Integral Sincerity and Absorbing It As Our Well-being Bench Mark – Episode 5 – A conversation with Jodie W.

Connection with self, other and All That Is
Heart of Connection Podcast
Heart of Connection Podcast
Integral Sincerity and Absorbing It As Our Well-being Bench Mark – Episode 5 - A conversation with Jodie W.

Heart of Connection Is Integrity and Sincerity

Heart of Connection is about a person’s integrity and how they want to be.  There is the sincerity – people want to be heard and respected.  Holding our own to be sincere.

Being a sincere person and I will be there for people and allow them to be themselves whether I agree with it or not.  I will support.  When sincerity doesn’t come back I can experience some resentful feeling.  As a person with integrity, work hard, give to the community and others and there is an expectation it should come back.

Connection for women is the sincerity and women won’t hold back our emotions and we are more open with each other about more things and bounce off each other – we won’t have a good bond if there is no sincerity.

Sincerity – A Mix of Honesty And Faith

Sincerity – the basis for a true relationship that can evolve is based on sincerity.  As women, we sit and listen to each. Sincerity is a mix of honesty and putting a faith in the person.  These traits develop the bond and it comes from the heart level and women can show a lot of empathy.  Men can sympathize but in talking to women you get empathy.

The bond does come at a heart – women show empathy.  You get empathy, I know how that feels.  It’s like a deep knowing and the deeper it goes the stronger the bond becomes deeper and the faith becomes involved.  There is the reassurance.  Women give their heart and soul and there is the reassurance.  For women, these are common everyday experiences.

Connections With Others Are For Me Lifelong Friends

I’ve had these relationships for years since primary school nearly all my life – but there is a knowing a feeling or sixth sense to get in touch with them.  It’s intuitive – get that feeling when you know someone for so long that – there is something there.  It’s like a club.  We will check in with each other – it’s sincerity – we make the time to step up to be a real friend.  Got a lot of friends and we are like minded.

There is a vulnerability and we are okay about sharing that.  We check in what’s going on and via the social network, I am getting supported. The messages come in and all the support is there.

What does the connection do for your well-being? – they are my reassurance – as a single mother I don’t feel isolated there is a reassurance, I have friends who support me, and are there for me, and helps me stand alone.  The good network of support from friends there is the reassurance.

In standing alone – how do you connect to the self? That is difficult, (laughter a – do tell, LOL) still like a cigarette and a drink.  Okay to be with me and there is the time for introspection with a glass of red.  I can reflect over the week checking in with how it went.  I can connect with my heart and it can get emotional.  It’s a time of reflection – looking at both the positive and negatives of how I’ve been for the week.

Self-compassion is a bit hard for me to into place as I can be hard on myself.  I find balance.  Under pressure as a busy person, I’m too tired and hit the deck.  In times of reflection, I can get head and heart space.  During the week I’m on the run – when I sit and relax I can then reflect and delve into the mind.

My Introspective Reflective Debrief – Sincerity Benchmark (Feels Good)

Being on the run, working hard we can be disconnected from our hearts – need to push forward (some people could see that as being hard) as I have so much on with the business, two teenage girls, and study.  The reflective time (some people might call it belting the self-up – in a sense critique myself) it’s about being sincere.

When you’ve met the sincere benchmark – it’s a great feeling, I am doing things right and in my mind, it leaves some blank spaces.  Other things aren’t taking the headspace. Allows me to enjoy space and time with friends and family with this good feeling.

More access to the good feeling of meeting my benchmark – its available to a lot of people or know it’s there (the good space).  Being sincere with self and others is about absorbing it and this is the feel good.  These breaks of feel-good find you and you make the most of them.  It’s great when they find me – a bottle of red, kids in bed, everything is done.  Life’s precious.  It’s like debrief and I can recharge my energy.  I let go of bad energy which leads to good energy to come in.  It’s internal. The depth of the heart – comes back to sincerity. You have to be true to yourself!

If you can be sincere with self that is the baseline with everything else.  Learn so much if we are sincere and that is the baseline – not hiding behind ego, not hiding behind love being sincere to me is really essential.  Finding our way through it (life) is the key and listening to what others have to offer. Being sincere with myself, being sincere for others, having time for reflection to move on and don’t drown in it.

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