Loving Relationships

Loving Relationships, the Teacher of Growth

Loving Relationships are the teachers to our Self Growth

Our loving relationships are a sacred space of love and growth. We all long to love and be loved. This loving thread may be very vulnerable, delicate and fragile part of our heart. It is strongly protected due to our experiences of childhood hurts and rejections. Our emotional pain is well guarded by both our positive and negative personality traits. These traits can instinctive and habitually react on auto-pilot. It is generally those reactions we aren’t happy with and wish to change.

Our intimate relationships are the futile ground and the sacred crucible for self-growth of change. In this deep connection our vulnerable delicate thread yearns to be so safely loved and feel connected. The warmth and closeness we experience in this space is beyond words. When we experience ‘disconnection’ our negative personality traits of shut-down or withdrawal can trigger on.

In loving relationships we establish both positive and negative bonding patterns. Our relationships can trigger in each of us our different reactions. These reactions are self preserving and perpetuate to keep us safe from hurt. Whilst self preserving there is the energy of the ‘invisible elephant’ in the room and we are civil to each other but not in connection. These relationships dynamics use so much subconscious energy.

As we become more mindful of our triggers from loving relationships we have more power to change our patterns. Instead of falling into the similar old rabbit hole(s) and losing our energy reserves we become more aware. Through this awareness we drop deeper into the spirit power of our hearts. The practice of attaining this centered spirit teaches us to grow stronger to loving nurture the wounded fragile part of our heart. We can still verbally communicate our love needs in our relationships however it is said and done in an energy that the other person can safely hear and respond.