Caring for our Health and Well-being

Caring for our Health and Well-being

Caring for our Health and well-being

In 1826 French physician Anthelme Brillat-Savarin wrote: “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.” Empowered change of our lifestyle is also about exploring what other health adaptations we need to make which facilitates and supports our deep changes. These adaptations need to be gently commensurate with our evolved change.

Most of our change may come out of frustration(s) with ourselves and we take some pretty tough and rigid measures. It needs to be asked is this change made our of punishment? I think we can answer yes at times in our lives. Whilst it can feel good this radical change is not always sustainable.

The lifestyle we lead now is in effect, like living the 24/7 digital world. Whilst that has brought so many wonderful benefits to us, there are the downsides. This world is very powerful at consuming our energy both consciously and unconsciously without us being fully aware and present to it.

Learning to create our empowered change also flows through into other areas of our lives. Making incremental adaptations to our diet and lifestyle are essential cornerstones to our empowerment of change. Healthy food and healthy lifestyles positively effect our energy levels. There is more serotonin in stomachs than in our brains.

When we learn to give loving nourishment to our bodies this nourishes our mental health. We need at least 93% of this invisible free flowing energy to show up in the world. As soon as we leave the sanctuary of our homes the outside world is taxing our energy reserves. With an abundant energy reserve within ourselves it makes easier to be centered and balance.

Empowering our change into our centered and balanced Self is our gift. As we grow in change, the change grows within us.