My Centred Heart is Spirit, Connected to Mother Earth & God As One – Episode 3 – My Conversation with Marie Bliss

Connection with self, other and All That Is
Heart of Connection Podcast
Heart of Connection Podcast
My Centred Heart is Spirit, Connected to Mother Earth & God As One - Episode 3 - My Conversation with Marie Bliss

My Heart of Connection is Incredibility Important

My Heart of Connection is incredibility important and I think of it all time by reflecting on what I am feeling almost every day.   If I am too busy and forget I usually wake up during the night.

Marie does not really have a process it happens naturally for her, “I take time to feel my heart and I do it automatically.”

When I reflect getting comfortable allowing feelings to come up – if I’m upset I allow it to come up.  Be it joy or sadness.  If I may be in emotional pain I might have a drink or play music, might call someone.  This is an important connection to a few close friends and family members that I can share this pain.

It strengthens my connection to them.

Attracted to people who feel deeply.

I can sense they do (feel deeply) and these are the qualities of those people I connect with. It’s my intuitive sense – more intuitive than logical.

There is a knowing and they “get me” – if they aren’t getting me that is still okay.

Connecting to self

Is through creative things. I listen to music every day – making lists on my Spotify and in doing this it’s a connection to myself. I write poetry, I like to cook and garden.

My Centre – is my spirit.

Music and gardening can lead me into my spirit – colors and design. Being close to earth and this closeness recharges my energy.  The use of gardening has worked for many years.  Many years’ it worked back then to get grounded and release a load of emotional pain.  This powerful memory has become a default go to assist in centering myself.

More present when I have recharged my energy.  If I am not charged up my children can tell as I need to be quiet within myself until I’ve recharged.

Then I am present with a loving-kindness presence? A listening presence and my heart is more open to hearing.  By not being centered in my heart can miss what people are saying and not be present to them.  Centered in heart space is important.

Overloaded is experienced at all levels when I think about it.  My mind and thought overloaded – may feel a pain in my chest if my heart is overloaded.

My heart is pretty open and needs to check to put it back in – need to be mindful of protecting my heart because been hurt over the years.  For preservation need to protect self and our heart.

In my opening there is a lot of love coming out – I want my energy to beam and give it to others.  I have faith that if someone doesn’t reciprocate that’s okay.

World a better place with open hearts.

If we all give out to the world it would be a better place.  The world would be way different and the energy in the world would be a joyous one and we would all want to be in it. We could heal a lot quicker and there would be less energy needed in protecting ourselves.

Mother Earth is in the loving space all the time.  She allows us to come out of our rabbit-holes. She holds us and we can always turn to her.  Marie’s spirit connects to Mother Earth but also her God both those things for her are one.  It revitalizes her sense of well-being.  What does it for her heart is “It is my heart,” there is no separation

Mother Earth, God & Spirit Are All One

The spirit in her Heart is connected to God and it is all one.  We are all interconnection absolutely, whether people know it or not.  It is there and we need to know what the barriers are to it.  The cost of a closed off heart is huge.  Close off from joy and love and connection to other people, everyone.

Marie has a strong interest in life and in her work to find ways for people to go towards love.  I know why we are wounded and it is really sad – wounds can definitely be healed.  It is a gift to heal them.

Healing Is A Willingness & Trust

Any healing is possible if we connect to a willingness and to develop a trust and be open to the healing and let go a bit. It can dissolve.  Hard to do if we have been hurt many times as a young person.

Having a willingness to go to the pain points and go to them (pain points) with a willingness and trust. Letting go and trust is the main point.  Trust there is a bigger plan for each of us. We are here to heal.

Healing ourselves and Mother Earth are ‘one.’  We are not separate from Mother Earth or God as it is all one.

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