Self-Prescription of Nature and Ocean & Nature’s Spirits – Episode 7 – My Conversation with Maur Finemore Aireys Yoga

Connection with self, other and All That Is
Heart of Connection Podcast
Heart of Connection Podcast
Self-Prescription of Nature and Ocean & Nature's Spirits - Episode 7 - My Conversation with Maur Finemore Aireys Yoga

My Check-In Connection to Self – A Practice and Regular Discipline.

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Heart of Connection.  How do I connect to the heart of myself is with discipline and regular practice.  Try to check in with myself regularly, sit in bed with a cup of tea look out the window and put my hand on my heart and ask myself, how am I?  Some days okay and then there are days where checking in with the body there are aches and pains – what’s the worry there? (monkey mind, got one of those LOL) sit and watch to observe it without reacting.  My normal check-in time is 5 mins or so.

The Self-Prescription of Nature and Ocean (Non-pharmaceuticals)

A self-prescription can be a need for a walk, where’s the dog and as I live in the bush and 9 times out of 10 it’s then dulled or the ocean.  More balanced once I come out of nature.  The bush supports me and also an ocean person.  I also have a prescription for food and check in, as I might be anxious and might just need meat and potatoes.

Nature Spirits Dust Me Off After A Training Retreat

The walking in nature is a space of beauty for me.  Observing its ever-changing skies, the tree and connect to nature spirits.  I was doing relaxation (Yoga class) and had an intense vision of my nature spirits came to clear my energy for me – it was like they dusted me off. I had only just got back training and whilst doing Amy’s class (Yoga partner)  relaxation part of the class and the nature spirits said, I have done a lot of work over there. The experience was I felt really shiny. As if the nature spirits cleaned me.

With this shining energy do you merge with it?  Not sure I can describe it in words, it’s a felt sense. I feel more positive and can engage more with the outside world, a deep sense of calm & belonging and connectedness. Is there a love in that? Yes, I love that feeling.  If I had it all the time I’d be one of the annoying positive nice people (laughter).

Sitting and Lovingly Meeting the Murky Side of Life

What happens to heart when hit by a life curveball? My heart goes very quiet.  I do try more and more to connect to the shiny spirit that holds my vulnerability.  Try to practice sitting and try not to judge the deep worry or sadness or vulnerability. Learning deeply to not worry about it but just being part of it.  By sitting with it – it’s like it allows me to connect with my sadness and give it some loving kindness.  It changes then and allows me to have both the shining and the murky as they are part of being human.

Learning to be in presence to others.

It enables me to connect with others.  If my own needs are listened too and met, I love connecting to other people and what they are feeling.  Love being with other people and connecting to them.  I get a lot of information as I have gotten older and more aware of the information about people within the Yoga room, through bodies, mind etc.,

I was once the rescuer, the nurse in me and now learned to be present and not rescue.  I am learning to just be present and being comfortable with not being able to fix that.  By being present the energy is going out but not going out.  It’s not leaking out but giving a presence – sometimes lose sight of it altogether. If a loved one gets sick I can haemorrhage seriously let it leak. If I get a big shock it took a while to come back into balance, especially in the family.

How do you anchor into your shiny space – the practice is not to get too attached to the shiny space to be okay in the murky.  Learning to live in the murk as well as sitting in the shining stuff.  The murky side of me, I am wondering whether it’s finally saying thank you for being with me and meeting me. “She’s noticed me.”

My Shining Energy Meets With Lots Of Other Shining People

Do you bring this shining energy to people?  Yes, I have lots of shiny people in my life I am very lucky. If it doesn’t come back, that is fine.   How do I connect with people, what is your process, is it a conscious decision, an intuitive decision?  On a daily basis at work, as nurse its eye contact, touch, hand holding with someone in labour (midwife) – listening to people, I do ask a lot of questions – yes my heart is listening of course!

All That Is – The Universal Connection, My Checking Out Into A Soft Awareness

The broader connection “all that is” that universal connection – I meditate and I pray.  My big sensations my teacher calls it ‘sitting in awareness’ and we are all connected at that level, I can feel that if big stuff happens like the boys caught in the cave.  Lot of people sending out messages from their hearts and mind, unspoken love and concern and trying to keep them protected (young boys in the cave).

Is it like at a vibrational level, beyond intellect, more an energetic level?  It’s a feeling. If I go into a meditative state away from thinking mind, there’s a soft awareness.  In this soft awareness, there is an absolute freedom as I connect to my softness. I merge into it.  Its like – check out and when I check back in – where did that half an hour go?  It’s like I went into the zone – listen to guided stuff, Jack Kornfield and less so now and have my own meditation process and space.

That’s Why I Do What I Do – Plant the Seed of Change In Yoga Pregnant Women

What would happen if we were to grow that space (you experienced) what would that do for mother earth?   If we all were aware sit in the same body of awareness we are all the same.  There would be less war, less famine and raping and pillaging of our Mother Earth.  A nicer planet to live on.  Yes, of course, I believe it is possible to do this for Mother Earth.  That is why I do what I do!! I started Yoga for pregnant women hoping there is a vibration going through to the fetus would pick up this energy from their mothers and wiser souls would come through and save our planet.


Do we go beyond ego?  Connect to your spiritual essence?  Does the sense of self-dissolve? There’s not a lot of ego in that. It’s something you can’t make it happen.  It just happens when it does.  I’ve learned I can’t expect something in meditation a long time ago – just sit in all the messiness, body scan, mind scan and basic 101 of meditation and there checking out.   In the “checking out” – at an energy level – is there a clearing out at a cellular level?  I hope so – but still got a sore knee (LOL) need to check that our as not clearing it in my knee (LOL).  Energy at a cellular level (epigenetics) could we make it into a pharmaceutical – merging into the ‘checking out’ create it as a pharmaceutical (LOL).

Yes, it does become easier because I make it a priority, I think my younger self-prioritized different things.  When are really connected – does your mind then rest?  Yes, for sure.  One of the teachings, the Geoff Foster stuff, noticing the monkey mind – the permission to let it be – the human mind will just do its thing and that is normal.  This lesson has helped me the most in having that acceptance of the human mind.  It has enable me not to judge it.  Just accepting – the one most important practice in my life.

The Message I Wish To Share and Pass On To Others

What is your message that you would like to pass on?  I learned this concept kindfulness – kind to self primarily and then more able to others.  How is your-self receiving that kindfulness?  Is she jumping for joy (LOL) to be on the receiving end of the kindfulness – yes!!

The sense of humor you have is amazing.  It is a blessing to experience it from you, especially in Yoga.  It just radiates out of you and wonderful to watch the humor and joy you share it’s just brilliant!!!

The finding the joy in the small things is what I try to practice.  Finding

joy in being a total grump as well and look at that from the observer Self – ended in laughter……..THANK YOU MAUR!!!

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