Where Do Our Patterns Come From?

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As you maybe aware our lives are affected every day by our mindsets and patterns of how we operate in the world. Many of these we learn as children and carry unconsciously, as patterns into adulthood. However, as we go we learn to adapt them as they do not adequately serve us anymore.

These patterns or dynamics make us who we are, but can also sometimes be personally destructive. An example of a destructive dynamic can be our driver. This pattern in us pushes us really hard to get things achieved. Where it can become personally destructive is to push achievement(s) at the cost of a loving relationships. It is strange but each of our dynamics has a particular role it plays towards in protecting our sense of who we are.

Throughout our lives we develop what I call both positive and negative personality traits. When the positive traits are not achieving their desired outcome then potentially the negative personality traits can start to emerge. These ones however may contribute to relationship difficulties that both, can hurt ourselves and those we love.

Some of our negative traits which are known as our shadow side and pushed to our shadow side can be detrimental us personally. A negative trait we can all have is our sloth dynamic (or victim trait) this the one that we find always wanting or telling us to take the easier options. We know it is there and in the morning, wow what a strong powerful energy it has over us. It wins and keeps us in bed (LOL)!!

Changing these patterns we live by can be one of life’s most difficult tasks.  Coaching assists you to explore your own patterns of behaviour and dynamics and provides ongoing support and encouragement in the challenge of personal change.

As self awareness grows we gain more insight and awareness. With this deeper understanding of our patterns of how and when our patterns of behaviour emerges and can implement different course of action.  When we aggregate this different course of action we feel and believe that we have facilitated positive changes in our lives.  It is at this place, within, that positive and lasting changes is made

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