One-on-One Coaching

One-on-One Life Coaching

The counselling process.

The bulk of life coaching is conducted in a one-on-one basis. The length of a coaching session is normally 60 minutes. The initiate intake session is getting to know what is the areas of your life that you would like to make changes to. If you haven’t stepped over the line into coaching before it can be a daunting and it is not uncommon for there to be normalized anxiety.

I believe we are all aware of the growth of life coaching in our society. If you personally haven’t been I am sure you will know someone who has been. There is nothing wrong with having a life coach in fact it is probably a positive move in your well-being to have someone where you can debrief and/or off load life’s curve balls.

The first session is normally called in the jargon, an ‘intake’ appointment. It is the intro where you are asked to fill in a form seeking your insight and awareness of your ‘blocks’ to your changes in life. You are asked to identify what goals you would like to achieve. In the first session I will introduce the “Head & Heart” model of change. This model has evolved over my years of therapy and coaching.

There is no defined time line on how long you will attend for. Normally it may take about 6 sessions to develop the tools to implement the changes in your life. Following this block of sessions you may then choose to do what i call “tweaking sessions” the top up to maintain change. It can serve as your accountability process to change but please be assured that it is done with a loving respect and deep understanding that we are all in the same boat and need at times that healthy therapeutic outlet.