My Group Connection is Like An Energetic Home Coming – Episode 9 – My Conversation With Jules Eadie

Connection with self, other and All That Is
Heart of Connection Podcast
Heart of Connection Podcast
My Group Connection is Like An Energetic Home Coming - Episode 9 - My Conversation With Jules Eadie

Meditation Allows My Clearing Of The Past

Been reflecting a lot over the past 19 months mainly about my own personality and my own journey in my life with different problems and with things that arise over time.  Whilst I was working I could suppress my problems a lot more easily.

What I have found that to keep suppressing problems deep within for so long and they attack you later on and hurt more.  Things come up later and remind you of the things that didn’t work out and hold it can hold you back.

Reflected on a lot of situations like my bulimia an eating disorder and repercussions of that and issues with my own father.  Having more time to reflect now due to not working from an injury.  I was doing a lot of meditation now – I let it come up – writing it out in a letter letting it out and then burn the letter.  It’s a process of release.

The Past Revisited For Healing

As it has been coming up do you notice in your heart?  At an early age, parents divorced and it was violent and seeing that as a young child that was frightening.  I also went through a bitter divorce and having my children go through that as well was painful.  Reflecting on those situations I bring them up in meditation and using the ‘cord-cutting’  technique to release my pain – letting it go, letting go of anger, the bitterness, letting go of negative feelings.

The Freedom Of Healing

When did you let go, what comes available?  Feeling at peace in myself.  Where do you feel that peace in your body?  Probably peace of heart and also mentally as well and just being happy within myself and my personality and my own being – releasing all the twisted angered bolts that I held onto for so long.

As you’ve done the clearing – it’s opening up – Is there a connection to yourself?  What’s that connection to yourself like?  Growing up and as a teenager, we could not express ourselves as we liked.  I guess society has us in a box and likes to have us all situated in them.  I didn’t feel like I was in any of those boxes.  I wanted to be my own person – the meditation has allowed me to be comfortable in my own skin own and in my heart now and free and lot mentally stronger too.

Spending More Time In The Heart

When you spend time in your heart what do you notice?  Do you meet it or does it meet you?  Tricky one.   Is there a space of love there?  Yes, there is love.  For myself I learned I need to love myself first then I can connect with others.  How do you anchor in that love?

Are you reaching the deeper essence of yourself and the meditation helps me understand more about myself and mentally know me and as such, I feel lighter?  I have more compassion and kindness for them.  There was the business in every aspect.  The mundane chores time against me – didn’t have time for myself and how could I have time for others.  Business stopped the connection to other people.

Connection to other is an important aspect.  Definitely this.  I am part of a group now, an animal group where we show compassion for animals.  I am a  lot more aware of what goes on.  Having my heart open now, I am more aware.  I think people believe we are more superior to animals and we think we have a right to exploit them.  And do as we will.  Their lives are just as important as ours.  Same as our planet – we are all interconnected.  Doesn’t matter if we are non-sentient being or not, we all are important.

With Group Energy It Is Like Coming Home

I feel more accepted as a person – feel like a family unit.   Feel like I have come home.  Come home to me in the group and happier in me, my heart and soul.

Energetic connection to animals is right across the board.  After tea, we pat the cat and the love it and connect with it.  They stay present to us as we give them love.  We use our hands expressing love in any way – feel it coming back from any animal – they will give it back.  How important is that connection?  Important they are part of my family and she (cat) is 16 and concerned about her well-being and her health.  They are important, they are like children.  I have a great appreciation and guess gratitude for them like a butterfly out in the garden.  We all here on planet earth and we need to respect these creatures they were born just as we were.

Interconnectedness Our All Spirits

They have a spirit.  Do they have a spirit – we all have our purpose. For some of us humans, we don’t know what our purpose is yet we strive, get up, and do the mundane.  Animals are the same they have a purpose they have pain, they feel misery, they also get sick. It is the same as trees and plants – we all have energy and all interconnected,

My Processes To Recharge My Energy

How I recharge is to use a lot of music and depending on what mood I am in.  If I want to unwind and lay down I might put on meditation music.   For cleaning house, I’ll put on rock and roll or a harder beat.  It helps me.

The connection to the people in the group can recharge me.  I come away positive from the group.  They help me when I have been sick, I was important to them.  I was missed by them and it meant a lot.  To receive it?  I felt loved felt and overwhelmed by their positivity.  Them showing their random acts of kindness – meant a lot.  I don’t have family around and made me feel very good and very happy.

Sometimes it is not easy to ask for help. I had to learn that one.  They just came around did the dishes, put the washing out and brought meals around for weeks.  What a beautiful connection the group has created for you.

Connecting To Spirituality Of My Essence

In the connection is there a spirituality to it?  Is it your spirit essence?  Definitely.  Learned a lot using crystals in meditation and sometimes essences, oils – What happens to your sense of self?  There is a greater connection between myself and how I am truly feeling deep down and being true to and being honest with my opinions and truth in what I say.  I am at peace with myself and truthful to others – not afraid to be who I am.  The energy feels free and uplifting.  It follows the chakra centers along the chakra center lines?  Like a kundalini rising – if one is out of balance they all are out of balance we need to work on something.  They need to be aligned we are fully happy within ourselves.

From grounding to crown chakra and the alignment I can be the expression of love and accept love.  Is the spirit the energy of the interconnectedness?  there are the benefits that we are in touch.  Does it enable you to get out of your mind?  If I am doing a meditation is quite spiritual – starting to have visuals – Goddess, plant, look then at the meaning and the representation of it.

Attaining My Bliss

Bliss – because I’ve worked for so long starting to break through.  It like I dissolve into the bliss and my sense of self-becomes that moment. Yes, go back into it at the moment. For example, there was a field of lavender of my grandmother and look at what lavender represents.  Have visions of Quan Yin and spiritually that really helps me.

In the business of life – do we disconnect – raising children, jobs as such can take our eyes off it – get caught up in it and forget to take time out for ourselves.  Need to go into our head and heart space and internalize on our own problems but don’t suppress them though.  I remind myself by making it a daily ritual.  Other people get the benefits as well.  There is a nourishing and calms me and express my truth and being able to function better – I’ll use crystals on my back and focus on the area and that helps to get through the day. Just managing.

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