping, my battery’s dropping. That’s when I will do things that are kind to me. So, you know, I guess is there’s a saying that, you know, if you can choose to be anything, choose to be kind.  You know I really do try to practice that every day.  Kindness is the key, the kindness to self is the biggest key. So, you know, we can be so mean to ourselves.  If we actually if, if people actually stopped and listened to the inner voice inside their head and realized how mean they are to themselves?  If you actually said would you be friends with that person that’s speaking to you? I would say nine times out of 10, I would say no, I don’t want to be friends with that person.  For your mean to me.  So yeah, it’s being kind to you.  Yes, I guess by showing that kindness to yourself, you then find that by filling your own cap, you can then fill other people’s cup.  If you empty your cup, you can’t feel other people’s cups from an empty cup.

Connection Fills My Cup to Universal Oneness

[21:42] When your cup is for the connection to other people is that full too?

[21:48] Yes. Yep.

[21:51] When you connect to yourself in and your cups full and you’re down the beach and do you connect to the greatest sense of the All That Is.  Do you go beyond? Yes, it’s really hard to put into words, but to go beyond the feeling of self, to the feeling to connect to a universal energy?

[22:14]  The connection of Oneness.  I love going to the beach, that’s probably my favorite place to be.  When I actually am at the beach. If you actually look, if you whether you’re just walking, or you actually sit and watch the waves, you can, I think we will have this conversation before.  If the if you actually sit and look at the grand view of the ocean.  Look at the waves that come through, sometimes the waves a massive, and sometimes they’re quite small, and sometimes it’s very calm.   I kind of see that a little bit like life.  Every day throws us a different kind of wave and you can’t stop the waves.  You just have to learn how to navigate them.  And yeah, I kind of feel that grandeur of the ocean sort of brings us back to how beautifully insignificant, yet so significant we are.

[23:12] What does the connection to oneness do for your sense of self and wellness?

Connection to Oneness Is my Key Ingredient

[23:22] It helps me stay well.  It’s one of the key ingredients.

[23:30] Keeps you well connected?

[23:32] Yep.

[23:34] Do you stay aligned then? Do you stay aligned? It’s like just sort of watching, it’s like when you’re in that universal of oneness.  Is you’re being in alignment with that too, at a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual levels?

[23:55] Absolutely. (Laughter) Yep.

[24:01] I’m probably sitting today, I’m sitting quite low in my battery percent. Quite tired right now.  Even just the thought of sitting at the beach, can it just boost my battery up a little bit.

[24:16] You could just sort of see it. It’s like clear.

[24:20] Even the thought of the oneness.

[24:26] What happens in your body? When do you think of it?

[24:31] It just recharges you? Yeah.

[24:34] Does it hit you at a sort of a cellular level?

[24:36] Absolutely. Yep.

[24:40] When things hit us at a cellular level how do the cells respond to that?

[24:49] How do my cells respond on a cellular level to the energy?  Everything is energy (laughter).

[24:58] Do they come alive?

[24:59] Pardon (loads of laughter)

[25:03] Do they come alive?

[25:04] Yeah, absolutely. Yeah.

[25:10] When there resonating like that, phew? (laughter) What a source.

[25:15] Yeah, absolutely.

[25:16] What a battery charge (laughter) – What a battery charge that is!

[25:20] So much so.

[25:25] We are all energy.

[25:26] Where’s your battery level at now?

[25:29] It just, it just went up by 15 or 20%.

Anchoring to Our Cellular Memory

[25:36] It’s how do we, it’s like that cellular memory.  How do we move past all the, is it old conditioning or societal conditioning?

[25:48] It is. It can be old conditioning and limiting beliefs that sit in the subconscious that can drain us too. Yep.

[26:00] And I’m wondering how much of the beliefs that we carry, some of the subconscious belief where they can then manifest into our illnesses within our body.  I know we are destined to pass over at some stage lives.  Yeah, is it how we, is it our belief system?

[26:21] It can, look I really strongly believe in that, that this is again, all of this is just my opinion.

[26:29] Opinion, or experience?

[26:33] Both.

[26:33] Which is stronger opinion, or your lived experience?

[26:37] Well that’s both. I’ve probably, I’m 40 years old now and I’ve had chronic illnesses since I was 19.  So I have had one year of my adult life, carefree. So,

[26:56] The power of that lived experience?

[27:00] Yes, which then brings a compassion and empathy, to understanding where people can be, at when it comes to illness.

[27:13] The word that is sitting in my consciousness to describe that as best with this cognitive language it’s like a spiritual knowing.

[27:21] Absolutely, yep, like an intuition, the wisdom, the inner wisdom and knowing.

[27:28] How do you allow that spiritual knowledge to flow?

[27:35] For me, personally, don’t question it. (Laughter)

[27:40] I find that as soon as I start to analyze or question what I’m feeling, I then flip into a logic and then I’m out of wisdom.

[27:56] Do we come up then into a rational mind? Or the monkey mind from a Buddhist perspective.  In that mind, is that voice that we wouldn’t be friends with?

[28:08] Oh, yeah absolutely.

[28:12] At some level, you know, they’ve got a role to play or have had a role to play.  But yeah, sometimes I can defeat the purpose. Yeah. Which is, how do we balance that?

My Advice to Younger Women

[28:24] I think that’s almost that’s the lessons, it’s the life lessons and I think it’s what we all strive for, I think is that balance that inner peace balance and wisdom.

[28:45] So if you were to share this wisdom what would you like younger women to focus on or to observe or to experience to that would help them move forward in their lives of connection to themselves others and all that is?

[29:08] Well, what it’s like what would I tell my younger self.  Oh God, I tell her so much (laughter).  No, I wouldn’t take anything away because everything has got me to the person I am now and I’m really grateful for where I’m at.  I would probably say be as kind to you as you are to others and if anything, make yourself the kindest you and give the kindness to yourself.

Be as kind to you as you are to others and if anything, make yourself the kindest you and give the kindness to yourself. Click To Tweet

[29:40] In that kindness, I’m not sure picking up the right energy but there’s so much love coming through in those words?

[29:52] Yeah, I’m – know that you’re enough.  You are more than enough and every single answer that you could possibly seek in your whole life is already inside you

[30:05] Where about inside (body) is it?

[30:24] That I don’t know.

[30:25] I hoping you might say the heart. I’m joking. Do you know what I mean? Yeah,

[30:31] The heart and beyond?

My Heart and Beyond

[30:33] Well, it is the heart and beyond.  If you were to put it to somewhere in the body, I really believes that everything in this world comes from love.  Anything good in this world comes from love.  So as a society, we see the heart and love as connected.  Would the center of knowingness be our Heart?

[30:58] Its really interesting as being a bit blokie I watched Joe Rogan and Elon Musk (Elon Musk – Love Each Other and Enjoy Humanity) in the two hour interview that Joe Rogan did with Elon Musk.  Elon Musk said, one of the things that’s so important in this world is love and Joe Rogan agree with him.  Joe Rogan is blokey bloke. Yeah, that’s beautiful to hear that. In your body, to your heart and beyond and is the beyond that universal oneness that you spoke about before. Yeah. And you had divine how what an essence? Yeah, what a gift – what a gift to be able to access.

[31:42] Absolutely, yep.

Glimpses of Enlightenment is Unconditional Love

[31:44] What’s been really interesting, is there has been a thread coming through in the Podcast you know, when we touch into that, beyond, it’s like, a glimpse of people have described it with the cognitive languages a glimpse of enlightenment. Would you share that experience with that descriptor?  When you’re in that beyond and connected to the universe, you know, the oneness of the universe, is that like an enlightenment, a momentary state of enlightenment?  It’s all there.

[32:24] It’s all there.  When I think about all the words that were coming to me, as you were saying that just lost focus.  I was thinking was love.  I don’t put conditions on it-it has to be unconditional love, because it’s unconditional love that makes the world go round.

Giving Unconditional Love to Mother Earth

[32:41] What impact, the more we connect to that universal love, that unconditional love and start to beam that more out into the universe, what impact might that have for Mother Earth?

[33:00] It would have a huge impact on Mother Earth. I think the first thing that would most likely happen is people would see the simple pleasures and the simple joys of life.  Like the sun rises every morning and the sunsets every night and it is spectacular.  I love sunsets the most.  I love watching the day set and thinking about what happened through the day.  It’s been another wonderful day and looking forward to the next. And I think that being able to be connected to simple, beautiful/

[33:41] Carry those simple, beautiful things into the everyday business that we’ve got?

[33:46] Yep. And if we start to appreciate the simplicity of Mother Earth, we might actually look after her.

The Body is the Temple to the Soul

[33:55] Rebecca really final message any further message that you would like to share in this podcast? It’s been beautiful to have this conversation you know, amazingly the depth with which people go in having the conversation Yeah, something further like to share?

[34:23] I have so much I want to share I’m not really sure.  I think just trust your inner knowing you know, your body wants to be well, just learn to listen.  Have unconditional love for self and others.  Practice forgiveness.  Everyone is only operating from their own level of awareness or consciousness so practice forgiveness.

[34:53] It’s like that old cliché, our body is the temple to the Soul.

[34:59] Yeah, yes. So true.  So true.

[35:02] Be kind that would be my other one. If you get to choose to be anything choose to be kind to self and others.

[35:12] Thank you so much for coming.  Thanks for having me. Really appreciate being a guest and thank you so much and let’s do it again. I’d love to.  That’d be great. Thank you so much Mark. Cheers.

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