Taking My Small Stops During the Day Reconnects Me to My Heart – Episode 2 – My Conversation with Charly de Haan

Connection with self, other and All That Is
Heart of Connection Podcast
Heart of Connection Podcast
Taking My Small Stops During the Day Reconnects Me to My Heart - Episode 2 - My Conversation with Charly de Haan

My Stops During the Day

In this conversation with Charly de Haan we had a flowing discussion about what the Heart of Connection meant for her.  What it means to her, was family and the depth of love for them, especially her son. The love of self-has she says had to be learned over time.  There were lovely moments when Charly described how she has to make small stops during the day to reconnect.  “I might be doing something and I will delay it for a moment, put on some music and that connects me.” She recalls how important songs were for her to bring back memories of connections she has with people.  In these moments of reflection, a particular song may prompt her to make a connection with the person.  She would then reach out.  These connections facilitated a lift in her well-being and sense of her worth.

A Painful Heart Disclosure & power of Connection

In the painful disclosure, Charly related how important the Heart of Connection was for her and other family members in emotionally supporting each other in their pain.  The Heart of Connection enabled each of them to share their emotional pain and facilitating a loving comfort of each other.  This closeness creates an acceptance of ‘what is.’ Working through her pain was important.

Connecting To Self

Allowing herself to just be, with ‘whatever is’-is her connecting within.  Not hiding from any pain and allowing it to be there is her growth.  Learning to cry and being with herself has been a journey.  Celebrating her joys provides the inner gifts. “Learning to be with me, in a non-selfish way allows me to bring others into the energy of my connection.” It creates a loving-kindness space for others.  The ability to take time out (“my little stops”) has enabled her to come more into her heart and it smiles.

It was a beautiful energy to experience and share in her hearts smile!

Her Message

Charly’s passionate message – is not to have hate and not judge others.  Let’s not say such hurtful things about people! Offer loving-kindness as an internal food, if we don’t give it to ourselves how can we offer it to others.


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